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Being gluten free does not having to miss out on your favourite summer foods – and I’m here to prove that with my collection of over 50 Gluten Free Summer Recipes! From BBQs to speedy meals and desserts, there’s no need to miss out on any of your favourites when you’re on a gluten free diet or have coeliac disease.

Focaccia bread, Eton mess, ice-cream and a gluten free burger.
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I’ve got everything from time-saving speedy meals, BBQ dishes and picnic staples, afternoon tea ideas and gluten free desserts.

And yes, this recipe round-up does include all my summer favourites so you don’t have to miss out, including pizza, pasta, fresh focaccia bread, scones, burger buns and more.

Whether you want a simple salad, an easy bake or just a simple dinner you can throw together in a hurry on a hot night, I’ve got you covered.

Because whether you’re new to life with coeliac disease or have been on a gluten free diet for a long time, you should NOT have to miss out!

Gluten Free Summer Tips

I’ve had coeliac disease myself for more than TWO DECADES, so you are new to a gluten free diet, I can help!

Once you’ve found inspiration from these easy gluten free recipes for summer, don’t forget to check out some of my other guides and round-ups.

My gluten free slow cooker recipes will save you time in the kitchen – and mean you don’t have to put the oven on when it’s already hot!

Plus I’ve also got guides to gluten free alcohol, my top tips for starting a gluten free diet, and my guide to eating out for when you just don’t want to cook!

50 Gluten Free Summer Recipes

So here you go, from BBQ favourites and summer salads to easy bakes, picnic inspiration and 15-minute meal ideas, here are some of my favourite gluten free summer recipes!

Gluten Free Burger Buns
Squidgy, homemade gluten free brioche burger buns – perfect for a BBQ! Load them up with gluten free burgers, sausages or fried chicken.
Check out this recipe
A gluten free hamburger with cheese.
Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Wish Ben and Jerry's was gluten free? With chunks of gluten free cookie dough, this no-churn ice-cream is a decadent summer treat.
Check out this recipe
gluten free cookie dough ice-cream recipe
Gluten Free Focaccia
Crisp on the outside and squidgy on the inside, this gluten free focaccia is a great beginner bread and perfect for picnics.
Check out this recipe
A round focaccia loaf with a slice cut out.
Mexican Corn Salad
This spicy Mexican corn salad is the perfect BBQ side dish. Great for gatherings and packed with flavour.
Check out this recipe
mexican corn salad recipe
Greek Salad
My tangy Greek salad features my failsafe hack for the best dressing ever – it's an absolute summer classic.
Check out this recipe
A bowl of Greek Salad.
Beef Burgers
All of the flavour with none of the gluten! You only need a few simple ingredients to make delicious gluten free burgers.
Check out this recipe
gluten free beef burgers recipe
Cornish Pasty
Does anything say 'summer' like eating a Cornish Pasty by the sea? Bring back holiday memories with my easy gluten free version!
Check out this recipe
gluten free cornish pasty recipe 45
Eton Mess
A classic, no-bake summer dessert, packed with homemade meringue, fresh strawberries and my cheesecake whipped cream.
Check out this recipe
A large glass dish filled with Eton Mess.
Gluten Free Quiche Lorraine
Is there a greater picnic recipe than a retro Quiche Lorraine? Made using my easy gluten free shortcrust pastry, bacon and cheese.
Check out this recipe
A gluten free quiche lorraine with a slice cut out.
Creamy Gnocchi
A simple gnocchi dish in less than 10 minutes? This creamy gnocchi with spinach and bacon was made for busy summer evenings.
Check out this recipe
creamy gluten free gnocchi recipe
Tuna Pasta Salad
An easy gluten free pasta salad which takes me back to school lunches – filled with tuna, pesto mayo and olives.
Check out this recipe
gluten free tuna pasta salad
Greek Chicken Traybake
This easy summer traybake has tasty, Mediterranean-marinaded chicken thighs with olives, feta and tomatoes.
Check out this recipe
greek chicken traybake
Gluten Free Scones
Sunshine calls for afternoon tea in the garden – and nothing says summer like freshly baked gluten free scones with cream and jam.
Check out this recipe
easy gluten free scones served with clotted cream and then jam
Potato Salad
The ultimate potato salad recipe with a creamy, tangy dressing, spring onions and egg. Perfect as a summer side dish.
Check out this recipe
Potato salad recipe gluten free BBQ side
Flatbread Pizza
With no yeast or proving time, these easy, 2-ingredient flatbread pizza bases are a quick and easy dinner the whole family will love.
Check out this recipe
A gluten free flatbread pizza cut into 3.
Chickpea and Sweetcorn Fritters
These easy fritters are quick to cook, great hot or cold and are also dairy free and vegan. The whole family will love them!
Check out this recipe
gluten free chickpea and sweetcorn fritters recipe
Chickpea and Halloumi Salad
This warm, summer salad is a great vegetarian dish with quinoa, chickpeas, halloumi and a maple and balsamic dressing.
Check out this recipe
chickpea halloumi salad recipe
Lemon Ice Lollies
Cool off in the heat with these refreshing, 3-ingredient lemon ice lollies. Gluten free, vegan and deliciously refreshing in the sunshine.
Check out this recipe
A tray of lemon ice lollies on ice with lemon slices.
Greek Pasta Salad
All my favourite things about a Greek salad – feta, olives, tomatoes and cucumber – in a tangy gluten free pasta salad.
Check out this recipe
A bowl of Greek pasta salad.
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
Save time in the kitchen by making this easy pulled pork in the slow cooker. Serve in gluten free baps for an easy dinner.
Check out this recipe
gluten free pulled pork
White Choc and Raspberry Cheesecake Pots
These easy gluten free cheesecake pots have a shortbread base and a white chocolate cheesecake topping swirled with raspberries.
Check out this recipe
Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecakes in individual glass dishes.
Garlic Butter Smashed Potatoes
This easy side dish is great for any summer dish – smashed new potatoes smothered in garlic butter and parsley.
Check out this recipe
gluten free garlic butter smashed potatoes
Lemon Chicken Traybake
This easy one-pan meal is filled with big, zesty flavours. A great, budget-friendly family dinner idea for the hotter months.
Check out this recipe
lemon chicken tray bake
Summer Roast Chicken
Want a one-pan summer alternative to a Sunday roast? With a Mediterranean dressing, carrots and potatoes, this summer roast chicken is perfect.
Check out this recipe
summer roast chicken recipe (one pan)
Avocado Pineapple Salsa
This easy gluten free and vegan avocado and pineapple salsa is creamy, sweet and tangy all at the same time – great with meat and fish.
Check out this recipe
A bowl of avocado pineapple salsa.
Courgette and Feta Mini Quiches
These cute gluten free mini quiches are filled with courgette, feta and pesto for a lunchbox and picnic staple.
Check out this recipe
A plate of gluten free mini quiches.
Lemon Cheesecake
This no-bake, gluten free lemon cheesecake is great for entertaining guests and a really quick summer dessert to whip up without the oven.
Check out this recipe
gluten free lemon cheesecake recipe no bake
Ground Chicken Burgers
These lean chicken burgers are a tasty alternative to beef, flavoured with spicy Cajun seasoning.
Check out this recipe
A ground chicken burger in a bun with cheese and salad.
Greek Chicken Gyros
Flavour-packed chicken served up in fresh gluten free flatbreads with homemade tzatziki and chips – the ultimate summer meal!
Check out this recipe
A gluten free chicken gyro wrapped in foil.
Raspberry Frozen Yogurt
You only need 4 ingredients and a couple of minutes to whip up this healthy, refined-sugar-free frozen raspberry yogurt.
Check out this recipe
BBQ Prawn Kebabs
Throw these gluten free prawn kebabs on the BBQ for an easy and healthy dinner – great with salad or served in gluten free wraps.
Check out this recipe
Close up of grilled shrimp skewers with lime wedges.
4 Ingredient Guacamole
A super simple guacamole recipe that pairs well with nachos, quesadillas, tacos, burgers or salads. Or simply as a dip with chips!
Check out this recipe
A bowl of gluten free guacamole with tortilla chips.
Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-Cream
A no-churn ice-cream with fresh strawberries and chunks of gluten free shortbread. The perfect summer dessert and so easy to make.
Check out this recipe
a scoop of strawberry cheesecake ice cream.
Air Fryer Pesto Chicken
Save time in the kitchen by throwing together this simple and tasty, one-pan air fryer chicken and potatoes. A great family dinner.
Check out this recipe
Pesto and Ricotta Pasta
With a creamy, zesty pesto and lemon ricotta sauce, this gluten free dinner can be thrown together in less than 15 minutes.
Check out this recipe
A bowl of pesto and ricotta pasta.
Gluten Free Cheese Scones
These cheese scones are a great option for a savoury cream tea, light lunch, or served up alongside soup for a simple supper.
Check out this recipe
gluten free cheese scones
Twix Cheesecake
This classic no-bake gluten free cheesecake has a delicious caramel and chocolate ganache topping for an easy summer dessert.
Check out this recipe
gluten free twix cheesecake
Lemon and Poppyseed Muffins
Muffins are a great picnic staple and these gluten free lemon and poppyseed muffins are the perfect flavour for a summer's day.
Check out this recipe
Gluten Free Flatbread
These easy gluten free flatbreads are great for a simple lunch or dinner. Only 2 ingredients needed, flavour them how you want!
Check out this recipe
gluten free flatbread recipe
Gluten Free Pizza
Nothing beats eating gluten free pizza in the sunshine, and the warmer weather means the yeasted dough will prove that bit faster.
Check out this recipe
gluten free pizza recipe
Quinoa, Feta and Pomegranate Salad
An easy salad to throw together for a BBQ side dish, the sweet pomegranate works so well with the fresh, tangy feta cheese.
Check out this recipe
gluten free quinoa in a salad is a great gluten free couscous alternative.
Crunchie Ice-Cream
Who doesn't love a no-churn ice-cream? With chunks of chocolate and honeycomb Crunchie bars, this is so simple yet so good.
Check out this recipe
A tray of homemade Crunchie ice-cream with ice-cream scoop.
Prawn and Chorizo Risotto
With nods towards a classic paella, this simple risotto is filled with big flavours, but is light enough for a summer dinner.
Check out this recipe
prawn and chorizo risotto recipe gluten free
Mexican Quiche
All the classic fajita flavours come together in this easy gluten free quiche, filled with colourful peppers for a vegetarian favourite.
Check out this recipe
gluten free quiche recipe 2
Garlic and Chilli Potato Wedges
Potato wedges are a great gluten free side dish and these are drizzled in garlic and chilli for big flavours.
Check out this recipe
Gluten free potato wedges with garlic and chilli
Cheesy Doughballs
Delicious, cheesy doughballs with only 3 ingredients? These are great as a summer appetiser or BBQ side dish.
Check out this recipe
gluten free doughballs
Gluten Free Oreo Cheesecake
Check out this recipe
A slice of gluten free Oreo cheesecake.
Chicken Fried Rice
This simple chicken fried rice is a great way to use up leftovers, and a really quick meal to make to get you in and out of the kitchen, fast!
Check out this recipe
gluten free chicken fried rice recipe
Cheese and Onion Pasty
A good pasty is a staple for a summer walk or picnic – and this gluten free cheese and onion pasty is a vegetarian classic.
Check out this recipe
Key Lime Pie
I love a zesty dessert in the summer and this Key Lime Pie is no exception, with a sweet, tangy filling and gluten free biscuit base.
Check out this recipe
gluten free key lime pie recipe
Hummus Pasta
Did you know hummus makes an amazing pasta sauce? It's also a really simple way to throw together a quick summer dinner – or have cold for lunch.
Check out this recipe
gluten free hummus pasta recipe
Gluten Free Cottage Cheese Bagels
Check out this recipe
Cottage cheese bagels on a baking tray.
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