20+ gluten free meal ideas for batch cooking

gluten free batch cooking recipes meal ideas

The world seems in a weird place right now with people wondering whether to stockpile on food, which is why I’m doing what I do every winter – gluten free batch cooking. 

If you want to save money, and make sure you have a freezer full of healthy, tasty meals, then meal prepping and batch cooking is the answer.


I find on the nights when I’m late home or can’t be bothered that it really helps me to stay on plan when I have a freezer of prepared meals, rather than reaching for a ready meal.

Plus gluten free ready meals never have that much choice! It’s far nicer (and better for you) to be able to reach for a hearty, home-cooked meal with minimal effort.

gluten free batch cooking meal prep recipes dinner ideas slow cooker soup easy freezer dinner

Top tips for gluten free batch cooking

If you’ve never batch cooked before, don’t be afraid – this is about to transform your meals! It’s honestly the best thing you can do if you’re stretched for time.

It’s also often cheaper to buy ingredients on a larger scale so it can be a lot cheaper to make things in bulk. Just make sure you have lots of tubs!

Here are some tips for successful gluten free batch cooking:

  • Organise the freezer: You don’t want forgotten-about meals falling to the bottom of the freezer and being neglected. I like to portion mine into stackable tubs and then label them with the date they were frozen and what’s inside them. 
  • Stockpile on sauces: If you’re planning something like a pasta meal or a curry with rice, you can always make the sauce in bulk and defrost in portions. That way you can cook the pasta or rice fresh each time and avoid it going soft or mushy.
  • Make extra for lunches: If you don’t have a lot of freezer space but still want to save on time and money, one good tip is to make extra of each meal you have and then eat that for lunch the next day. It’s like batch cooking baby steps!
  • Freeze in portion sizes: If you make one big batch of something then freeze it in one go, you’ll have to defrost it all in one go too. Sounds obvious but it’s definitely a mistake I’ve made before!

gluten free soup recipe curried potato soup with gluten free croutons

My recipes for gluten free batch cooking

To be honest, a lot of the recipes on my blog are made for batch cooking because it’s in line with how I cook most of my meals!

I tend to set aside a few hours one day of the week to make sure I have lots of meals prepared. Once I know the stocks are running low, I try to top them up again.

And it’s a good chance to be inventive. For example, batch cook a chilli and have some with rice, another meal with a jacket potato and another with nachos. Three meals all from one big vat of delicious gluten free chilli!

Once you start cooking this way it really will transform your meals and show you gluten free food can be exciting too! Here are some of my favourite recipes to get you started.

Planning a gluten free batch cooking session? Pin this recipe card below for later and make sure you can always come back to this page to keep making more meals!

gluten free batch cooking meal prep recipes dinner ideas slow cooker soup easy freezer dinner

Gluten free batch cooking recipes

Want some easy gluten free dinner ideas you can batch cook and store in the freezer? Here are my top choices. These can all be made in bulk and then portioned up and frozen ready for when you need them. Great for stockpiling during the winter!

Need some more gluten free cooking inspiration?

If you want to have a go at some of the other gluten free recipes on the blog, why not give some of these sweet options a try too? They’re perfect to satisfy any cake cravings!

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