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Looking for Christmas leftovers recipes now you’ve got a fridge full of food?

Christmas is certainly a time for feasting, but often we cook way too much food and are left with loads of leftover food.

Which is why I wanted to put together a whole host of Christmas leftover recipes just for you guys!

I’ve really been working on reducing my food waste so this is a bit of a passion project of mine.

There are so many ways you can use Christmas leftover recipes to make sure that nothing goes to waste. 

I’ve broken this up into the following sections:

I’d love to know if you’ve got a favourite way of using up leftovers as well, so make sure you add any of your favourite recipes in the comments at the end of this blog post too!

Hopefully it can then become one big giant resource for everyone then!

To use up Christmas Dinner leftovers

There tends to be this habit to always cook WAY too much food when it comes to Christmas dinner.

So what do you with the gluten free Christmas Day leftovers?

Here are a few simple recipes which are a great way to use up excess meat, potatoes and veg from Christmas dinner…

Boxing Day Hash

gluten free boxing day hash recipe
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I absolutely love a ‘throw it all in the pan’ recipe and my gluten free Boxing Day Hash recipe is the answer to all your Christmas leftover questions!

An easy brunch or lunch to whip up with any Christmas dinner leftovers lurking in your fridge.

Chicken and ham pie


Got leftover ham, chicken or turkey from Christmas Dinner?

Whip up this gluten free chicken and ham pie for a delicious and easy dinner idea.

It’s the perfect way to use up your leftover meat from a roast – plus you could easily substitute the veg for any leftovers from dinner too!

Beef and horseradish toasts

gluten free crostini recipe JUVELA 31

If you’re hosting a post-Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, then give these toasts a go!

The gluten free beef and horseradish toasts are perfect for any leftover beef from Christmas Day, and the pear and Stilton ones use up any cheeseboard leftovers too.

Your guests will never know!

Pigs in blankets mac and cheese


My gluten free pigs in blankets mac and cheese recipe is a fab way to use up leftovers from Christmas dinner!

Chuck in your remaining pigs in blankets and sprouts, as well as any stale ends of bread for the topping and cheese from the cheeseboard.

Pea and ham soup

gluten free pea and ham soup recipe

Got way too much leftover ham from Christmas?

Give this easy gluten free pea and ham soup a try!

It’s a lovely way to get some extra greens in after the festive feasting and feel like you’re having something a bit healthier.

Plus pea and ham is the best soup combination ever!

Chorizo and sweetcorn hash

chorizo and sweetcorn hash recipe 58

If you’ve got plenty of leftover potatoes from Christmas Dinner then use them for my gluten free chorizo and sweetcorn hash.

This would be a fantastic Boxing Day brunch idea.

You could use leftover roast potatoes or cook up raw potatoes as well. 

Slow cooker chicken noodle soup recipe


Got leftover turkey and vegetables kicking around?

This gluten free slow cooker chicken noodle soup can easily be adapted to use leftover cooked turkey and raw or cooked vegetables.

And it’s will feel super nourishing too after a busy festive week or two!

Fiery carrot and ginger soup recipe


I always end up buying too many carrots at Christmas so this is a great way to use up any leftovers.

My fiery carrot, ginger and chilli soup is just what you need after a gluttonous Christmas Day.

If you want to make it with leftover cooked carrots, just reduce the cooking time.

Chorizo, leek and spring greens risotto


Picking the leftover meet from the turkey? Why not boil down the bones and turn them into stock?

That way you can whip up my gluten free chorizo, leek and spring greens risotto.

It would be lovely with a turkey stock and some leftover bits of meat chucked in there too.

To use up Christmas cheese leftovers

I know, the idea of leftover cheese in our house is just INSANE. But there are always a few bits of the less popular cheeses which end up lurking in the fridge.

These recipes are a great way to use up any leftover cheese.

And don’t forget, with most cheeses if they start to go mouldy, you can just cut it off!

Gluten free mac and cheese

gluten free mac and cheese recipe

When the cheeseboard is looking a little sorry for itself, transform the leftovers into my gluten free mac and cheese!

You can always use different cheeses to the recipe to suit what’s leftover – and why not crumble some leftover gluten free crackers on top for a special, crunchy topping?

Brie and Cranberry bread


Leftover brie is a rarity in our house (it’s always the first to go!) but if you happen to have a glut left on the Christmas cheeseboard, turn it into this gluten free ‘tear and share’ brie and cranberry bread.

This makes a great treat if you are a cheese fiend – and uses up any leftover cranberry sauce too.

You can also make this as a great centrepiece for a Christmas or New Year party!

Potato, leek and blue cheese soup

gluten free potato leek and blue cheese soup recipe 15

I absolutely love blue cheese, so using leftovers for my gluten free potato, leek and blue cheese soup recipe is a no-brainer.

You can also use this to make sure any leftover potatoes from Christmas dinner get used up as well. Even better!

To use up Christmas dessert leftovers…

The excess of sweet treats in the house or gifts can leave you with too many sweet treats and desserts to know what to do with!

However, there are plenty of ways you can use up leftover Christmas desserts, chocolate and biscuits.

Here are some ideas…

Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding

gluten free panettone bread and butter pudding

If you’ve opened a gluten free panettone and aren’t sure what to do with the rest, this is the perfect recipe.

This panettone bread and butter pudding has lovely amaretto flavours and a rich custard baked into the panettone slices.

It’s a great dessert idea for those ‘in between’ days too!

Christmas Pudding Truffles


Can’t quite finish your gluten free Christmas pudding?

Why not make it into these super cute little gluten and dairy free Christmas pudding truffles?

They make a lovely little gift, a dessert tray for the New Year’s Eve party, or are perfect for an evening treat.

Gluten free yule log


Too much chocolate in the house? Make the most of the last bit of festive cheer by creating a gluten free yule log.

You can melt down any gifted chocolates you don’t want, plus it’s a lovely project to make for coeliac children to fill the ‘in between’ days of the holiday!

Festive gluten free rocky roads

These gluten free festive rocky roads (recipe in the video caption here) are such a good way to use up any leftover biscuits and chocolate at Christmas and repurpose them.

You could always gift them to people as a little post-Christmas treat too.

Amaretto bread pudding


Got any leftover panettone in the house?

Break it up and use it instead of bread slices in my gluten free amaretto bread pudding.

It’s warming and delicious and the perfect recipe for those ‘in-between days’ when you just want simple, comfort food.

Gluten free mincemeat flapjacks

gluten free mincemeat flapjack

Got leftover mincemeat but just can’t face another mince pie? Firstly, who are you!?

Secondly, give these gluten free mincemeat flapjacks a go.

They’re so quick and easy to make and store really well, so you can draw out the festive treats even longer!

To use up Christmas alcohol leftovers

The idea of leftover alcohol seems crazy but does anyone else find sometimes you just get to a point where you can’t face another drink over Christmas!?

If this is you, why not give some of these recipes a go as a way to get rid of any leftover Christmas alcohol…

Gluten free Bailey’s cupcakes


If you happen to have not drunk the litres of Bailey’s in the house, you can make some fantastic cupcakes from them!

These gluten free Bailey’s cupcakes have this festive liquor both in the cake and the frosting, making them a super boozy and decadent treat. You’re welcome. 

Gin and tonic pancakes

gluten free gin and tonic pancakes recipe

Don’t want to drink any more of the Christmas gin? Why not turn it into my gluten free gin and tonic pancakes!?

These are a great brunch for the holidays and they’re gluten and dairy free.

Enjoy them for a dessert or brunch! A fab way to use up leftover gin and tonic too.

Ginger and rum traybake


If you’ve got leftover rum from Christmas then why not mix it up into my gluten free ginger and rum traybake?

I always seem to have loads of leftover ginger and spices after Christmas too, so this is a great way to use them up in a cake which you can share with everyone!

Gluten free prosecco cupcakes

gluten free prosecco cupcakes recipe 2

These gluten free prosecco cupcakes would make a lovely party food contribution and a great way to use up any leftover bubbles that might start to be going flat. 

I know, the idea of leftover bubbles seems absurd to me too, but you never know.

Other Christmas leftover recipes to have a go at…

I’ve shared a whole load of ideas here, but honestly there’s no excuse for waste food this Christmas.

Christmas leftover recipes are easy to find online and there’s plenty of inspiration out there.

I’d love to know if there are any recipes you love? Share them in the comments below!

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