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  1. Kirsty

    I would use blender to whizz up some gluten free nutritional soups for when our baby arrives to help with feeding ease during breastfeeding and to then whizz up weaning meals when little one is bigger!

  2. Claire Farley

    Love making a winter vegetable soup - carrots, onion, celeriac, leeks and a stock

  3. Ilse

    That soup looks absolutely amazing! I loved making home made soups (i make a mad chicken and tomato one!) when I lived with my parents but I unfortunatly don’t have a blender in my new flat. I would be so happy if I won this one, and would probably be living of home made soups for at least a month because I’ve missed it so much!

  4. Jenni

    Your soup looks delicious! I've recently started getting into homemade soup - my favourite at the moment being leak and potato which has been perfect for lunches on these wintery days!!

  5. Kate - gluten free alchemist

    Your pea soup looks gorgeous Sarah.... I think I would give a test run on left over veg soup and then whip up a bumper batch of houmous!

  6. En

    That looks so good 😍

  7. ladyclarington

    That soup looks so vibrant!! Mine never looks anything so colourful as that! I think I could happily exist on pea and ham soup.

    If I won a blender it would be much easier for me to eat more healthily when I'm flaring up - I tend to rely on nutritional milkshake type stuff rather than real food because soup is too much hard work when I have so little energy.

  8. Frances Sunshine Hopkins

    Leek & Potato soup! Great prize!

  9. Naila M

    As it's the winter season this would be perfect to make creamy vegetable soup, yummy 🙂

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