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Often a buffet is a coeliac minefield, but with these Gluten Free Party Food Recipes you don’t have to worry! Whether it’s a Christmas party or an event with friends, I have all the easy gluten free appetisers you need – without the gluten.

When it comes to gluten free party food, there seems to be more and more choice out there each year.

Especially at Christmas-time when all the supermarkets launch their party food ranges, often with a few, sneaky, accidentally gluten free finds.

Often the easiest way to ensure you can eat safely at a party is to bring your own gluten free food, which is why I’ve created this recipe collection.

From gluten free sausage rolls and vol-au-vents to a sticky toffee pudding to feed the masses, there’s all the party food you need right here.

Lots of these recipes are also dairy free too, so there are plenty of treats which everyone can enjoy.

gluten free vol au vents
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Enjoying a gluten free party food buffet safely

If you have coeliac disease then you have to be extra careful with cross contamination as buffets can be a nightmare for this.

My top tips for a coeliac-safe, gluten free buffet are:

  • Clearly label party food plates for allergens so you can safely identify what is gluten free, and what is not.
  • Create a gluten free area on the party food table so that all the ‘safe’ foods can be kept together separately without as much risk of contamination.
  • Or make the entire party food table gluten free if you can to make sure there’s zero risk of any gluten getting in there!
  • Never ‘double dip’ – always keep gluten-containing foods in separate dishes from gluten free ones and use separate serving spoons.
  • And my golden tip is always hit the buffet first. You get first dibs on the best appetizers and don’t have to worry about any crumbs!

Savoury gluten free free Christmas party food

First off are my favourite savoury gluten free party food recipes. I’m a real savoury fan so I’d definitely work my way through all of these and have no room for dessert!

Gluten free sausage rolls

gluten free sausage rolls recipe

My gluten free sausage roll recipe is an absolute classic when it comes to Christmas party food recipes. I made these with a cranberry dipping sauce and they went down a storm! Find the recipe here.

Gluten Free Twiglets

Gluten free Twiglets recipe

I used to always love these at a party so I just knew I had to recreate Gluten Free Twiglets so I didn’t miss out. These are easy to make and just like the real thing! Find the recipe here.

Gluten free popcorn chicken


This Gluten Free Popcorn Chicken would be the best recipe for a gluten free party spread! Fry the chicken in chunks and serve up with a spicy sriracha mayo or other dips. A proper beige staple!  Find the recipe here.

Gluten free cheese straws


Who doesn’t love a flaky, golden gluten free cheese straw? Whether you’re munching on one with a glass of vino or dipping it into some houmous these are the perfect recipe for any savoury buffet. Find the recipe here.

Gluten free turkey and cranberry parcels

gluten free turkey and cranberry parcels

These gluten free turkey and cranberry parcels are also dairy free and a proper seasonal treat! Puff pastry parcels stuffed with turkey mince, stuffing mix and cranberry sauce – delicious! Find the recipe here!

Gluten free halloumi and bacon bites

gluten free halloumi and bacon bites

Looking for a recipe which is ridiculously quick and easy to make but will be a real crowd pleaser? Say HELLO to my gluten free halloumi and bacon bites. They’re SO addictive! Find the recipe here.

Gluten free blinis

gluten free blinis recipe

If you want the perfect canapé recipe then you have to make Gluten Free Blinis. Top them with smoked salmon and cream cheese for a sophisticated and delicious treat for any party. Find the recipe here.

Gluten free doughballs

gluten free doughballs

You just cannot beat a plate of warm, gluten free doughballs and these are made with only three ingredients. They’re a proper crowdpleaser served with garlic butter and no-one will even know they’re gluten free. Find the recipe here.

Gluten free breadsticks

gluten free breadsticks

If doughballs aren’t your thing then why not go for crispier, gluten free breadsticks? These are infused with garlic and chilli and are delicious! Find the recipe here.

Gluten free smashed potatoes with pesto


If you’re looking for a super easy side dish, my gluten free smashed potatoes with pesto are always a hit. Serve them up as a hot accompaniment to a party food platter. Find the recipe here!

Gluten free savoury biscuits

gluten free savoury christmas biscuits.png

If your idea of the perfect party is a cheese and wine night then you have to give these gluten free savoury biscuits a go. They’re perfect with an assortment of charcuterie and cheeses! Find the recipe here.

Gluten Free Mini Cheddars

gluten free savoury bakes recipe collection

Who doesn’t love crisps? These gluten free Mini Cheddars are just like the real thing and honestly so super easy to make. You may need to make a bumper batch! Find the recipe here.

Gluten free toasts three-ways

gluten free crostini recipe JUVELA 31

These gluten free toasts – aka crostini – are guaranteed to go down a storm! Choose from pear and Stilton, garlicky white beans and beef and horseradish. Or just make all three! Find the recipe here!

Gluten free scotch eggs

gluten free scotch eggs recipe

Who doesn’t love a gluten free scotch egg at a party!? These easy to make scotch eggs are baked and taste delicious. Cut them into wedges to serve up for a crowd. Find the recipe here!

Tear and share brie and cranberry bread


Check out this gluten free tear and share brie and cranberry bread! It’s the ultimate gluten free Christmas party food for sharing, and a fab way to use up leftovers from Christmas Day! Find the recipe here!

Gluten free vol-au-vents

gluten free vol-au-vents recipe

An absolute retro classic – you just can’t beat gluten free vol-au-vents! These are made using my gluten free rough puff pastry with a choice of fillings, and everyone will absolutely love them! Get the recipe here.

Sweet gluten free Christmas party food

And when the party is starting to wind down, there is ALWAYS room for dessert, right!? Check out some of these ideas for a sweet addition to the Christmas party food table…

Gluten free Baileys cupcakes

gluten free baileys cupcakes recipe

Move aside all other cakes because my gluten free Baileys cupcakes are THE ONE. Sweet, moreish and so pretty, they’re a perfect addition to any festive party spread. Find the recipe here!

Gluten free lebkuchen

A big bowl of gluten free lebkuchen will be just the thing for the Christmas party buffet. I absolutely love these German Christmas biscuits and so will you! Find the recipe here.

Gluten free rum and salted caramel mince pies

gluten free rum and salted caramel mince pies recipe 58

If you want a dessert which is sweet and boozy to finish off an evening gathering, these gluten free mince pies with rum salted caramel are just perfect. Find the recipe here!

Gluten free sticky toffee pudding

gluten free sticky toffee pudding

This is a REAL treat for a dinner party and so easy to make too. My gluten free sticky toffee pudding recipe is such a treat for sharing and is definitely one to make for your family and friends! Find the recipe here.

Gluten free Christmas pudding truffles


These are the perfect way to end an evening – a lovely bite of sweetness with an amaretto punch. Get the recipe here.

Need more gluten free Christmas party food inspiration?

If you need some more inspiration for gluten free Christmas food, check out the Christmas section of my blog or why not buy my  Gluten Free Christmas ebook for more recipes, tips and tricks? Also you might like to read…

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