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I’m working my way through the supermarkets this year, seeking out the best gluten and (mostly) dairy free goodies I can! I don’t have a Waitrose near me but we were passing through a town on our way back from Cornwall which did. It was only a small store but we did find quite a few festive treats!

Here are some of the gluten free Christmas foods in Waitrose this year. I’ve shown all the things we discovered and have also listed some of the goodies I’ve seen floating around online but didn’t manage to find.

The below product listings have been updated for 2019…

Waitrose gluten free mince pies

gluten free waitrose christmas food 10

The Waitrose gluten free mince pies are also dairy free and come in a pack of four with a sugar topping.

Waitrose gluten free Christmas pudding

gluten free waitrose christmas food 12

A classic gluten and dairy free Christmas pudding with brandy, walnuts, almonds and pecans.

Waitrose mini gluten free Christmas pudding

gluten free waitrose christmas food 12

And if you’re the only gluten free person in the house, this gluten free Christmas pudding from Waitrose is dinky and cute and perfect for a single serving.

Arden Amici gluten free panettone

gluten free waitrose christmas food 12

I’ve never seen a gluten free panettone from Arden Amici  before so was excited to see this in Waitrose. I picked one up to try as it looks lovely.

Waitrose gluten free Christmas cake

gluten free waitrose christmas food 14

This gluten free Christmas cake from Waitrose looks beautifully-decorated and felt pretty hefty too. I reckon it’s packed full of fruit and nuts. Yummy!

Waitrose gluten free iced Christmas cake slices

gluten free waitrose christmas food 14

These gluten free Christmas cake slices definitely appealed to me given they have a layer of marzipan as well as icing! They sound very decadent. 

Waitrose pigs in blankets

gluten free waitrose christmas food 14

Pigs in the blankets are a Christmas staple in our house so I was pleased to see the Waitrose ones are gluten free as standard.

Waitrose golden glitter avocado

gluten free waitrose christmas food 19

What do you get the (gluten free) person who has everything? Why, a golden glittery chocolate avocado of course!

Waitrose tipple truffle trio

gluten free waitrose christmas food 16

I can’t wait to test out these gluten free tipple truffle trio chocolates from Waitrose! I am a huge fan of a boozy chocolate so these are right up my street.

Gluten free party food from Waitrose

Sadly I wasn’t able to find any party food in this small Waitrose store, however I have seen they are offering a selection of party food which is all gluten free! This includes…

  • 12 Barber’s Vintage Cheddar & Onion Muffins – mini cheese and onion muffins with a cheesy sprinkle.
  • 12 Tomato and Mozzarella Arancini Bites  – sun-dried tomato arancini with mozzarella centres
  • 12 Breaded Cheese Selection – camembert, soft cheese and cream cheese with gluten free crumb
  • 20 Southern Fried Chicken Chunks – comes with a ketchup dip too
  • 12 Ham and Cheese Croquettes – with smoked ham, mozzarella and Cheddar cheese
  • Pork Crackling Straws – comes with a tangy apple sauce

Waitrose is also offering a gluten free Christmas sandwich too! I’ll be sure to keep updating this post as and when I find new treats – make sure you let me know in the comments if I’ve missed anything!

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  1. Thank you for your advice on where to find gluten free Christmas nibbles – I’m new to the gluten free diet as my daughter in law has only been diagnosed and I’m trying very hard when she comes round that I give her gluten free food, my son has bought me your book for Christmas so thank you for all your advice on your gluten free blogger site. Your advice has been so so helpful – Thank you