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It is officially Christmas sandwich season and if you’re wondering where to get a gluten free Christmas sandwich this year, you’ve come to the right place.

The offerings seem to change every year so I’ve done a bit of research to see where you can get a festive lunch!

Hopefully you’ll see some old favourites on the list, as well as some new places to get a gluten free Christmas sandwich. 

I’m aware at the time of publishing that some new gluten free Christmas sandwiches might still emerge, so I’ll make sure I keep updating this post.

Let me know in the comments if you spot any I have missed.

M&S gluten free Christmas sandwiches

m&S gluten free christmas sandwich turkey feast
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The M&S gluten free Christmas sandwich is an old favourite and one that is celebrated every year.

The Made Without Wheat Turkey Feast sandwich is packed with turkey breast, pork, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry chutney, onion mayonnaise and smoked bacon.

Great news for onion fans everywhere – not so great if you follow the low FODMAP diet! 

gluten free christmas sandwich m&S brie and grape

Last year M&S also brought out the Made Without Wheat Brie & Grape sandwich which was an absolute game-changer.

Finally, a gluten free Christmas sandwich is also vegetarian!

I’m pleased to hear this is also back again this year and is absolutely delicious – I can highly recommend it toasted too. 

In terms of sides for your lunch, the pigs in blankets with cranberry and orange dip are absolutely not to be missed. 

Tesco gluten free Christmas sandwich

gluten free tesco christmas sandwich

Tesco has released it’s gluten free Christmas sandwich again and the best news is, you can get it as part of its meal deal.

This definitely places it as one of the best in terms of value, and it’s pretty similar to the M&S one for ingredients.

I was also really impressed with the gluten free bread in Tesco too – their gluten free cheese and spring onion sandwich is one of my faves.

Thanks My Gluten Free Guide for being an excellent hand model and photographer as I am yet to find these!

Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas wrap

sainsburys gluten free christmas wrap

The Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas wrap is a new one this year and it looks tasty.

The Gluten Free Turkey Feast Wrap has the classic turkey and stuffing combo, and is dairy free as well.

It doesn’t come as part of any meal deal, but then the Sainsbury’s gluten free sandwiches never seem to!

It’s nice to have a wrap option as sometimes I find the sandwiches can get a bit dry and samey.

Plus Sainsbury’s is closest to my house so i feel like I will be eating these a lot!

Co-op Christmas sandwich

Co-op has always had a good variety of different gluten free sandwiches so it’s nice to see they have joined the gluten free Christmas sandwich club.

It’s another classic with turkey, stuffing and cranberry. I’ve found this a bit tricky to get hold of and my local Co-op store has sadly closed, but I hope you guys will have more luck getting hold of it than me!

Waitrose gluten free Christmas sandwich

gluten free christmas sandwich waitrose

I don’t have a Waitrose near me but one of my awesome readers found this gluten free turkey, stuffing and bacon gluten free Christmas sandwich with cranberry, port and orange chutney.

It sounds delicious! I will definitely have to try this next time I’m near a store.

Morrisons gluten free Christmas sandwich

morrisons gluten free christmas sandwich

I’m really pleased to see that Morrisons has brought out a new gluten free Christmas sandwich too. 

It’s turkey, pork stuffing, bacon and cranberry chutney on malted gluten free bread.

Morrisons do the best meal deal too!

Pret ‘gluten free’ Christmas sandwich

gluten free pret christmas sandwich

Pret seems to have released its gluten free Christmas sandwich in the form of an ‘open’ sandwich which is basically filling slapped on a piece of gluten free bread.

Bad news for coeliacs though – as per the usual Pret gluten free sandwiches, these carry a may contain warning as they are put together in store.

I’d personally avoid it but if you don’t have coeliac disease and want to try it, let me know what it’s like.

For the record, I totally think a sandwich is only a sandwich if it has two slices of bread. Just saying.

Seen any more gluten free Christmas sandwiches?

If you spot any other gluten free Christmas sandwiches in the shops then do let me know!

I’ll be keeping an eye out so make sure you give me a shout in the comments so I can share them! Do keep checking back cause I’ll update this post as I go!

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  1. Thank you for letting us know about these.

    I always have problems finding ANY Gluten Free Sandwiches in my local Tesco Superstore, so I’ll be very surprised if I find any Christmas-sy ones.

    However, we do have a ‘M&S Food Hall’ on the same Retail Park, so I can content myself with a visit there instead ;-)!