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Wow, what another exciting week for new gluten free products! In fact, I think this November might have been the best month for product launches in 2019. From new bagels, pastries and pizzas to Christmas treats, vegan mousses, fresh cookies and panettone – here are 21 new products you HAVE to try!

New York Bakery Co gluten free bagels

new gluten free products november 2019 1

There has been some excitement about these brand new New York Bakery Co gluten free bagels launching, so I was super excited when I finally found them in Tesco this week. They’re £2.50 for four and come individually wrapped – which is a shame when I’m trying to avoid unnecessary plastic.

Gluten free salted caramel and white chocolate cookies

new gluten free products november 2019

Now this is VERY exciting – a pack of 12 gluten and wheat free salted caramel and white chocolate cookies from Tesco! These were in the free from aisle and it took all my self control not to scoff the lot. They just taste so amazing and are chewy and delicious and I think I could easily become addicted!

Tesco gluten free cinnamon swirls

new gluten free products nov dec 20192

Now these are exciting! Tesco has release gluten free cinnamon swirls (and gluten free croissants, but my store had sold out) and they look fab. I think these were around £2 a pack and the response I’ve heard on social media so far has been exciting!

Schar bake at home gluten free croissants

new gluten free products nov dec 20192

And it must be the month for gluten free pastries because Schar has launched these bake at home gluten free croissants into the frozen free from aisle at Morrisons. I tried these at a recent event and they were lovely.

Tesco gluten free all butter shortbread

new gluten free products november 2019

These gluten free all butter shortbread from Tesco sound absolutely lovely. It’s nice to see some new biscuit choice out there and I’m looking forward to trying these.

Arden Amici gluten free panettone 

gluten free waitrose christmas food 20

I’ve never seen a gluten free panettone from Arden Amici  before so was excited to see this in Waitrose. I picked one up to try as it looks lovely. You can see all my other Waitrose Christmas finds here.

Wicked Kitchen spinach & wild garlic ravioli

new gluten free products november 2019

I finally found this Wild Garlic & Spinach Ravioli by Wicked Kitchen in Tesco and it’s gluten free! They don’t shout about it on the front but it’s clearly labelled on the ingredients and vegan too. Winner.

Morrisons gluten free ready meals

gluten free morrisons ready meals

Morrisons launched a whole new load of gluten free products and these ready meals are a great addition to the market. It’s fab to see some new easy meals like this and I love the sound of the coconut & butternut squash noodle curry – so different to anything else out there!

Morrisons gluten free chocolates, cakes & pastries

gluten free morrisons cakes

There have been SO many sweet treats launched in Morrisons too this week and here are some of my favourites! The chocolate chip pastry swirls are incredible, the dairy free chocolates are beautiful and taste great, and I love the gluten free millionaires shortbread. Such a great range!

Sainsbury’s gluten free & vegan mini choc gingerbread people

sainsburys gluten free christmas food

Aside from the fact we’ve gone all PC on the gingerbread ‘people’ I love the sound of these! Gluten free and vegan, these little gingerbread men sound so tasty and a lovely festive treat. Find more on all the gluten free Christmas products in Sainsbury’s here.

Emily’s veg crisps

new gluten free products november 2019

I spotted these new crisps in Tesco – Sweet Potato Sticks from Emily Crisps. They sound lovely and I adore the packaging – I’ll definitely have to give these a try. Love anything crisp-related!

Sainsbury’s mozzarella sticks

accidentally gluten free products 3

Did you know these gluten free mozzarella sticks from Sainsbury’s are now gluten free!? They’ve bought them out with a new recipe which means they’re now gluten free and SO SO GOOD!

Tesco gluten free Worcester sauce

new gluten free products november 2019

According to Coeliac UK, Worcester sauce such as Lea and Perrins is actually gluten free (see here) – however if you cannot tolerate any barley or even less than 20ppm gluten, this new Tesco gluten free Worcester sauce may be of interest! Found in the free from aisle.

Sainsbury’s vegan mousse

new gluten free products sainsburys november 2019

new gluten free products sainsburys november 20192

These chocolate and strawberry mousse pots are new in the chilled free from aisle at Sainsbury’s and are great if you’re vegan and gluten free or have multiple allergies to contend with.

Tesco gluten free mermaid cupcake kit

new gluten free products nov dec 20192

Now THIS is a super cool idea – how dreamy do these gluten free mermaid cupcakes look? It’s nice to see some themed free from baking kits coming out as I think these will be a real hit with any gluten free kids.

Mrs Crimbles vegan macaroons

new gluten free products nov dec 20192

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a huge fan of Mrs Crimbles macaroons – however if you are, there’s good news if you’re dairy free or vegan! You can now buy a vegan version of the coconut macaroons in Tesco.

Morrisons gluten free garlic bread pizza

new gluten free products nov dec 2019

Another exciting new Morrisons product – this gluten free pizza garlic bread is gluten free and sounds delicious. I’ve always been a fan of their gluten free pizzas so am excited to try this next.

What else have I missed?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below! And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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  1. Hi, Aldi have a range of gluten free Christmas treats. Mince pies, Christmas pudding, stollen. Lidl have gluten free pasta that won’t break tge bank. In fact Aldi gluten free items are the same price as the regular treats. I had gluten free chocolate brownie from Gregg’s yesterday, they were amazing!