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I know it’s still the summer holidays in the UK but I have some even more pressing news – you can now buy gluten free Christmas products in Sainsbury’s.

That’s right, Sainsbury’s have started stocking their free from Christmas products ALREADY.

And you know what? I’m not mad about it at all!

Sainsbury’s do a great range of gluten free Christmas treats every year and this year there are already some exciting-looking new products.

And of course, some of my old faves are back – including the Schär Lebkuchen and Spekulatius!

So stock up now so you can make oodles of my gluten free ‘Biscoff’ cheesecake – you won’t regret it.

I’ll of course update my 2020 Christmas product guides as more goodies come out.

But for all of you out there, like me, who are already humming the festive tunes – this ones for you.

gluten free christmas food sainsburys 2021
Me, wearing shorts and flip flops in the middle of August, excited about Christmas food. Standard.
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Here are all the gluten free Christmas foods you can already buy in Sainsbury’s…

I found all of these in the free from aisle of my local Sainsbury’s shop.

Let me know in the comments below if you have spotted any other new gluten free treats!

Free From Mini Christmas Millionaire Cupcakes

gluten free sainsburys christmas food 2021

I love a themed mini cupcake and these Free From Christmas Millionaire Cupcakes from Sainsbury’s look right up my street!

They’d look fantastic on a part platter with a mixture of caramel and chocolate frosting.

They’re gluten free and I’ll definitely be stocking up on these bite-sized treats!

Free From Mince Pie Chocolate Brownie Slices

gluten free sainsburys christmas food 2021

I know I’m not the biggest brownie champion but I do love a themed brownie when it’s done well!

I actually have a recipe for gluten free mince pie brownies in my Christmas ebook so I can’t wait to see how these compare.

They’re gluten free and milk free and look like they’d be great warm served with custard or brandy cream.

NOMO Reindeer

nomo vegan gluten free chocolate reindeer

Ok HOW cute are these new vegan reindeer from NOMO, filled with gluten, dairy and egg free cookie dough!?

I bought these to try and found them *very* sweet but a good addition for those who want some different chocolate treats.

Plus it’s nice to see something with cookie dough in that is gluten free and vegan!

Taste the Difference Free From Apple Crumble Cookies

Sainsburys gluten free christmas food apple crumble cookies

Erm ok I already know without even opening these that I will eat about 3,000 boxes before Christmas.

I love anything apple but the idea of these lightly spiced cookies with apple pieces just sounds like heaven.

I’m gonna go as far as to say watch this space because I may even try and make my own!

Taste the Difference Free From Chocolate & Clementine Shortbread

Sainsburys gluten free christmas food chocolate and clementine shortbread

I feel like chocolate orange is going to be big news this Christmas and it all starts with these tasty sounding shortbreads!

Gluten free shortbread is a must at Christmas and these sound lovely.

Orange flavoured shortbread with Belgian chocolate chips – where could you go wrong!?

Taste the Difference Free From Christmas Cake

Sainsburys gluten free christmas food taste the difference christmas cake

How pretty is this gluten free iced Christmas cake from Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference?

If you don’t want to make your own then this looks like it would be a perfect gift – or treat for yourself.

I love the golden snowflake on top and the fact it has a splash of brandy sounds blimmin’ lovely to me.

Sainsbury’s Free From Iced Fruit Cake Bar

Sainsburys gluten free christmas food free from iced cake bar

This gluten free iced fruit cake bar is also dairy free too, so can be enjoyed by even more people.

It’s a classic Christmas cake topped with a thick slab of icing and perfect with a cuppa.

So while there may not be any gluten free mince pies out there just yet, this is a pretty good alternative.

Schär gluten free Lebkuchen

Sainsburys gluten free christmas food schar lebkuchen


My faves Schär have once again made Christmas come early by bringing back these festive classics for a third year running.

I think their launch in 2019 was my happiest Christmas yet so I will once again be stocking my ‘gluten free snack box’ with a year’s supply.

Schär gluten free Spekulatius

Sainsburys gluten free christmas food schar spekulatius

In (almost) equally as exciting news, Schär has also brought back its gluten free Spekulatius biscuits.

The ‘normal people’ tell me these are basically a gluten free version of Lotus biscoff.

They’re pretty damn fine with a cuppa and you can use them to make all sorts of yummy treats.

It’s a shame they’re only out over the festive period so I try to grab a couple of extra packs to keep me going!

What gluten free Christmas food have you spotted?

Have you spotted any gluten free Christmas goodies on the shelves already?

Or are you still busy lying on the beach and lighting the BBQ!?

Comment below and let me know or share them on my  FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages.


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    1. I guess we just have to wait until nearer Christmas for ‘anything savoury’ to appear on the shelves – then we’ll need to freeze them, because the ‘use-by dates’ will be pre-25th December :-(.

      Last Christmas, the Christmas Range for GF Frozen Foods was diabolical in my local ‘Tesco Extra’ – ‘shame on them’.

      The Vegan/Vegetarian Freezer Section however, was bursting at the seams. Which tells ME that, they stocked up very well indeed for Vegans/Veggies/Dairy & Lactose Free shoppers – but that it hardly sold!

  1. Looking very tasty, so far, Sarah :-). I’m really pleased to see that things ARE appearing on the shelves right now. Give us time to begin the process of ‘stocking up’ – without incurring a MASSIVE Shopping Bill right before Christmas. I might just have to get more than one pack of the biscuits – because my No.2 son will forget that they are actually GF (therefore ‘mine’) and will ‘scav’ the lot – as if they are from an ordinary Supermarket Range of biscuits :’-( . Just as long as they’ve got decent ‘Use By Dates’ on them.

    Personally speaking, I’m praying for a ‘Decent Range of Savoury Foods’ – with the option for UNSMOKED Bacon/Ham/Salmon/Cheese in any ‘ready-prepped foods for parties.

    MY biggest joy would be to find ‘Unsmoked Pigs in Blankets’ in the Chilled Food Cabinets 😉 !