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Well, autumn has officially arrived which means one thing – lots of new gluten free food items hitting the shelves!

It always seems like lots of food producers and supermarkets bring out new free from products at this time of year.

And as well as the exciting new Christmas goodies appearing, there are plenty of ‘evergreen’ new products you can enjoy year-round.

As well as some new free from goodies I also found quite a few accidentally gluten free finds.

That’s when it’s not a specific free from product but it just happens to be gluten free – proof that checking ingredients is always worth it.

I scoured the shelves to see what new gluten free foods I could find – and here’s what I discovered…

Heck Posh Nuggets

heck chicken nuggets gluten free
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Ok, exciting news alert – Heck has launched a bunch of new products this month but most exciting are these Posh Nuggets.

In Peri Peri and Chicken Italia flavours, I found these in Asda with all the ‘normal’ sausages.

They’re not quite the same nugget texture as a traditional one, but I love the flavourings and these were fab in a burger bun.

I’d definitely recommend you cook a bunch up for lunch or as a handy snack – they’re lovely cold as well.

Asda free from tricolore pasta

asda gluten free tricolore pasta

Oh my goodness, I haven’t had tricolore pasta since I was a kid so I was very excited to find this new to my local Asda’s free from aisle.

I don’t actually remember if I liked this as a child, but either way I am excited to try it again.

I shared this on my Instagram and lots of you told me it was yummy so I shall definitely be cooking some up soon.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bars

ferrero rocher gluten free chocolate bars

Miss Ferrero Rocher since being on a gluten free diet?

While there sadly aren’t any gluten free Ferrero Rocher out there yet (though Schär do a pretty good dupe) these new bars are gluten free.

I thought these Fererro Rocher chocolate bars tasted just like how I remember the chocolates to taste – I picked these up in Tesco.

galaxy gluten free vegan gingerbread and chocolate orange bars

I was sent these new vegan Galaxy chocolates to try and i can report they are both gluten free and delicious!

I think the Gingerbread one isn’t out until next month but you can buy the vegan chocolate orange minis now in Superdrug.

They’re both super tasty and I don’t think either of them taste vegan. They do have that classic Galaxy taste which is fab.

Buttermilk Plant Powered Caramel Nougat Bar

buttermilk vegan gluten free nougat bar

While we’re on the subject of vegan chocolate, I saw a lot of talk about this new Buttermilk vegan caramel nougat bar on social media.

I picked this up in the free from aisle in Sainsburys, though I think it was £1.50 for this bar.

Personally I found it far too sickly sweet and not really that similar to a Mars bar at all.

But if you’re vegan and gluten free – with a big sweet tooth – it’s worth a shot.

Terry’s Chocolate Crispy Oranges

terrys chocolate orange crispy oranges gluten free

Usually you’d expect a ‘crispy cereal centre’ chocolate to be unsafe to eat but these new chocolate orange treats are in fact gluten free.

I do love an accidental find and I’m so glad I double checked the ingredients to find out these are safe.

It’s a shame the actual chocolate orange has a ‘may contain’ when all these new treats are gluten free – sort it out Terry!

M&S Milk Chocolate and Cinnamon Rolled Tortilla

m&s cinnamon chocolate tortilla rolls

Ok, how exceptionally amazing do these M&S chocolate coated cinnamon tortilla rolls sound?

I do love a mix of sweet and savoury and I cannot wait to tuck into a pack of these.

They’re new to the M&S Christmas line-up so if they are good I may have to stock up to last me the next 12 months!

Clearly marked gluten free on the front – don’t you love clear packaging like this!?

M&S Golden Blond Chocolate Spread

m&S golden chocolate spread

Full disclaimer: I immediately ate almost half this jar after getting it home. With a spoon.

It is just SO good and another fab accidental find – this white chocolate and caramel spread is actually gluten free.

Yes, it has wafer pieces but these are made with rice flour.

I’d definitely recommend this, unless you have zero self control like me, in which case… I’m sorry.

Well & Truly Salt and Vinegar Crunchies

well and truly salt and vinegar gluten free crisps

I’ve already proclaimed my love for Well and Truly for filling the NikNak-shaped hole in my life.

But when I went to Home Bargains I spotted this new Sea Salt and Cider Vinegae flavour I’d not seen before.

I have to say they weren’t as flavoursome as their other crisps but 10/10 for texture – I love them!

New White Rabbit gluten free and vegan pizzas

white rabbit gluten free vegan pizzas

I saw on Instagram this week that White Rabbit, who do amazing gluten free vegan pizzas, are launching three new frozen flavours.

The Margherita and the AMAZING-sounding Garlicky Mushroom are launching in Sainsbury’s while the Sizzlin’ Jackfruit will be in CoOp.

I’ve not spotted any of them yet but I cannot wait to get my hands on them.

White Rabbit pizzas are some of my fave so will definitely be intrigued to try these three out.

Spotted any new gluten free foods?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed?

I’d love to know about them in the comments below!

And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

And don’t forget, you can also join my Facebook group or tag me on Instagram if there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog!

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  1. Thank you for doing these round ups! So helpful!! I’ve recently found itsu protein noodles (like a pot noodle!) are accidentally gluten free and vegan and have 21g of protein!
    Also M&S mini chicken Kiev’s in frozen section are GF and their salt and pepper chicken in the Chinese takeaway style area!

  2. I managed to get the Galaxy smooth orange and oh my goodness it’s like real chocolate lol
    Some samples I have tried have not had the chocolate feeling and creaminess. perfect!!!