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A whole drop of new gluten free products have launched in Tesco this week.

I love the month of May because it always means a bunch of new foods in time for Coeliac Awareness Week.

This week Tesco has dropped a load of new goodies in the free from aisle, hurrah!

As I know how much you guys love a product round-up, I thought I’d pop them all in a quick blog post for you.

Update: Tesco has added even more new products to its line, so I’ve updated this post with the newest items I’ve found at the top!

So here are the new goodies I found in my local Tesco today – and I’ll update this if and when I see others crop up.

Tesco gluten free black bean sauce

gluten free black bean sauce tesco
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I’ve waited a long time to find a gluten free black bean sauce and I’m excited to finally find this in Tesco’s free from aisle.

It’s 80p a pack (I think I’d probably use two for two of us as they’re quite small) and I cannot wait to try it!

Tesco gluten free chow mein sauce

gluten free chow mein sauce tesco

Another of the new stir fry sauce I’m excited to try is this gluten free chow mein stir fry sauce, also 80p in Tesco’s free from aisle.

All we need now is for someone to bring out gluten free egg noodles and the world will be a better place!

Tesco teriyaki and hoisin sauces

gluten free teriyaki sauce tesco
gluten free hoisin sauce tesco

Finally in the line-up of new 80p stir fry sauces we have a gluten free terikayi sauce and a gluten free hoisin and garlic sauce.

Finding gluten free Chinese sauces is always really difficult so it’s great to have some more options.

I can’t wait to work my way through all of these and give them a go!

Tesco free from garlic and parsley flatbread

gluten free garlic bread tesco

Well this looks pretty tasty! Check out the new garlic and parsley flatbread from Tesco which is gluten free and vegan.

It’s a nice size for sharing as a side dish and I can’t wait to give this a try with some pasta soon.

Tesco gluten free steak pie and chicken pie

gluten free steak pie tesco 2
gluten free chicken and vegetable pie tesco 2

Well these new gluten free pies in Tesco’s chilled aisle look pretty tasty!

There are two new pies to test out – a gluten free steak pie and a gluten free chicken and gravy pie – and both are gluten and dairy free.

It looks like you can also freeze them which is a bonus if you want to stock up.

Gluten free quiches

gluten free quiche lorraine tesco 2

There are also two new gluten free quiches in the chilled range – a gluten free quiche Lorraine and a gluten free cheese and onion quiche.

This is perfect timing for summer picnics and also a great idea if you want something to eat on-the-go.

I’ll definitely be trying these out at some point over the summer.

Gluten free breadcrumbs

gluten free breadcrumbs tesco

These gluten free and vegan breadcrumbs are always a handy thing to have in the kitchen.

I found these new in the free from aisle and they’d be perfect for making gluten free fried chicken!

Gluten free mature cheddar twists

gluten free tesco free from may 2021 2

After launching its croissants and other gluten free pastries, these mature cheddar twists seemed like a natural progression for Tesco.

It’s nice to see some savoury options and I’m looking forward to giving them a try.

These are gluten free but not dairy free I’m afraid, in case you were hoping.

Free from chocolate safari cupcakes

gluten free tesco safari cupcakes

Oh look how cute these gluten free safari cupcakes are from Tesco!

These are brand new and are also dairy free and vegetarian.

I can see these gracing the table of many free from children’s birthday parties from now on!

Free from triple choc truffles

gluten free tesco free from may 2021 2

Well la-de-da, don’t these triple choc truffles from Tesco look fancy!?

They are gluten free and vegan, and look like they would make a lovely gift.

I’ll certainly be remembering these when any of my dairy free pals have a birthday as they sound delicious.

Vegan salted caramel bar

gluten free tesco free from may 2021 4
gluten free tesco finds
gluten free tesco finds

This gluten free and vegan salted caramel chocolate bar was another new addition on the shelf.

Dairy free chocolate seems to have come a long way in recent years and it’s nice to see some flavour variations.

They also had a vegan honeycomb and raspberry and a chocolate orange bar which I found on a later visit.

They all sound great and I love the flavour variety!

Free from choc coated honeycomb

gluten free tesco free from may 2021 4

Oh I am a HUGE honeycomb fan and this was a very welcome find in the free from aisle!

As well as being gluten free it’s also dairy free and vegan.

It’s nice to see so many products covering multiple allergens and this looked so good!

Free from lemon drizzle cake kit

gluten free tesco free from may 2021 4

Gluten free cake kits have always been limited to chocolate or vanilla, so it’s nice to see some variation!

This free from lemon drizzle cake is actually vegan too, so great news for everyone.

Though I’d argue if you can eat eggs, making my lemon drizzle cake recipe is much better…

Free from surprise cupcake kit

gluten free tesco finds 1

How amazing would this surprise cupcake kit be for a kid’s birthday party!?

Not only is the cake mix gluten free – it’s also all egg and dairy free, including the sprinkles.

Perfect if you have multiple allergens but don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Gluten free flapjack bites

gluten free tesco free from may 2021 4

Being able to buy these big bakery packs is always something I felt like I was missing out on.

So it’s really nice to see this tub of 20 flapjack bites joining the range.

Again, these are gluten free and vegan – and probably meant for sharing, but we’ll see…

Gluten free cinnamon and raisin bagels

tesco gluten free cinnamon raisin bagels

I finally found these new gluten free cinnamon and raisin bagels in Tesco and can confirm they are delicious.

From what I can see they are gluten and dairy free.

I picked up a pack, toasted and scoffed one as soon as I got home…. delicious!

Free from gingerbread man kit

gluten free tesco finds

After their ‘decorate your own egg’ kits at Easter it looks like Tesco now has a gluten free gingerbread man kit.

These would be great for kids (or big kids!) and are also dairy free, egg free and vegan.

I love treats like this that ensure kids with multiple allergens don’t miss out!

Wicked Kitchen vegan/gluten free ice-cream cones

gluten free tesco free from may 2021 10

How good do these gluten free chocolate and red berry cones sound!?

These vegan ice-creams from Wicked Kitchen were with the other vegan ice-creams (not the free from section) in my local store.

But the cones are gluten free and from what I’ve heard, very tasty!

Wicked Kitchen ‘nooch’ flavours

wicked kitchen nooch
wicked kitchen nooch

From what I’ve heard, ‘nooch’ – aka nutritional yeast – is big news in the vegan world.

These new ‘nooch’ flavours are gluten free as well as vegan, and I thought might be of interest to some of you!

I’m definitely keen to try them out as the flavours sound tasty!


Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed?

I’d love to know about them in the comments below!

And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

And don’t forget, you can also join my Facebook group or tag me on Instagram if there’s anything you’d like to see on the blog!

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  1. Has any one come across shop bought gluten free donuts ? My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed 2 months ago and this is what she is really missing . We will try snd make our own but she wants to go and buy one !

    1. Hi Kate, Asda do frozen ones. I’ve never tried them, but if you do, please let me know wht they’re like. Lisa

    2. Wildrcraft gluten free bakery, expensive but worth it and some items not sure about doughnuts can be frozen.

    3. Hi Kate,
      There is a bakery in Leeds – Wildcraft Bakery that does amazing doughnuts, also delivers. And then Leon (the chain) in London used to had them, but I can not remember the name of the bakery that supplied them.

    4. Morrison’s were at one point too! Also, check out Becky Excell’s recipe book 🙂

    5. Asda usually stocks sugar ring donuts in the frozen aisle. They’re really good and even my other half likes them. Alternatively look up wildcraft bakery in Leeds. They sell proper donuts and will post them!!

  2. Hi Kate, Asda do frozen ones. I’ve never tried them, but if you do, please let me know wht they’re like. Lisa

  3. Morrisons also do frozen ones which my children like – you need to defrost them for about an hour, but they are pretty close to regular doughnuts and you can give them a quick zap in the microwave to replicate the freshly fried effect.

  4. Definitely try Wildcraft Bakery, we had a delivery of them for my sons birthday and they were amazing. Can be frozen too. They only do a doughnut drop one day a week so you have to get them in the available time but it’s worth the effort

  5. Bliss white chocolate and lemon whip bars are lovely and they are only 99p from home bargains