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Summer is coming and it looks like there’s been a lot of new gluten free foods released into the supermarkets!

It’s been a while since I did a new finds round-up and I certainly have got a bumper edition for you today.

From meal kits and new barbecue foods to lots of new gluten free breads and wraps, there’s really something here for everyone.

I’ve been scouring the supermarkets the past few weeks to bring you this latest drop of gluten free goodies.

Here are 20 new free from products I have spotted this month…

Asda’s Bacon Crunch Burger Kit

Asda bacon crunch burger kit gluten free
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I’m a huge fan of Frazzles (or the gluten free equivalent) so finding this Asda burger kit which contains them was a huge win.

I’m yet to try them but the idea of a burger loaded with cheese, BBQ ketchup and gluten free bacon crisps just sounds TOO good to resist.

Asda Black Bean Stir Fry Kit

Asda black been stir fry kit gluten free

Black bean sauce was always my favourite from the Chinese so was very excited to find this beef and black bean kit.

It’s clearly marked gluten free and I was pretty pleased with the results when I tried it.

I did think the veg went a little soggy so while I like the idea in principle, I’d love for them to release the sauce on it’s own too!

Asda Italian Style Meatballs

Asda Italian meatballs kit gluten free

How good does this gluten free Italian-style meatballs kit from Asda spind?

Cook them up in a delicious (apparently) veg and tomato sauce – this is definitely one I’ve earmarked to try in the future.

Sainsbury’s Tempura Chicken Mini Fillets

Sainsbury's tempura chicken gluten free

I do love an ‘accidental’ gluten free find and my optimism was rewarded when I checked the back of these new tempura chicken fillets in Sainsbury’s.

I had a hunch they may be gluten free, just like the Aldi ones – and luckily they are!

They’re not marked as free from but you can find them in the chilled aisle with no gluten in the ingredients at all.

Sainsbury’s salted caramel crispy squares

sainsburys salted caramel crispy squares

These new crispy squares sound heavenly, and they’re gluten free and vegan too!

I found these in the free from aisle in Sainsbury’s. Word on the street is the M&S ones are better, but these are far more convenient for me.

Sainsbury’s Free From Choco Flakes

sainsbury's free from choco flakes

I think Sainsbury’s has dropped a load of new free from products this week, though these were about the only new thing in my free from aisle.

I am a sucker for any chocolate cereal though so I’m excited to try them!

BFree High Protein and Avocado Wraps

bfree high protein gluten free wraps
bfree gluten free vegan avocado wraps

Oh look here, not one new BFree product but two have landed in my Sainsbury’s this week!

The High Protein wraps sound fab, with 12g protein and 4g carbs per wrap.

I can’t quite get my head around the idea of an avocado wrap so I will reserve judgement on these slightly green-ish ones until I’ve tried them!

Genius gluten free tiger loaf

genius gluten free tiger loaf

I’m always happy to see another tiger loaf on the shelves and this new one from Genius looks and feels lovely.

I’ve not tried it yet but it’s part of their ‘gut lovin’ range so intrigued to know it compares in taste to the Warbs and Tesco ones.

I found this in the free from aisle in Sainsbury’s, along with…

Genius gluten free country white loaf

genius gluten free country white loaf

I haven’t seen this gluten free Genius Country White Loaf before so am assuming it is new!

Again, I’ve not tried it yet, but it felt nice and squishy so I’ll definitely be giving it a go soon.

Warburtons gluten free sliced square rolls

warburtons super soft square rolls

These new products from Warburtons Gluten Free were lurking in the free from aisle at Co-op when I visited this week.

I picked these up to try them in a sandwich and I can confirm they are indeed super soft.

Warburtons gluten free square brioche rolls

warburtons brioche square rolls

There were also these Warburton’s gluten free square brioche rolls which I didn’t try but they did also feel nice and squishy.

They look similar to the Genius ones (except square) but as a concept, I think maybe I’d prefer my burgers in a round bun?

Either that, or I’ll have to try making some square burgers…

Co-op gluten free Belgian chocolate twists

coop gluten free chocolate twists

I also discovered these beauties on a trip to Co-op over the last couple of weeks!

Very happy to see they have jumped on the gluten free pastries train and I cannot wait to try them.

Tiger Tiger free from curry kits

gluten free thai red curry kit
gluten free japanese katsu curry kit

These new curry kits from Tiger Tiger were in the free from aisle in Sainsbury’s and look great!

I can’t get over how chunk and amazing those gluten free noodles look – am definitely going to be giving them a go, pronto!

Morrisons gluten free brown seeded sliced half loaf

morrisons  gluten free bread

And over to Morrison’s now, I discovered some new goodies including this gluten free and vegan brown seeded sliced half loaf.

It looks a great size for if you don’t have a lot of bread or much freezer space.

Morrisons free from golden crunchies

morrisons free from golden crunchies

I bought a pack of these Morrisons free from golden crunchies to try and enjoyed them a lot!

I do love a sandwich-style biscuit and from what I remember these were a pretty reasonable price too.

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co toad in the hole

the real yorkshire pudding co toad in the hole

Oh man, I cannot tell you how GOOD this gluten free toad in the hole is from The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co!

I tried it as part of a sponsored campaign but honestly love it – and now you can stock up on it in Morrison’s too.

Kirsty’s Golden Billionaire Slice (GF/Ve)

kirstys billionaires pudding

Oh wow, how beautiful is this gluten free and vegan Billionaire’s Slice from Kirsty’s?

It looks absolutely delicious with it’s gorgeous golden flecks and I can’t wait to try it – found in the Morrisons frozen free from aisle.

Kirsty’s chicken & piquant pepper flatbread pizza

Kirstys gluten free chicken flatbread

As you know, I love all pizzas – and this new one is a pretty tasty find!

I’m not dairy free but I really enjoyed this flatbread pizza from Kirsty’s, found in the Morrisons frozen free from aisle.

My only quibble would be it is rather small for a higher price point.


Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out all the gluten free Christmas goodies in Morrisons too, as I’ve been updating this list with all my new finds.

And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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  1. Sanissimo ,Salmas are authentic Mexican recipe corn crackers. They are available at Sainsbury’s in the cheese biscuit aisle not in the gluten free section. They are amazing and are labelled gluten free.