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I think we can all agree January has been the longest month ever – and the stream of brand new gluten free products in the supermarkets has definitely slowed. It’s been quite a while since I last wrote one of these posts, but I think I’ve finally found enough new products to warrant doing it!

I’ve definitely stumbled across a few bits in the supermarkets which are ‘accidentally gluten free’ as well as some newbies in the free from aisle too. Plus I had a rare visit to Planet Organic so I thought I’d share some of the interesting new finds from there too!

If you’ve found any new gluten free products in the supermarkets which I’ve missed, do let me know in the comments! I love hearing about all the new tasty treats you guys have found too.

Gluten free hot cross buns in Tesco

new gluten free products uk 2020 january 1

Despite it still being only January, it looks like hot cross buns are back on the shelves! I spotted these gluten free Tesco hot cross buns in the free from aisle this week, so no doubt they’ll all be popping up everywhere in the coming weeks!

Kirsty’s gluten and dairy free pepperoni pizza

new gluten free products uk 2020 january

I finally found this gluten and dairy free pepperoni pizza from Kirsty’s in Tesco’s frozen free from aisle! It’s really nice to see some dairy free options which aren’t vegan – as a lot of people are intolerant to gluten and dairy but still want some meat!

Tesco Plant Chef corn fritters

new gluten free products uk 2020 january 1

Also in the frozen aisle in Tesco are these new corn fritters which are vegan and gluten free. I bought some for my lunch and they were pretty tasty – I’d definitely buy them again.

Miiro chocolates

I spotted these new plant-based vegan and gluten free chocolates from Miiro – better known for their gluten free and vegan ice-creams! They look a bit like peanut M&Ms but seemed like a very small pack with not a lot in them, so I haven’t actually tried them yet!

Kettle Chips vegan sheese and onion flavour

new gluten free products uk 2020 january 5

I’ve seen some hype around these vegan ‘sheese and onion’ Kettle Chips and after finally finding them in Sainsbury’s, am pleased to report they are also gluten free. I’ve not tried them myself but heard good things from my dairy free friends!

Morrisons 80p gluten free margherita pizza

new gluten free products uk supermarkets 2020 10

I’m sorry? 80P FOR A GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!? That’s right folks, get down to Morrisons and load up your trolleys because this gluten free pizza is only 80p and it tastes really good! Definitely a good one to have on-hand for those nights you don’t wanna cook. I’ll certainly be buying more!

Morrisons free from goat’s cheese pizza

new gluten free products uk supermarkets 2020 11

I absolutely adored this gluten free goats cheese pizza from Morrisons when it was in the chilled aisle but haven’t tried this one in the frozen free from aisle yet. It looks a little different from the photo but I am hoping it will be just as good!

Morrison’s gluten free donuts

new gluten free products uk supermarkets 2020 17

I’ve seen a LOT of praise for these gluten free donuts from Morrisons. They look so good and just like the ones you used to get at the fairground! I’m definitely going to try these next time I go as sadly I didn’t buy them on this occasion – they’re in the frozen free from aisle.

Bounty dairy free drink

new gluten free products uk supermarkets 2020 18

If you love a funky milkshake and can’t have gluten or dairy then this Bounty No-Dairy milkshake I found in Morrisons is for you. It doesn’t contain any gluten so looks good to try – I’m not sure I fancy this myself but I’d love to know if you’ve given it a go!

Coconut Collaborative Banoffee Pots

new gluten free products uk supermarkets 2020 15

How good do these Banoffee Pots from The Coconut Collaborative sound!? They’re a dairy free dessert but also gluten free and vegan. Perfect if you have multiple allergens – I found these in the chilled free from aisle in Morrisons.

Sharwoods Pad Thai Noodle Kit

accidentally gluten free products uk 2020 1

Sharwoods has some new cooking kits, including this Pad Thai one which is gluten free! The kit comes with everything you need to make yumy pad Thai noodles, including gluten free rice noodles. I’ll definitely be giving this one a go.

Luna & Fennel Cauliflower Crust Pizza

new gluten free products uk supermarkets 2020 7

Fans of cauliflower pizza, head to Planet Organic! These pizzas I found in there are gluten free and plant-based and looked like something a bit different to try!

Plantasy Foods Mac ‘N Cheez

new gluten free products uk supermarkets 2020 5

I spotted these ‘mac and cheez’ instant meals in Planet Organic and then noticed as well as being vegan they were also gluten free. I didn’t try them but it’s nice to have some easy-to-throw-together meals that only require boiling a kettle for effort.

Beanit Protein Pieces

new gluten free products uk 2020 january 4

I’ll be honest, these Beanit Protein Pieces weren’t the most attractive looking food, however, it was nice to see some vegan protein options NOT made from soya! These would be another good way to get your protein in if you’re carrying on after Veganuary – found in Sainsbury’s.

Shirakiku vegetable gyoza

new gluten free products uk supermarkets 2020 9

And finally, one from a random trip to an Asian food store in Shoreditch – London readers look out for these gluten free vegetable gyoza! A gluten free gyoza is a rare thing to find and I was very sad these would have defrosted on my train back to Devon. These were in the Longdan Shoreditch store.

What else have I missed?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below! And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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  1. I cannot wait to try the kettle chips and Tesco’s hot cross buns. I’m so impressed with Morrisons!