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Well, hasn’t this been a pretty good start to the year? We’re only a week in and already there are lots of new gluten free products on the supermarket shelves! We’ve got new vegan foods, gluten free pasties and – much to my dismay – gluten free Easter goodies already! While I am NOT happy about this (we have four months ’til Easter people!) many of you seem to be loving it so I’ve included a few here!

So without further ado, here are 17 new gluten free products to kickstart 2020 with…

Gluten free Ginsters pasty

new gluten free foods january 2020

Well look at that, Ginsters have brought out a gluten free Cornish pasty just in time for the new year! It’s found in Sainsbury’s chilled free from aisle, though is about £1 more than the ‘muggle’ variety. I am yet to give it a try but it’s nice to have an option from a ‘normal’ brand.

Gluten free millionaire’s shortbread from Costa Coffee

new gluten free foods january 2020

I was so excited to find this new gluten free millionaire’s shortbread in Costa Coffee (£1.80) launched this week as part of their new menu. Costa definitely has the best range of gluten free cakes now in my opinion. This joins a couple of other options but is absolutely my new favourite. 

Gluten free KitKat Easter Break Bunny

new gluten free foods january 2020

Well, well, well. I don’t approve of Easter food in January BUT it is exciting to see this KitKat Easter Bunny break is gluten free! This is something I definitely wasn’t expecting – but it’s good to know for only 65p I can get a chocolate wafer fix. I’ll just have to close my eyes and pretend it isn’t Easter-themed if I eat one before Shrove Tuesday at least!

Terry’s chocolate orange eggs

new gluten free products january 2020 3

Ok, while we’re here I might as well share some of the new Easter goodies which are out there. These Terry’s chocolate orange mini eggs look like a great treat. Especially for those people who miss a Terry’s chocolate orange, which is not suitable for coeliacs! There are also these…

Galaxy enchanted eggs

new gluten free products january 2020 3

These Galaxy enchanted eggs look pretty cute – they contain crunchy caramel and are rolled in a rose gold coating. Oh so pretty! I found these in Tesco for £1 a pack and they are gluten free too! I’m definitely excited to try them out.

Glorious makhani sauce kit

new gluten free products january 2020 3

I love the Glorious soups so I am excited to try this makhani kit which is both gluten free and vegan. I found it in the chilled aisle in Sainsbury’s (with the meat) and there are a few other varieties too, but I didn’t get a chance to check if they were gluten free or not!

Moving Mountains plant-based hot dogs

gluten free vegan products for veganuary 5

There’s lots of new vegan foods in the freezers at the moment, and these vegan hot dogs from Moving Mountains are the only products from this brand which are gluten free. I’ve not tried them but am definitely curious to know what they’re like.

Buttermilk dairy free chocolatey truffles

new gluten free products january 2020 3

Yummy! These dairy free truffles are also gluten free and were a new addition to the free from aisle in Sainsbury’s. They sound lovely and would be a great gift for someone who can’t have gluten or dairy.

Sainsbury’s free from rocky road bites

new gluten free products january 2020 3

I’ve not seen these rocky road bites before in Sainsbury’s and honestly just looking at them now is making my mouth water! I’m excited to try these and they’re also egg and dairy free, and vegan, as well as gluten free. So good for everyone to try!

Kent & Fraser choc chip hazelnut blondie

new gluten free products january 2020 3

I’m a big fan of Kent and Fraser and if their gluten free brownie bar is anything to go buy, this blondie will be amazing! It’s gluten free and vegan and sounds amazing. Plus I love it when you can buy things NOT in a multipack, for when you just want a little treat!

Sacla vegan mayonnaise

new gluten free products january 2020 3

I spotted this vegan mayonnaise in the free from aisle in Tesco and haven’t seen it before. Mayo is generally gluten free anyway but if you’re gluten free and vegan (or dairy/egg free) then it’s nice to have some more options out there.

M&S Plant Kitchen onion bhajis

new gluten free products january 2020 13

Credit to @myglutenfreeguide who shared these on her Instagram – finally an onion bhaji which is gluten free AND it’s vegan too. They sound amazing, can’t wait to try them!

Old El Paso gluten free enchiladas kit

new gluten free products january 2020 13

I do love a good cooking kit and these cheesy gluten free enchiladas from Old El Paso look right up my street! They sound yummy – found them in the free from aisle at Tesco.

M&S Plant Kitchen one-pot meals

new gluten free products january 2020 13

new gluten free products january 2020 13

new gluten free products january 2020 13

M&S Plant Kitchen have some new, easy, one-pot ready meals in their range and some of them are gluten free as well as vegan. I particularly like the sound of the lentil shepherds pie with root mash.

Feed Me Vegan chocolate pie

new gluten free products january 2020 13

This vegan chocolate pie is new in my Tesco’s frozen aisle and looks like a fab dessert option if you’re gluten and dairy free. Nice to see some vegan options which are coeliac safe too!

What else have I missed?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below! And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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    1. The chocolate orange has a ‘may contain gluten’ warning so is not gluten free I’m afraid!