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It’s been a long time since I posted any of my new gluten free finds so I’m back with a bumper edition!

The free from aisles have been a little bit quiet on the new product front but there has been a little flurry of new launches in recent months.

From frozen cookie dough bites to chicken nuggets, ready meals and chocolate chip cookies, there are lots of new goodies to choose from.

Don’t forget to check out all my previous New Finds posts as well in case there’s anything you didn’t know was gluten free.

Here are some of the new gluten free goodies I found in the supermarkets this week…

Schär Gluten Free Choco Chip Cookies

schar gluten free choco chip cookies
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How cool are these new gluten free chocolate chip cookies from Schär?

I found them in Asda’s free from aisle and apparently they’re just like the Maryland cookies – not that I’d remember the taste now!

I picked up a pack to try and I can’t wait to give them a go.

m&s frozen cookie dough gluten free
m&s frozen cookie dough gluten free
m&s frozen cookie dough gluten free
m&s frozen cookie dough gluten free

There was a lot of hype about these new cookie dough bites launching in M&S so I was very excited to get my hands on them.

They are in the frozen aisle with the ice-creams and there are four flavours: Birthday Cake, Chocolate Truffle, Red Velvet and Salted Caramel.

I picked up the salted caramel ones to try and they’re nice but definitely more ice-cream-like than cookie-dough-like.

I’m looking forward to trying the other flavours out next though – it’s nice to see ‘normal’ products labelled as gluten free.

Schär Gluten Free Ready Meals

schar gluten free cannelloni
schar gluten free lasagne

I’m always excited to see new gluten free ready meals so it’s great to see these new Schär gluten free lasagne and cannelloni meals.

Both are in the frozen free from aisle in Asda and I can’t wait to try them out.

Schär are always reliable for quality and it’s good to see something filling the hole left by Amy’s Kitchen stopping production.

White Rabbit Gluten Free Ready Meals

white rabbit new gluten free ready meals
white rabbit new gluten free ready meals

Speaking of ready meals, these gluten free and vegan ready meals from White Rabbit are new in Sainsbury’s and so good.

I did work on a paid partnership with them last month but honestly I was so impressed with the meals I wanted to share them here.

The Macaroni Gratin is great and the Tagliatelle Bolognese is super tasty – my favourite is the lasagne but I didn’t manage to grab a picture of that.

If you need a ready meal I absolutely recommend these as they’re delicious!

Clive’s Pies (gluten free and vegan)

clives pies gluten free
clives pies gluten free
clives pies gluten free

I’m not sure these pies are new to the market but they’re certainly new in my free from frozen aisle at Asda.

These three Clive’s Pies all sound lovely and it’s great to see a variation from the usual gluten free flavours out there.

Choose from a Tomato and Olive Tart, Mushroom and Leek Pie or a Chickpea Tagine Pie.

Heck burgers and hot dogs

heck gluten free products

I was actually sent these two new Heck products to try and oh my word, they are SO GOOD.

The smoky hot dogs are a decent size and taste amazing and the steak and butter burgers just melt in your mouth.

Both are currently on sale in Tesco so stock up ready for BBQ season!

Whole Creations Frozen Bites

whole creations vegan party food
whole creations vegan party food 2

There are definitely a few new vegan and gluten free products in the frozen free from aisle at Asda.

And that includes these Sheezy Chipotle Chilli Bites and Cauli Wings, both of which are gluten free.

I’ve not tried either but I’d definitely be keen to pick up some of the Sheezy Bites first!

M&S Crispy Chicken Nuggets

m&s chicken nuggets gluten free

These battered chicken nuggets in the chilled aisle in M&S were a welcome find as they are accidentally gluten free.

Unlike so much of their ‘normal’ food they’re not labelled gluten free but they don’t have any wheat in the ingredients.

Not to be confused with the breaded chicken nuggets, which are wheat-central.

M&S Crispy Mini Chicken Kievs

gluten free M&S mini chicken kievs

For anyone who waits all year for the M&S Mini Kievs to be released at Christmas – here is some amazing news!

Because these mini chicken kievs are in the M&S frozen aisle and available YEAR ROUND.

I was very excited to finally find these in my local store and needless to say, my freezer is now half-filled with them.

Baxters gluten free soups

baxters french onion soup gluten free
baxters country garden soup gluten free

I always find it difficult to get soups in tins that are gluten free so was pleasantly surprised to find these in my free from aisle.

The Baxter’s Country Garden soup and the French Onion soup both sound lovely but I definitely want to try the latter.

I found these in the Asda free from aisle – again replacing the hole that was once filled by Amy’s Kitchen.

Gluten Free Matzo Squares

gluten free matzo crackers

I’ve never tried Matzo crackers before but was pleased to find these gluten free Matzo squares in Sainsbury’s.

They were with the Eastern European food and they look great for something like a cheeseboard so I’m going to have to give them a try soon.

Georgia’s Choice gluten free nuggets and goujons

georgias choice gluten free chicken nuggets
georgias choice gluten free chicken goujons

I’m an absolute sucker for any breaded chicken product so obviously was very excited when I found these in Sainsbury’s frozen free from aisle.

The chicken nuggets are lovely and I polished off a whole bag in two days!

I can’t wait to try the goujons but I’m trying to hold off because I know it may start an unhealthy obsession as they sound so good.


Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed?

I’d love to know about them in the comments below!

And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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  1. i have the added problem of intolerance to rapeseed oil, chilli and paprika. I’m finding it a nightmare as most things you listed ( although few new ones i haven’t checked yet) have 1 or all 3! any advice?
    (just found your website after learning my 18 year has these, it been most helpful so far , thank you)

    1. Hi I’m so glad that you made this comment I have not so far found anyone else to have an intolerance to rapeseed oil my doctor didn’t believe it as it wasn’t a part of the blood test. I’ve since tested it and I have definitely confirmed it to not agree with me. I have so many allergies and intolerance’s it’s an added headache for sure.

  2. Marks and Spencers cooked British Dinky cocktail sausages in both Pork and Honey and Mustard flavours have recently become gluten free. Although uncooked sausages are frequently gluten free, cooked ones are a lot harder to find!