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I’m back with another instalment of my accidentally gluten free finds with a selection of new finds and old faves this time!

Finding ‘accidentally’ gluten free goodies – aka food not in the free from aisle which just happens to be gluten free – is always an awesome feeling.

This time I’ve been round the shelves of Tesco, M&S and Sainsbury’s to bring you some of my favourite accidental gluten free finds.

And if you missed the first instalment of these, check out these products you might never have known were gluten free!

You’ll find these beauties lurking in with the ‘normal’ food in the supermarket shelves.

From takeaway favourites to pasta, sundaes and – my fave – MORE cookie dough, here are some of the best accidentally gluten free treats…

M&S Spicy Buffalo Chicken Tenders

accidentally gluten free products july 2021
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Well don’t these spicy buffalo chicken tenders from M&S look exciting!?

Usually I wouldn’t think to check anything battered or breadcrumbed but it turns out these are actually gluten free.

Even though they’re not labelled gluten free, the batter is made from rice, potato and cassava flour.

The tenders themselves and spicy sauce are also dairy free although the blue cheese drizzle does contain milk.

Wicked Kitchen Chocolate Orange Sundae

accidentally gluten free products wicked kitchen vegan chocolate orange sundae

Gotta love a cheeky dessert find and this Wicked Kitchen Chocolate Orange Sundae in Tesco happens to be gluten free.

It’s in with the chilled vegan products but there’s no gluten in the ingredients either.

This sounds absolutely lovely and great that it’s suitable for people who are avoiding dairy and/or egg too.

Sainsbury’s Crispy Chilli Beef

accidentally gluten free products july 2021

I know I’ve mentioned these in my 50 accidentally gluten free products but this Sainsbury’s Crispy Chilli Beef has to be the best find of them all.

If you don’t already know about these you simply HAVE to try them.

I’d never in a million years assume a product like this is gluten free but they are completely free of gluten with no ‘may contain’ warnings.

Perfect for those nights when you just don’t want to cook and need something tasty.

M&S Milk & Cookies Chocolate Spread

accidentally gluten free products july 2021

This cookies and cream spread caused quite a stir when it was first launched in M&S and I can see why.

The delicious swirls of cookies and cream with chocolate spread are in fact all gluten free.

This is absolutely the kind of thing I cannot allow myself to buy because I’ll sit and eat the whole jar with a spoon.

This does contain milk and soya and is a ‘may contain’ for nuts – but it’s free from gluten and absolutely bloody delicious.

accidentally gluten free finds

On the subject of cookies, check out these amazing-looking cookie dough pieces from M&S!

I found these a few weeks ago among a glut of new products and despite being with the ‘normal’ chilled baking items, they’re gluten free.

They do contain milk however there is a vegan salted caramel cookie dough lurking in the Plant Kitchen fridge which is also gluten free.

Find more details on that in my M&S new product haul post here.

Wicked Kitchen Asparagus and Peppercorn Ravioli

accidentally gluten free products july

Another stealth gluten free product from Wicked Kitchen in Tesco is this asparagus and peppercorn ravioli.

I think this has been out for a little while now but it’s the first time I’ve seen it in my local store.

The pasta is actually gluten free even though this is in with the normal vegan stuff, in the chilled aisle.

That makes two flavours of this Wicked Kitchen ravioli which are gluten free now – result!

M&S Steamed Prawn Dim Sum

accidentally gluten free products

I’ve always loved the idea of trying Dim Sum but usually they are made with wheat flour.

Not these prawn dim sum from M&S though! These are accidentally gluten free!

They’re found with the other chilled Chinese takeaway food and are super easy to heat up and eat.

The other varieties are sadly not gluten free though, only the prawn ones.

Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Tomato & Basil Meatballs

accidentally gluten free products july 2021

I’ve heard good things about these Linda McCartney vegan tomato and basil meatballs.

A lot of vegan meat replacement tend to contain gluten, including a lot of the Linda McCartney range.

However these are one of the few products which are gluten free too!

I’m looking forward to trying them with a spicy tomato sauce and some gluten free spaghetti.

M&S Chicken Pakoras

accidentally gluten free products july

If Indian takeaway is more your thing then you’ll absolutely love these chicken pakoras from M&S.

Usually anything crispy or crunchy is a no-go but these pakoras in M&S are gluten free.

I’ve had these a few time and they’re delicious – lovely and spicy with a crisp coating.

Definitely try a side of these with your next curry, most of the M&S curries are gluten free too.

Lidl Snaktastic Tortilla Chips

gluten free crisps

If you miss Doritos then you’ll be pleased to know these Lidl dupes are actually gluten free.

They come in the same range of flavours as Dorito’s but minus the gluten. Result.

And if you love crisps then make sure you check out this post for my top gluten free crisps.


If you liked this post, make sure you check out my 50+ Foods You Wouldn’t Know Were Gluten Free post for more finds like this!

I know how exciting it is to find ‘normal’ food which is gluten free so I will try and post these a bit more frequently.

Have you spotted any other accidentally gluten free finds on the shelves (or in the freezers!) which I have missed?

I’d love to know about them in the comments below!

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