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It’s been a long time since I posted some accidentally gluten free goodies so I thought it was time for another treat!

This time it’s a largely sweet special, with lots of exciting goodies I’ve discovered which are gluten free.

But these are not from the free from aisle – oh no!

You’ll find these beauties lurking in with the ‘normal’ food in the supermarket shelves.

The whole excitement of an ‘accidentally gluten free’ product is that it’s something you’d never expect to actually be free from gluten.

So from cookie dough to ice-cream, chocolate spread to seafood sticks, I really am bringing you a random but exciting selection.

Here are 10 Accidentally Gluten Free products I’ve found in the shops this week…

Asda Cookies and Cream Spread

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021
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Generally anything which involves the word ‘cookies’ I would naturally steer away from.

But word on the street was this Asda Cookies and Cream spread is accidentally gluten free – and it’s super tasty!

It does contain milk and soya, but the cookie crunch pieces are made using potato flour and tapioca starch.

There are no ‘may contain’ warnings so this one ticks the big fat ‘accidentally gluten free’ box for me.

PS It tastes incredible, be warned if you buy the whole thing you may not be able to resist eating it all with a spoon.

Asda Unicorn Spread

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021

Well, I couldn’t look at the Cookies and Cream spread and not check out this gorgeously pink Unicorn Spread!

It turns out this raspberry flavour spread with popping candy pieces is also accidentally gluten free.

I think it might be a bit sickly for my tastes but for unicorn fans everywhere this will be an exciting one to try.

This also contains dairy in the form of milk and buttermilk, so again it’s not one for the dairy-avoiders, I’m afraid.

Asda Loaded Turtle-y Tempting Ice-Cream

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021

I always get really jealous when everyone gets the fun ice-creams to eat and I’m stuck eating boring vanilla or chocolate.

So to find this Asda Loaded Turtle-y Tempting ice-cream is gluten free was VERY exciting indeed!

The tub describes itself as chocolate and candy floss flavour ice-creams ‘swimming’ with toffee sauce and caramel-filled chocolate turtles.

I honestly envy the person who’s job it is to come up with these bonkers ideas but I am 100% here for this one!

It does contain dairy and soya but has no gluten and no ‘may contain’ warnings.

Tesco Brown Sauce

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021

Bit of a change of tone here but I wanted to share with you guys, in case you didn’t know, that Tesco’s Brown Sauce is gluten free!

A lot of brown sauce is not free from gluten (see my guide to gluten free sauces here) but this one is and it’s a bargain too.

The Tesco own brown sauce has no gluten in the ingredients at all and no ‘may contain’ warnings.

There’s also no dairy or eggs – it looks like this is accidentally vegan as well as gluten free.

Wicked Kitchen Chocolate Orange Slices

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021

Hiding in with the ‘normal’ cakes are these gluten free and vegan Wicked Kitchen Chocolate Orange Slices.

I believe they’re pretty new this week(?) and despite being with the normal cakes they have a gluten free sticker on the front.

They sound lovely with a chocolate orange buttercream and zesty orange pieces on top so I picked some up to try this week.

I love the idea of more vegan products being gluten free, especially as a lot of them seem to be appearing in place of the free from products!

They look safe for dairy and egg allergies too as there are no ‘may contain’ warnings on there apart from nuts and peanuts.

Tesco Prawn Shells

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021

Calling all Skips fans! This is a public service announcement!

I used to LOVE Skips and finally, these Tesco Prawn Shells are the gluten free answers.

They’re accidentally gluten free (and cheaper than the actual brand) and I cannot wait to try them.

I’ll just be filling my lunchbox with these from now on and re-living all pre-coeliac, pre-teen life.

There are quite a few crisp alternatives actually so stay tuned as I’ll try and put a guide to those together very soon.

M&S Seafood Sticks

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021

I know this is a bit of a niche product, but I posted it on Facebook and it went a bit nuts so I’m sharing it here as well!

It’s always been impossible to find gluten free crab sticks so I was excited to learn these M&S Seafood Sticks are accidentally gluten free.

I cant wait to try them with a marie rose in a jacket potato or gluten free baguette.

I tried them on their own and they tasted just how I expected; I can’t believe they always seem to contain wheat everywhere else.

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021

I know I shared this in my new M&S finds post the other week, but I’m still really excited these are accidentally gluten free!

I always think it would be nice to have more fun, themed baking kits for gluten free kids.

So finding these ‘normal’ Colin the Caterpillar Ready-To-Bake Cookie Kits in M&S were gluten free was really exciting.

It’s nice to see them subtly making some of their mainstream products more available – they had a whole host of other cookie doughs which were gluten free too,.

Check out my M&S finds to see the other accidentally gluten free cookie doughs I found.

M&S ‘Not-zzarella’ Sticks

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021

You wouldn’t know it from the front of the pack, but these M&S Plant Kitchen Not-zzarella Sticks are actually gluten free!

They’re made with a gluten free crumb which makes them completely gluten free and vegan.

I haven’t tried them but I think I might have to – I’d love to know how they compare to a ‘normal’ mozzarella stick.

In fact, most supermarket mozzarella sticks now are accidentally gluten free.

I’m not sure why this theme has emerged but they are one of my favourite foods of all time (after pizza) so I’m very happy about it.

Strong Roots ‘The Veg Finger’

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021

I was pleasantly surprised to find at least one of the vegan products which has taken over my local Sainsbury’s free from aisle is gluten free.

These ‘The Veg Finger’ boxes from Strong Roots have a gluten free crumb and are a pretty nice sandwich filler.

I’ll be honest, they don’t actually taste of a lot but I covered them in sweet chilli sauce and I loved the texture of the gluten free crumb.

Another gluten free and vegan option worth trying if you need a quick lunch fix.

Any more accidentally gluten free finds?

If you liked this post, make sure you check out my 50+ Foods You Wouldn’t Know Were Gluten Free post for more finds like this!

I know how exciting it is to find ‘normal’ food which is gluten free so I will try and post these a bit more frequently.

Have you spotted any other accidentally gluten free finds on the shelves (or in the freezers!) which I have missed?

I’d love to know about them in the comments below!

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  1. I discovered at my local paper shop a bar called
    Flower white
    Lemon meringue bar
    Gluten free and only 95 calories
    So tasty

    1. Strong roots cauliflower hash browns are amazing, I actually think they taste like McDonald’s but better 😁

  2. Thank you for letting me look at your blog here. I have celiac disease. There’s only a few things that you have to really live for. There’s only a few things I can eat that doesn’t have a whole lot of gluten.