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Well, well, well – it looks like the Marks and Spencer gluten free range has certainly expanded with a whole load of new products this month.

As if the new gluten free samosas (I kid you not – scroll down if you don’t believe me!) weren’t exciting enough, today a whole load of new goodies have been launched.

From vegan and gluten free cookie dough to gluten free tiger loaf and rolls, I headed into town to suss out what was new in my local store.

Here’s a look at some of the new M&S gluten free products – and some of them are ‘accidentally gluten free’ finds which are not in their Made Without Wheat range!

These are just the products I have spotted and I haven’t tried any of them yet – when I do I will certainly report back so keep an eye on my Instagram story for updates!

The new M&S gluten free products

First up let’s take a look at the most exciting goodies of all, the ‘accidentally’ gluten free treats I spotted in the ‘normal’ aisles.

m&s gluten free colin the caterpillar cookie kit
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Well look at that, a lovely little ‘gluten free’ label in the bottom corner of this M&S Colin the Caterpillar cookie kit!

This kit is found in the fridge and makes 4 cookies, including Colin’s (if I’m honest, slightly disturbing) face.

It seems M&S has gone into overdrive with the Colin products since its feud with Aldi but if they’re going to make more of them gluten free I am totally on board.

m&s plant kitchen vegan gluten free salted caramel cookie dough

I’ll be honest, I had to avoid buying this Plant Kitchen Salted Caramel Cookie Dough because I was a bit concerned I’d eat the whole thing in one sitting.

It’s great there are some gluten free options in among M&S’s vegan range and once again this is marked clearly with a ‘gluten free’ label on the front.

I found this with the refrigerated Plant Kitchen items but it must be popular because it was the last one left on the shelf!

m&s gluten free belgian milk chocolate cookie dough

Do you think someone in the M&& cookie dough product development team has recently gone gluten free!?

Cookie dough might be my weakness so I was really excited to see this M&S Belgian Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough was also marked gluten free.

It’s great news for those who aren’t so keen on baking but still want to join in on the fun a little.

I found this in the fridge aisle alongside all the other cookie dough and ready-to-roll pastry bits.

M&S Made Without Wheat Gluten Free Samosas

m&s gluten free samosas

Ok, now on to the M&S Made Without Wheat goodies and LOOK at how awesome these gluten free vegetable samosas look!

They’re in the refrigerated free from aisle (next to the gluten free spring rolls which are delicious) and they also happen to be vegan.

I picked up a pack of these the other week and haven’t tried them yet (they’re in my freezer!) but I have heard all good reviews so far.

M&S Made Without Wheat Gluten Free Tiger Loaf

m&s gluten free tiger loaf

Phwoar – or should I say roar – this M&S Gluten Free Tiger Loaf looks delicious!

It felt so squishy and the top looked beautiful. I’ve always been really impressed with the M&S gluten free bread so I am excited to try this.

I also found sat next to it….

M&S Made Without Wheat Gluten Free Tiger Rolls

m&s gluten free tiger rolls

I’ve only ever seen gluten free tiger loaf before so these might be the first Gluten Free Tiger Rolls out there.

I feel like they’d be perfect for a Sunday lunch dipped in soup, don’t you think?

Either way I cannot wait to try both these M&S gluten free tiger breads so I will feed back once I have and let you know how they are.

M&S Made Without Wheat Gluten Free Crumpets

m&s gluten free crumpets

I know some people are obsessed with crumpets so good news – you can now try these M&S Made Without Wheat Crumpets too!

I do like a crumpet slathered in butter and these felt lovely and soft.

If the M&S gluten free bread is anything to go by I’m sure they’ll be really good.

M&S Made Without Wheat Chocolate Fudge Cake

m&s gluten free chocolate fudge cake

Oh hello – this gluten free chocolate fudge cake looks right up my street!

I love seeing more and more gluten free celebration cakes coming out and with a chocolate sponge and chocolate fudge frosting this sounds amazing.

Can you just imagine a slice of this microwaved slightly too!? Heaven!

M&S Wholegrain 3 Seed Crackers

m&s gluten free crackers 2
m&s gluten free crackers 2

I thought I’d also share a few more bits I found lurking in the ‘normal’ aisles, including these beetroot and sweet potato wholegrain crackers.

They are both marked as gluten free and vegan and would be great for a light summer snack.

I think I’d dip them in houmous myself or serve them up as part of a ‘nibbles’ platter.

M&S Press Fruit and Nut Bar

m&s gluten free fruit and nut bar 3
m&s gluten free fruit and nut bar 3
m&s gluten free fruit and nut bar 3

Just not feeling cake, bread and cookie dough right now?

How about these M&S Cold Pressed Fruit and Nut Bars which are all marked as gluten free?

They look like great snacks for a lunchbox and I found three flavours (with the other cereal bars).

Personally I’d go for chocolate and peanut butter, though the raspberry and almond butter would certainly be a close second!

M&S Percy Pig Icing

m&s percy pig icing gluten free

What’s the one product you didn’t know you needed until you saw it? THIS.

Percy Pig icing – gluten free and oh my word, as a mega Percy Pig fan I am very excited to try it!

I’ll have to get baking some cupcakes as an excuse to go back and buy some… or maybe I’ll just eat it with a spoon…


Have you spotted any new Marks and Spencer gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed?

I’d love to know about them in the comments below!

And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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  1. I used to love M&S apple pie. Haven’t seen it for months. Same with large round lemon drizzle cake.

  2. I tried the Made Without Wheat sausage rolls, they were expensive, but my wife & I were hungry and hopeful that we had found a good snack. We were wrong, they were dry and the filling tasteless, the only taste was the pastry and that just tasted of butter.
    I would equate the experience to eating greasy sawdust wrapped in buttery cardboard.
    A real miss from what is, supposedly, a good retailer.

  3. I don’t think marks is very good any more. I had bad experience in the cafe when I asked for gluten free u was told we don’t do “funny” food any more. I put a complaint in

  4. Do you know if M and S will be stocking their usual gluten free Christmas cake? I thought they would have had them in the shops by now.

    1. Has M&S stopped doing gluten free large sponge cakes Christmas cake and Yule log? Have been to two stores can not find any for weeks!.

  5. The best gluten free bread I have found in over ten years has got to be the Oaty Loaf. This should be available on prescription.