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Morrisons has always been great for gluten free products, but it looks like it’s dropped a new range of free from goodies just in time for Christmas!

As well as it’s festive foods, I popped to a store this week and found tonnes of new gluten free treats in the free from aisle.

From gnocchi and tagliatelle to new biscuits and crisps, there’s so much more to choose from!

I did a bit of a sweep of the aisle to share what I found with you – here’s all the new gluten free foods in Morrisons this December…

Morrisons gluten free penne

new morrisons gluten free products

Morrisons always have some amazing deals with their pasta (just 60p a bag!) and now they’ve added my favourite shape to the mix.

You can now grab a bag of gluten free penne pasta for 60p as well – it tastes pretty good and the shape holds up well when you cook it.

Morrisons gluten free gnocchi

new morrisons gluten free products

This Morrisons gluten free gnocchi is an exciting addition to it’s glorious gluten free pasta range.

I absolutely love gnocchi so it’s great to be able top pick up a pack in Morrisons now – one of the few stores which up until now didn’t have a free from gnocchi option.

Morrisons gluten free tagliatelle

new morrisons gluten free products

This hefty box of gluten free tagliatelle was an exciting find as it’s one of my favourite pasta shapes – I much prefer it to spaghetti.

It’s a bit pricier than the other gluten free pastas but I’m definitely excited to try it as you can’t find it in every supermarket.

Morrisons gluten free onion rings

new morrisons gluten free products

I know the gluten free world went NUTS when Tesco introduced it’s gluten free onion rings last year.

So it’s unsurprising that Morrisons have followed suit in producing what is arguably one of the best crisp varieties ever.

Morrisons cheese nachos

new morrisons gluten free products

These nacho cheese flavoured tortilla chips are gluten, wheat and dairy free and are also marked as vegan.

I do miss a cheesy Dorito so I’m looking forward to trying these and see how they compare to the real deal.

Morrisons gluten free gingerbread men

new morrisons gluten free products

Not sure how new these are, but look how CUTE they are!

These gluten free and dairy free gingerbread men would be fab for Christmas and just generally all year round for dunking in a cuppa.

Morrisons gluten free mini animal shaped biscuits

new morrisons gluten free products

Erm STOP EVERYTHING  because these are absolutely incredible and have given me some super childhood nostalgia!

These would be brilliant for packed lunches – for both young and old – and I cannot wait to try some, how much fun are they!?

Morrisons gluten free pecan pie

new morrisons gluten free products

Morrisons have always been my favourites in terms of value on a meal deal – and look at the new gluten free snack they have!

This gluten free pecan tart is also dairy free and would be perfect for enjoying after a gluten free sarnie.

Morrisons gluten free mince pie

new morrisons gluten free products

Also in the Morrisons meal deal as a snack is this gluten free and vegan mince pie.

It looks suspiciously like the Costa Coffee one which means it will probably be delicious – can’t wait to scoff one.

Morrisons vegan choc orange cookies

new morrisons gluten free products

These gluten free cookies are part of the Morrison’s TASTE vegan range and they sound incredible.

A chocolate orange cookie which I hope is here to stay all year round and not just for the festive season.

Morrisons gluten free rum and raisin cookies

new morrisons gluten free products

I love a scoop of rum and raisin ice-cream so I’m very excited to try these gluten free rum and raisin cookies.

They look sweet, boozy and delicious – in fact warmed up with ice-cream I think these would probably be incredible!

Morrisons gluten free white chocolate and lemon cookies

new morrisons gluten free products

Does anyone else think that white chocolate and lemon just sounds like the dream combination?

These gluten free cookies look so tasty and definitely will be one to sweep the shelves of the free from aisle for.

What gluten free finds have I missed?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out all the gluten free Christmas goodies in Morrisons too, as I’ve been updating this list with all my new finds.

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