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There’s nothing better than picking up a product in the ‘normal’ aisle of a supermarket and realising it’s accidentally gluten free.

When people are diagnosed with coeliac disease, one of the biggest tips I try to give is to shop outside of the free from aisle.

It can help save some money and there are always plenty of exciting new gluten free products to discover. 

Many supermarket ranges in the UK now include a lot of gluten free foods.

But these are not necessarily labelled ‘free from’.

It might be that they have a gluten free breadcrumb, or rice flour instead of wheat.

It may even be a product you don’t expect to be gluten free at all.

I posted a few of these last year but the supermarket ranges change so much, I’m now bringing you this new, updated version!

So here are 50+ products you didn’t know were gluten free in the supermarkets!

How many of these have you tried before? Were any a surprise to you?

Let me know in the comments if this has helped you discover something new – or if there is anything else I should add to the list!

*All products correct at the time of publishing (July 2020) but please do double check before you buy in case any recipes have changed!

Sainsbury’s Crispy Chilli Beef

sainsburys crispy chilli beef gluten free
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This one actually brought a squeal of delight when I found it – Sainsbury’s Crispy Chilli Beef can be found with the chilled Chinese food and is incredible – and naturally gluten free!

Asda Gnocchi

Asda gnocchi gluten free

This gnocchi is in the chilled aisle in Asda with the fresh pasta and is the only supermarket one I’ve found which is gluten free. It’s delicious and way cheaper than buying the free from stuff.

Sharwoods Chinese curry sauce

accidentally gluten free products 3

Normally I would avoid even looking at any Chinese food, which is why it was such a pleasant surprise that this Sharwoods Chinese Curry sauce is actually gluten free. It’s pretty tasty as well, we’ve had it a few times!

M&S Steamed Prawn Dim Sum

marks and spencers steamed prawn dim sum gluten free

Dim Sum is yet another product I normally wouldn’t even glance at. But the M&S prawn dim sum is gluten free! It’s absolutely delicious and I love cooking them up and dipping them in tamari. Yum!

M&S Chicken Pakoras

marks and spencer chicken pakoras gluten free

I am actually a little bit obsessed with these chicken pakoras from M&S since my friend Carrie introduced them to me! They’re crispy and delicious and perfect when M&S do a £10 meal deal as all their curries are gluten free as well. My favourite!

Aldi Whitebait

aldi whitebait gluten free
accidentally gluten free products UK 23

Did you know the frozen whitebait in Aldi is gluten free!? It comes in both plain and a lemon and pepper varieties, and has a gluten free coating. Not my personal cup of tea but I know a lot of people will be very excited to try this!

Aldi tempura chicken

aldi tempura chicken gluten free

And while you’re in Aldi, be sure to grab their tempura chicken as well, which is also gluten free as standard! It’s a favourite in our house for an easy dinner and is lovely for a quick and easy katsu option too.

Lidl Monster Claws

lidl monster claws gluten free

I do have a separate post on ‘crisp swaps’ in the making, but these Monster Claws from Lidl were probably one of my most exciting finds this year! They’re all gluten free and just like Monster Munch – so much nostalgia!

Aldi Tortilla Chips

gluten free finds july august 2019 3

If anyone is missing Doritos in their life, these tortilla chips from Aldi are a pretty good alternative. Okay, they don’t quite pack as good a punch, but the flavours are there and they’re super cheap too.

Sainsbury’s tortilla chips

accidentally gluten free foods uk 6
accidentally gluten free foods uk 6

These Sainsbury’s tortillas chips come in both cool original and tangy cheese, and are with the normal crisps but labelled gluten free! They’re by far the closest thing I’ve ever found to Dorito’s and I can’t get enough of them!

M&S Melting Cheesy Garlic Bites

marks and spencer melting cheesy garlic bites gluten free

If you love a mozzarella stick you’ll LOVE these M&S Melting Cheesy Garlic Bites! They’re absolutely insane and I have to resist buying them constantly. They’re gluten free as standard and found with the pizzas.

Birds Eye Potato Waffles

birds eye potato waffles gluten free

Okay some people may not be surprised by this, but I always expect to find hidden gluten in processed potato products. Luckily these potato waffles are gluten free, so lazy breakfasts are saved!

Birds Eye Sweet Potato Waffles

gluten free new finds 2019

As if potato waffles weren’t exciting enough, did you know that the Birds Eye sweet potato waffles are gluten free as well? These are new and I found them in Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s mozzarella sticks

accidentally gluten free products 3

I was super excited when I saw these Sainsbury’s mozzarella sticks have now been changed to a gluten free crumb. They’re my favourite beige food and now I can get them when I do my weekly shop, yay!

Asda mozzarella sticks

gluten free finds october 2019

These Asda mozzarella sticks are also gluten free – and they’re huge! I love that all these products are just being made gluten free as standard now.

M&S ‘Not-Zzarella’ Sticks

accidentally gluten free products UK 6

Vegan and gluten free? These ‘not-zzarella’ sticks from M&S are coated in a gluten free crumb and perfect if you’re gluten and dairy free, just note they’re a ‘may contain’ for milk and egg.

Morrisons No Moo-zarella Sticks

accidentally gluten free products UK 19

And in another fun play on words, these vegan ‘moo-zarella’ sticks from Morrisons are also coated in a gluten free crumb as well!

Morrisons vegetable suet

morrisons vegetable suet gluten free

Suet may not be the most exciting find in the world, but I have found this to be the only gluten free one on the shelves. Good news for anyone who wants to make my gluten free jam roly poly pudding recipe.

Asda Chinese Chicken Curry

Asda chinese chicken curry gluten free

Chinese fans will be pleased to know that the Asda Chinese Chicken Curry is gluten free. Be warned this is the one WITHOUT rice – the one with rice contains gluten. So always double check before buying!

Cadbury’s Oreo Hot Chocolate

cadbury's oreo hot chocolate gluten free

Not as exciting as gluten free Oreos, however, the Oreo Hot Chocolate from Cadbury’s doesn’t have any gluten in it – so it’s probably the closest you’re gonna get for now!

Like Meat Vegan Nuggets

new gluten free products september october 2019 13

I was very excited when I saw these new vegan nuggets in Tesco from Like Meat were coated in a gluten free crumb. It’s nice to see this as standard on all their products.

Like Meat Vegan Schnitzel

new gluten free products september october 2019 13

And likewise for the Like Meat Vegan Schnitzel. It feels a lot like you have to sometimes choose gluten free OR vegan, so it’s good to see both. Both from Tesco’s chilled vegan aisle. 

Leon brown sauce

gluten free christmas food asda 2019 2

This brown sauce is new in Sainsbury’s and is gluten free. I love the funky packaging but it’s also great news for everyone who loves brown sauce on their bacon sarnie!

Co-op fishcakes

accidentally gluten free products 3

Did you know all of the chilled fishcakes in Co-op are gluten free? These cod and parsley ones are an absolute bargain and are coated with a gluten free breadcrumb. 

Gu Zillionaires’ Cheesecake Ice-cream

new gluten free products november 2019 3

This new ice-cream from Gu is chocolate and salted caramel flavour and is gluten free. It sounds incredible, find it with the ‘normal’ ice-cream in Tesco.

M&S Swiss chocolate truffles

accidentally gluten free products UK 23

These M&S Swiss chocolate truffles are simply divine and are completely gluten free. I have to resist buying a box because I just keep scoffing them.

Sainbury’s crunchy taco shells

accidentally gluten free products UK 23

If you love Mexican food then good news, these crunchy taco shells from Sainsbury’s can be found with all the other Mexican cooking kits and they’re gluten free too.

Sharwoods pad Thai noodle kit

accidentally gluten free products uk 2020 1

I was not expecting this to be gluten free but was really pleasantly surprised when it was! This Sharwoods pad Thai noodle kit uses gluten free rice noodles and you can pick it up in Morrisons. Which is where I also found…

Blue Dragon pad Thai noodle kit

accidentally gluten free products uk 2020 2

…this Blue Dragon pad Thai noodle kit, which is also gluten free. I’ve tried this one before and liked it a lot. I think this is also available in Tesco and Sainsbury’s too.

M&S Plant Kitchen tempura onion bhajis

new gluten free products january 2020 13

These onion bhajis from M&S are vegan and gluten free – they sound lovely and they come with a mango dip which makes them 1,000 times better if you ask me. I’ve heard good feedback!

Amoy straight to wok rice noodles

accidentally gluten free products 2019

While a lot of rice noodles still (annoyingly) contain gluten, these Amoy straight to wok rice noodles are gluten free. I found them in Asda and they also have them in Sainsbury’s.

Asda Tasty Taco kit

accidentally gluten free finds 1

You could spend ages trying to figure out which Mexican products are gluten free, or you can just buy this Tasty Taco kit from Asda which is completely free from gluten, yay!

Patak’s plain pappadums

accidentally gluten free finds 1

Check these poppadoms out – they’re marked as gluten  free which is fab as a lot of poppadoms tend to have a ‘may contain’ warning. I found these in Sainsbury’s with the Indian foods.

Sainsbury’s buckwheat penne pasta

accidentally gluten free foods uk 4

You don’t just have to shop in the free from aisle for gluten free pasta! This buckwheat penne is nestled away with the gluten-containing goods in Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s red lentil penne pasta

accidentally gluten free foods uk 3

This red lentil penne in Sainsbury’s is also labelled as gluten free and found with the normal ‘muggle’ pastas in the store.

Napolina organic chickpea fusilli

accidentally gluten free foods uk 1

This chickpea fusilli from Napolina is another naturally gluten free pasta, which you can find with the normal pasta. This one I picked up in Sainsbury’s.

Street Kitchen Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls Kit

gluten free foods uk 2020 18

I was very excited when I found this kit in Asda! This Vietnamese rice paper rolls kit makes six rolls with a hoisin dipping sauce – and it’s all gluten free!

The Oumph Burger

accidentally gluten free foods uk

I’ve been looking for The Oumph Burger for ages as I love their other products – and was really pleased to see these were gluten free. Found in the Asda frozen vegetarian section.

Oxo stock pots

gluten free gravy gluten free stock cubes uk 23

Missing Oxo cubes? Did you know that Oxo also do stock pots now and they’re gluten free? Find them in with the ‘normal’ gravy and stock cubes – or check out my post on gluten free gravies for more ideas.

Asda Chips and Curry Sauce

asda chips and curry sauce gluten free

I haven’t seen these in my local Asda but they sound like a great freezer stash – gluten free chips and curry sauce, the dream!

Asda Turtle-y Tempting Ice-Cream

accidentally gluten free finds june 2021

Hats off the @The_positive_coeliac who discovered this Turtle-y Tempting ice-cream in Asda! With toffee sauce and caramel-filled chocolate turtles this sounds amazing and is gluten free!

McCain Crisp Dippers

Another fab spot on Instagram from @the_gluten_free_key here – these new McCain Crisp Dippers sound delicious and they clearly say ‘gluten free’ on the front too, yay! In Asda’s frozen aisle.

Asda’s peppercorn sauce

Another spot from @the_positive_coeliac here – a delicious peppercorn sauce in Asda which is free from gluten. I love spots like this, and this would be a fab steak accompaniment! 

Wicked Kitchen BBQ Fib Pack

Love this spot from @jademarieglutenfree in Tesco – some vegan gluten free ‘fibs’ which aren’t marked as gluten free, but have no gluten containing ingredients, yay!

Kerala Chinese Salt & Pepper Seasoning

kerala salt and pepper seasoning gluten free home bargains

I saw this in Home Bargains and it’s completely free from gluten- perfect for anyone missing their fix of salt and pepper chips. Or squid. Or anything!

Pepperami Snack Box

pepperami snack pot gluten free

Did you know that A) Pepperami is gluten free and B) they now have a snack box with gluten free cheese puffs!? You’re welcome!

I haven’t been able to get out and find this yet but how exciting is this gluten free Galaxy Crumble spread!? Thanks to @jessicaskitchen_gf for the discovery!

Leon GFC

I’ve always been a huge fan of the gluten free chicken nuggets in Leon – excitingly they’re now for sale in Sainsbury’s too! Thanks to @fittiefodmapldn for the spot, as I haven’t seen these in my store yet!

M&S Milk and Cookies Chocolate Spread

And speaking of @fittiefodmapldn’s amazing finds, here’s another one – low and behold the M&S Cookies and Cream chocolate spread is actually gluten free!!

KitKat Easter Bunnies

gluten free kitkat bunnies

I know this is a seasonal product, but it was very exciting this year to find the KitKat Easter Bunnies were actually free from gluten! Now here’s hoping for a gluten free KitKat someday…

Any gluten free products I have missed?

This list of accidentally gluten free goodies is by no means exclusive, so if you have spotted something exciting that happens to be gluten free then let me know!

Just another reminder that all products were gluten free at the time of publishing but please do double check before you buy in case any recipes have changed!

I’d highly recommend downloading the Coeliac UK scanner app which you can use to scan barcodes of products – helpful in case any recipes do change!

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  1. What a great list – thank you, Sarah.

    Certainly plenty to keep a look out for …………………………. when are the food manufacturers going to realise how simple it is to make MOST stuff Gluten Free – just make everything that’s ‘breadcrumbed’ with a ‘Gluten Free Crumb’.

    I’m going to HAVE ‘make a detour’ to my nearest Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and M&S for some of them.

    I’m still very much in the ‘awkward category’ when it comes to Fish Products. I ADORE ‘Cod in Batter’ which I used to be able to get in Tescos when I was first diagnosed with Coeliac (in 2017) – at a push, ‘Cod in Breadcrumbs’ will suffice especially the Tesco one in the chilled aisle.

    However this DOES mean that, whenever I’m out for the day, I’ll search literally everywhere for a place that does GF Cod ‘n’ Chips :-)!

  2. Thank you for the list of gluten free products. Definitely, food for thought. I would like to add an item that my son found for me. It is asda extra special gluten free chicken and chorizo pie; available in t he frozen section. Very nice and different from anything I have tried before.

  3. Just a quick note watch those Amoy rice noodles as they aren’t totally gluten free they contain barley amylase which it claims is gluten free however a few others who have had it from Asda have also commented in the comment section that they have reacted to the barley amylase, so depending on your sensitivity just be aware if trying them, I have to avoid them as I react always and am ill, everything else was safe and no cross contamination so the only thing I had had the twice I had them was the rice noodles, second time was cautious to confirm what I reacted to!. Great list, it’s good to find something normal that’s tasty and safe!

  4. Hi, I do appreciate this, however I’ve never seen an Aldi’s. Is that in the US? I’ve also never seen sainsbury or MS foods, I’ve never seen any of these foods in my supermarkets. I shop at Save Mart, target, we have Raley’s. I live in California.

  5. Aldi is in Europe and UK but I’m unsure about the US. That’s a shame, as they are very reasonable prices.

    I’ve just googled and found this about Aldi in the US –

    Aldi has more than 1,800 stores in 35 states and is focused on growing in the Midwest, the Mid-Atlantic, Florida and California. It’s on track to become America’s third largest supermarket chain behind Walmart and Kroger, with 2,500 stores by the end of 2022. … Aldi has even encroached on Walmart’s turf— literally.17 May 2019