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Wow, what another bumper week for gluten free products, am I right!? It seems like a whole flood of gluten free treats are appearing in the supermarkets ahead of Christmas. I used to do these round-up posts every month, but honestly so many new things keep emerging I’m dropping them weekly at the moment. I’d love to know if you enjoy these posts – I certainly love seeking out all the new treats!

So here are 20 new gluten free products in the supermarkets this week, from bake-at-home croissants to pies, cupcake kits, gluten free ‘Pringles’ and more!

Gluten free bake-at-home cheese straws

gluten free cheese straws morrisons

It’s always exciting to see something innovative and these brand new gluten free bake-at-home cheese straws from Morrisons are just that. They do taste lovely, though I’d definitely recommend you buy my Gluten Free Christmas ebook and make those instead, haha!

Gluten free bake-at-home croissants

new gluten free products uk november 2019 13

These gluten free bake-at-home croissants from Morrisons just look divine! They’re a good size and the pastry looks perfectly flakey. Morrisons have also bought out some chocolate chip swirls which I haven’t seen yet, as well as hosting the new Schar bake-at-home frozen croissants which are delicious!

Gluten free Bisto chicken gravy

new gluten free products uk november 2019 19

I’ve heard people talking about this gluten free Bisto chicken gravy before but have only just found it myself! I spotted this in my local Morrisons store and think this could become a staple in our house – I’ll be stocking up for the winter as I love a roast!

Paxo gluten free white breadcrumbs

new gluten free products uk november 2019 18

I also spotted these Paxo gluten free white breadcrumbs in the Morrisons free from aisle. Paxo’s gluten free stuffing is pretty impressive so I think these would be a great store-cupboard addition.

Morrisons gluten and dairy free vanilla cupcake mix

new gluten free products uk november 2019 17

If you’re new to baking gluten free, this gluten free and dairy free cupcake kit from Morrisons could come in handy! It’s a lovely little kit including cupcake cases, frosting mix and sprinkles!

Gluten free Pieminister MistleMoo pie

gluten free christmas morrisons 2019 6

I am SO excited to try this Christmas-special pie from Pieminister! I found this in Morrisons and cannot wait to try it, stuffed with steak, bacon and port. Their gluten free pastry is to die for.

Gluten free Curvies by Schar

new gluten free products uk november 2019 11

new gluten free products uk november 2019 11

Pringles fans, unite! These gluten free Curvies from Schar are delicious and just like the real deal! If you’re missing gluten-tastic Pringles then you absolutely should try these – I got them from Asda.

Gluten free Schar bagels

new gluten free products uk november 2019 1

I tried these gluten free bagels from Schar last week and oh my word, they are SO good. Chewy, delicious and so good toasted. They even come pre-sliced so if you’re clumsy like me, you can’t go wrong! These are available now in Morrisons.

Kirsty’s luxury chocolate torte

new gluten free products uk november 2019 7

This gluten and lactose free chocolate torte from Kirsty’s is in the frozen free from aisle and looks like a lovely dessert option. If the gluten free apple pie is anything to go by then this will be delicious, for sure!

Deliciously Ella gluten free & vegan ready meals

new gluten free products uk november 2019 9

new gluten free products uk november 2019 9

new gluten free products uk november 2019 9

These new gluten free and vegan ready meals from Deliciously Ella are new in the Tesco frozen free from aisle. It’s nice to see some new options – I particularly like the sound of the Yellow Thai Curry and the Spiced Spinach and Potato Cakes. Will be adding these to my shopping list to try.

Gluten free enchilada kit

new gluten free products uk november 2019 14

Old El Paso do my favourite gluten free wraps in terms of texture, so I am looking forward to trying their new gluten free enchilada kit. I found this in Morrisons and it included a creamy topping and cooking sauce as well as eight gluten free wraps.

Morrisons gluten free ready meals

new gluten free products uk november 2019 15

new gluten free products uk november 2019 15

As someone who is often home late and short on time, I am always keen to try a new gluten free ready meal! Gluten free lasagne is always a classic, but the new chicken and bacon pasta bake also sounds dreamy. I’m looking forward to trying these, found in the Morrisons chilled free from aisle.

Gluten free tagliatelle

new gluten free products uk november 2019 15

Tagliatelle is my favourite pasta so I’m excited that Sainsbury’s now have a new gluten free tagliatelle in its free from aisle. The more pasta choice for me the better, so I’m looking forward to trying this one out. 

Gluten free Marigold gravy

new gluten free products uk november 2019 4

I’m not sure if this gluten free gravy is new or not but I’ve never seen it in my Tesco store before. I found this in the free from aisle and a bit like pasta, the more gluten free gravy options, the better!

What else have I missed?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below! And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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  1. Since becoming ill and then surgery (June 2023) to remove a tumour in the small bowel, I appear to be intolerant to everything – milk and anything with just a trace of milk, so all butters etc. I have found some of the milk alternatives especially Oat milk really good and also found dairy free cream and custard really good. I also appear intolerant to wheat as bread also upsets my stomach – or is it the rye or the other ingredients. I have tried loads of different free from breads but not very impressed and they are so expensive. Fruit and vegetables also cause stomach problems and it is no exaggeration to say I spend most of the day in the loo and socialising or shopping is virtually impossible due to this . Elimination diet seems impossible as some foods have soy and I don’t know if I am intolerant to that. GP states nearest intolerance test centre is 50 miles away away in Newcastle but that she cannot refer me. I am desperate. I have tried and thrown away so many foods from M&S, Tesco, Sainsburys etc and wish there was a store devoted to lactose/dairy/gluten and oither triggers. Please can you suggest foods/shops where a lot of intolerances are catered for or people who cook/bake and offer their foods by mail order. Thanks Jean