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It’s about time I did another round-up of new gluten free products, and there seem to be quite a few still emerging. You’ll be pleased to know many of these are non-Christmas-related too! From snack-sized bars to vegan cheesecakes, here are 13 new items I’ve discovered this week…

New snack-sized bars from Sainsbury’s 

new gluten free products november 2019 1

new gluten free products november 2019 2

Check out these new gluten free snack bars from Sainsbury’s which I found with the sandwiches and other grab-and-go lunch products. It’s nice to see some one-portion options for when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to buy a whole multipack from the free from aisle.

Gluten free and vegan salted caramel truffles

new gluten free products november 2019 3

These new Plant Kitchen salted caramel truffles from M&S look lovely and they’re gluten free and vegan. They’d make an excellent Christmas present or just a treat to scoff to yourself!

Mini gluten free cupcakes from Sainsbury’s

gluten free christmas food asda 2019 7

It seems Sainsbury’s have followed in the footsteps of other supermarkets and are now doing these cute little gluten free cupcakes. They’d be a fab addition to a party platter and they look lovely.

Gu-Zillionaire’s Cheesecake ice-cream

new gluten free products november 2019 3

This new zillionaire’s cheesecake ice-cream looks awesome and is gluten free! I haven’t tried it yet but think I need to soon – I found this in Tesco in the frozen aisle.

Schar gluten free tiramisu

new gluten free products november 2019 2

Another new frozen product out the last week or two are these Schar gluten free tiramisu. They come in a two-pack and are available in Asda in the frozen free from aisle. Look lovely but a bit pricey at around £5.

Melt in the middle chocolate puddings

new gluten free products november 2019 1

Now THIS is a gluten free product I can get excited about! These gluten free melt in the middle chocolate puddings from Asda sound absolutely heavenly. Another product in the frozen free from aisle.

Holland & Barrett gluten free sandwich

gluten free sandwich holland and barrett

I think this gluten free sandwich has been in Holland and Barrett for a little while, but I finally got my hands on it this week. It’s gluten free and has a harissa and houmous filling, which sounds delicious!

Gluten free brown sauce from Leon

gluten free christmas food asda 2019 2

Hurrah! This brand new brown sauce from Leon is gluten free and apparently delicious! It’s part of the whole new Leon range which has launched in Sainsbury’s – this cost £2.90 for the bottle.

Amy’s Kitchen Indian Mattar Paneer

new gluten free products november 2019 4

I love Amy’s Kitchen for gluten free ready meals and this new mattar paneer looks lovely. I love paneer curry so I’m looking forward to trying this as a gluten free veggie option. Found in Asda free from aisle.

Grassroots gluten free bread mix

gluten free christmas products 2019 7

I recently did an advert with Grassroots Bakery on my Instagram and Facebook but was SO genuinely impressed with the mixes I wanted to include them in this round-up. You can buy their products on their website and the freshly baked bread just looks, tastes and smells incredible.

M&S gluten free pork pie

gluten free pork pie m&s

I was so pleased to see the gluten free pork pie is back in M&S! I think this vanished for a couple of years but it’s now back on the shelves and I’m hearing good reviews. Let’s hope the scotch egg comes back soon.

Gluten free & vegan cheesecake

gluten free vegan cheesecake

This was brand new in Tesco – a gluten free and vegan mango cheesecake. It’s nice to see some different gluten and dairy free options, so hopefully this will be a good choice for multiple dietary requirements.

Sainsbury’s gluten free Christmas wrap

gluten free christmas products 2019 6

Christmas sandwich season is upon us, but it was fab to see a gluten free Christmas wrap from Sainsbury’s! It’s nice to have the choice and also to not have to eat a plain cheese sandwich every time I go there.

What else have I missed?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below! And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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