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 If you’re looking for the best gluten free pancake recipes out there, then look no further!

Pancake Day when you’re gluten free doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect at all.

In fact, making gluten free pancakes is super easy, whether your fancy gluten free crêpes or fluffy gluten free buttermilk pancakes.

To make life easy, I’ve decided to group together all gluten free pancake recipes you could possibly need for Shrove Tuesday – or any day of the year!


All the gluten free pancakes!

Choose from gluten free crêpes drenched in lemon and sugar, or fluffy gluten free buttermilk pancakes in a stack, drowning in maple syrup.

I’ve got Mini Egg pancakes too for the chocolate-lovers, or why not try my gluten free gin and tonic pancakes which are dairy free too?

Or there’s gluten free galettes – a simple pancake made with buckwheat.

If you’re after something a little healthier, I used to be OBSESSED with protein pancakes and I have a tasty recipe buried in the archives to share with you all.

And finally, if you can’t be bothered with all the flipping and washing up, then my gluten free sheet pancakes could be the one for you.

Take a look through all of the gluten free pancake recipes below and let me know in the comments which ones are your favourites for Pancake Day.

Gluten free crêpes

Let’s start with an absolute classic – my easy gluten free crêpes recipe.

These golden gluten free pancakes are, to me, what Pancake Day is all about.

Made with super basic ingredients, they’re the kind of gluten free pancake made for flipping.

Whip up the easy batter, spread it out thin in a frying pan and see who can flip the best pancake.

Will you be a flippin’ champion or will you end up picking batter from the floor/ceiling/furniture?

Either way, you’re guaranteed a good time and these gluten free crêpes go with any sweet or savoury filling.

Get my Gluten Free Crêpes recipe here.

Gluten free buttermilk pancakes

If gluten free American pancakes is more your bag then you’ll love these!

Made with buttermilk, these gluten free pancakes are smaller in size but made for stacking high.

They are super fluffy and delicious and I like to see how many I can fit on my plate in one go.

My preferred topping is crispy bacon and maple syrup, but these also go classically with blueberries.

Give my gluten free American pancakes recipe a go here.

Gluten Free Mini Egg Pancakes


Oh, just look for FUN these gluten free Mini Egg pancakes are!

The gluten free pancakes themselves are an American-style which are fluffy and perfect for stacking.

Add to that the fact they contain crushed Mini Eggs and honestly, it couldn’t get any better.

Perfect for chocolate lovers – load them up with extra Mini Eggs and melted chocolate too.

Get my gluten free Mini Eggs pancake recipe here.

Gluten free gin and tonic pancakes

gluten free gin and tonic pancakes recipe 33 edit

I honestly thought this was madness but trust me, gin and tonic pancakes are a thing.

You simply replace the traditional milk with a can of G&T et voila, dairy free, boozy pancakes.

They also have a lovely gin and tonic sauce which is absolutely amazing – filled with citrus flavours too.

It’s certainly a pancake stack for grown ups but one you won’t regret trying!

Get my gluten free gin and tonic pancakes recipe here.

Buckwheat galettes recipe

Gluten free buckwheat pancakes recipe -

If you have buckwheat in the cupboard then these gluten free galettes (buckwheat pancakes) could be worth trying.

They’re very similar to crepes but have a more distinct flavour due to the buckwheat flour.

I personally love them with savoury filings but they work well with sweet too.

Get my gluten free buckwheat pancakes recipe here.

Gluten free sheet pancakes

gluten free sheet pancake recipe

If you really can’t be bothered with the whole flipping fiasco, then my gluten free sheet pancakes have you covered.

They’re exactly the same taste as normal buttermilk pancakes except these are then baked in the oven.

Simply fill them with fruit or chocolate, bake them up and slice-and-stack.

You can still have all your favourite toppings but if your pancakes always end up on the floor when flipping, this could be the one for you.

Get my gluten free sheet pancakes recipe here.

Savoury baked gluten free pancakes

gluten free baked pancakes recipe cheese and ham

For our Pancake Day, I love making baked gluten free pancakes recipe here as the main dish.

Make your crêpe-style pancakes, fill them up, roll them and bake them for a super quick dish.

Filled with ham, cheese and spinach, these make an excellent dinner with room left for dessert.

Plus you can make extra batter to have sweet pancakes for afters.

Get my baked gluten free pancakes recipe here.

Gluten free protein pancakes

nutribrex five ways gluten free breakfasts 62_FINAL

These gluten free protein pancakes recipe here are a simple recipe made with whey protein, eggs and bananas.

You can easily replace the granola in the recipe for gluten free oats and flavoured whey protein works just as well.

These produce a fluffy and delicious pancake, perfect for stacking and topping with your favourite treats.

Get my gluten free protein pancakes recipe here.

Need some more gluten free pancake recipes?

These are my absolute favourites from the blog, but there are a few more in the archives too.

Choose from all of the gluten free pancake recipes above, as well as a few extras.

Why not check out my dessert-special, caramelised banana pancakes, or even my other protein pancakes recipe?

The choice really is yours – or why not just make them all!?

The Best Gluten Free Pancake Recipes

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