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Okay, we might already be nearly a whole month into 2021 (HOW!?) but I am sharing my latest new gluten free finds so far this year!

It’s been a bit of a dreary start to the year with the latest lockdown but I still can’t help getting excited over new gluten free products.

I can’t wander into the supermarket every day through boredom like I used to but I can browse the online sites awaiting new goodies.

Once I’ve found a good stash and it’s time for the weekly food shop, I can go see out all the exciting new gluten free treats on the shelves.

As it’s January there’s a bunch of gluten free Easter goodies already, as well as some fun new finds elsewhere.

My trips have been limited to Tesco and Sainsbury’s at the moment as they’re closest to me, but I hope you find some new gluten free treats to find.

If you ever spot anything I haven’t shared, please comment below and let me know tag me on my Instagram page!

Tesco gluten free ice-cream cones

gluten free ice cream cones tesco

I can’t believe it has taken this long for a supermarket to release gluten free ice-cream cones!

It seems Tesco has finally caught up and our summers are saved thanks to these new gluten free and vegan ice-cream cones.

I’ve picked up a box to try but it’s just too cold to get scooping – so they’re sat in my cupboard ready for some sunshine.

However, they’d be perfect for pairing with….

Tesco free from vanilla and salted caramel iced dessert

tesco gluten free ice-cream

I’m not dairy free but it’s definitely nice to see a bigger selection of gluten and dairy free ice-cream flavours.

This vegan salted caramel ice-cream looks loaded with tasty sauce and would be perfect for topping those new cones.

I haven’t tried this yet but it was new in my store so assuming it’s not been around long.

Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream Egg

hersheys cookies and cream easter egg gluten free

I never expected to even check if this new Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream egg was gluten free but it turns out it is!

It’s got a cookies and cream filling which is free of gluten – perfect I guess for Oreo fans out there.

Nice to see more variety but I’m definitely sticking to the Reese’s Eggs!

Vegan Topic and Vegan Bounty Bars

vegan topic vegan bounty gluten free

I was kindly gifted these new Vegan Topic and Vegan Bounty bars and oh my word, I am hooked!

I am normally not a fan of dairy free chocolate but this tastes just like Galaxy, but loaded with all sorts of treats.

The idea of these chocolate bars being put into a big slab-bar format really works too – I think you can pick them up in Morrisons.

Mini Eggs chocolate bar

mini egg chocolate bar gluten free

Wait, what’s this, a MINI EGGS CHOCOLATE BAR!? With no gluten-containing ingredients and no ‘may contain’ warnings?

I have to say I’ve seen a lot of love for this on social media and it’s not hard to imagine why.

I spotted this in Tesco and resisted buying this time, but I don’t think that sort of willpower will last for long.

Terry’s white chocolate orange mini eggs

terrys white chocolate orange mini eggs

Last Easter the Terry’s chocolate orange mini eggs caused a right stir, and now Terry’s have only gone and done it again.

These white chocolate orange mini eggs are also gluten free with no ‘may contain’ warnings.

This is the first time I’ve spotted them on the shelves – they’re so popular there’s normally just an empty space.

White Rabbit Garlicky Focaccine

white rabbit foccaine

It looks like White Rabbit – who make excellent gluten free pizzas – have rebranded and launched some cool new goodies.

These Garlicky Focaccine are basically mini focaccia breads and a great side dish.

I picked these up in Sainsbury’s to try and was really impressed, they have a lovely texture and taste amazing.

Tesco gingerbread Easter kit

tesco easter egg kit

If you are a stressed parent looking for activities to keep the kids busy, look no further!

This cute gingerbread decorating kit is like Christmas-in-disguise, perfect for some afternoon activities.

These are gluten free and vegan and comes with a very funky collection of sprinkles for decorating. 

And when you’re done with decorating those, you can try…

Tesco free from Easter adventure hunt

tesco easter egg hunt kit dairy free

An Easter bunny and chick adventure hunt which is gluten free and vegan?

It’s the perfect activity for an Easter-themed day out… in the garden.

Or the lounge, y’know, if it’s raining. Found it in the free from aisle in Tesco.

Sainsbury’s gluten free and vegan cheese tortilla chips

sainsburys new nachos gluten free vegan

Finally, Sainsbury’s is upping its game in the free from crisp stakes.

I haven’t tried these yet (top secret, if you’re just gluten free and can have dairy, their own-brand cheese tortilla chips are gluten free).

But if you’re dairy free as well, it’s certainly great to have a few more options to choose from.

Feed Me Vegan desserts

feed me vegan dessert

feed me vegan dessert

I’m not sure if these are new, but I’ve definitely not seen these two Feed Me Vegan desserts in my local Tesco until now.

They now have these Tiramisu and Key Lime Pie desserts in the frozen aisle with the other vegan food.

They’re both marked gluten free – I’m definitely going to be testing out the Key Lime Pie ones as they sound good.

Tesco free from chocolate sundae

tesco dairy free sundae

New in the chilled free from aisle at Tesco were these chocolate sundae puddings.

They come individually-packed which is perfect if you’re the only gluten or dairy free person in the house.

A good addition to the line-up but again one I am still yet to try.

What gluten free finds have I missed?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check out all the gluten free Christmas goodies in Morrisons too, as I’ve been updating this list with all my new finds.

And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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