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Gluten free party food – usually a nightmare for coeliacs, and you could always forget about anything beige, because it was probably rampant with gluten. BUT my friends, gone are those days! Because beige is BACK when it comes to gluten free party food!

Supermarkets are coating things left, right and centre in gluten free breadcrumbs, putting those beautiful golden beauties right back on the table. Literally.

As Christmas fast approaches, I set myself the job of taste testing all the gluten free party food on the shelves to find you the best in breadcrumbs for 2019. And just for fun, I’ve updated this original list from 2017 and added a few non-breaded, but still beautifully beige, additions too!

Here’s my pick of my favourite gluten free party foods this Christmas…

Tesco mozzarella sticks

gluten free christmas food tesco 7

Stringy mozzarella with a tomato centre, coated in a gluten free breadcrumb. What’s not to love? They’re basically a gluten free, inside-out pizza. Goals.

Co-op gluten free spring rolls

gluten free christmas food coop

These Co-op gluten free spring rolls were a firm favourite of mine last year and they’re just as magical this year. Awesome served with a gluten free soy sauce or sweet chilli dip. They’re in the frozen party food aisle.

Marks and Spencer mini chicken and garlic kievs

gluten free marks and spencers christmas food

Who doesn’t love a chicken kiev? These mini versions are so tasty and you’ll keep coming back for more.

Mini Thai salmon fishcakes

sainsburys gluten free christmas party food

These are a really different idea for Christmas party food and sound amazing – these mini Thai salmon fishcakes are gluten free too!

Morrisons gluten free breaded garlic mushrooms

gluten free christmas food morrisons 4

These were delicious last year and are a great gluten free and vegetarian party food option. Would be amazing with a hot garlic butter dip!

Tesco chicken tikka masala bites

gluten free party food 2017 uk 8

Spicy chicken with a gluten free crumb coating makes these the perfect finger food.

Sainsbury’s cheddar jalapeño sticks

gluten free sainsburys christmas 5

It’s nice to see a bit more gluten free party food from Sainsbury’s this year – these jalapeño cheddar sticks in gluten free breadcrumbs sound delightful.

Morrisons mushroom aracini

gluten free christmas food morrisons 4

These gluten free arancini from Morrisons look amazing and are filled with a mushroom and cheesy risotto filling – delicious!

Tesco ham and cheese croquettes

gluten free christmas food tesco 7

These Tesco gluten free ham and cheese croquettes look so yummy. Kind of like a mozzarella stick but better! I’ll definitely be stocking up – found in the chilled aisle.

Marks and Spencer mini toad in the hole

gluten free marks and spencers christmas food

How cute is this idea!? Mini gluten free toad in the hole, these are bound to go down a treat at any Christmas party. With the chilled party food.

Co-op tempura prawns

gluten free christmas food coop

These were a favourite last year and still taste as good this year. I love these gluten free tempura prawns from Co-op, another treat from their frozen party food selection.

Loaded BBQ jackfruit rostis

sainsburys gluten free christmas party food 2

It’s brilliant to see some gluten free and vegan party food – most seems to be cheese or meat based! These BBQ jackfruit loaded rostis sound super interesting.

Co-op gluten free Asian style sharing selection

gluten free christmas food coop

Yummy! These would compliment the spring rolls really well – these gluten free filo pastry treats from the Co-op frozen party food are a welcome addition this year.

Morrisons mozzarella pesto balls

gluten free christmas food morrisons 4

I love a gluten free mozzarella stick but these mozzarella pesto balls take it to a whole new level! With the chilled party food in Morrisons.

Co-op gluten free chicken goujons

gluten free christmas food coop

Ok, I know I’ve gone a bit Co-op crazy, but their party food range is SO good and all gluten free. These are absolutely worth devouring if you can!


gluten free christmas food morrisons 4

gluten free sainsburys christmas

gluten free christmas food coop

There are so many good gluten free options for mozzarella sticks this year – Co-op, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s all have a gluten free version in their ranges!

What are your gluten free party food favourites?

So there you have it, my 10 favourite gluten free breaded party foods!

If you’ve got any tips and tricks for surviving Christmas on a gluten free diet, I’d love to hear them! Whether it’s your favourite festive recipe or a tip for avoiding cross-contamination, post your tips in the comments below, or get in touch on my Facebook  Twitter and Instagram pages!

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  1. There was such a great choice this year! So good to see we are finally on the map! x