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I love hosting round-ups of all the gluten free Christmas products that are in the supermarkets each Christmas, and the latest instalment is from Aldi.

Aldi is a bit of a difficult one as they change their product ranges so often.

And it seems that this year (2023) they aren’t offering any of the gluten free mince pies or gluten free Christmas puddings they used to.

However, I found quite a bit of ‘accidentally’ gluten free Christmas food in Aldi this week so thought it was enough to warrant sharing with you guys!

Bear in mind I do have quite a small Aldi store so there are probably some bits I haven’t been able to find. Let me know in the comments if you spot any!

I’m hoping I’ll be able to add to this as more food gets released in the run up to Christmas.

I updated this post in December 2023 – as always, please make sure you double check the ingredients before buying as sometimes stores can vary or things change.

But either way, I really hope this is helpful – here are some of the gluten free Christmas foods I found in Aldi this week…

Aldi British Stuffed Turkey Joint

gluten free aldi christmas food december 2023
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Not all of Aldi’s stuffed joints are gluten free but this one is clearly labelled that way.

It’s pretty good value (I think it was around £11-12) and looks tasty.

A nice easy idea for a main course – quite tempted to pick one up myself!

Aldi Stuffing Bombs

gluten free aldi christmas food december 2023
gluten free aldi christmas food december 2023

Well HELLO stuffing bombs with an ‘oozing’ cheesy centre.

How good do these sound!? The cranberry sauce centre one sounds lovely too but I am all about the cheese.

Not sure if I’d serve this as a side or just sit and scoff the lot! Luckily they are both labelled gluten free so I don’t even have to choose.

Aldi Pigs in Blankets and Stuffing Garnish Pack

gluten free aldi christmas food december 2023

I love anything that makes life easy and the thought of getting the pigs in blankets and stuffing together in one pack makes me very happy.

These are clearly labelled gluten free too so they’re safe for all your coeliac guests.

Brie and Cranberry Candy Cane Sausages

gluten free aldi christmas food december 2023

Ok, move aside pigs in blankets, these might just be my new addition to the Christmas Dinner table!

How great do these sound for a party too? Brie and cranberry seems to be big news this season and these sound absolutely delicious.

Aldi Nut Roast with Camembert Centre

gluten free aldi christmas food december 2023

I actually bought these frozen nut roasts last year and I’m pleased to see despite the new packaging they are still gluten free.

I found these super tasty and think they’d make a great vegetarian main or even serve as a tasty side dish.

Aldi melting centre vegan nut roast

gluten free aldi christmas food december 2023

And good news if you are gluten free and vegan because there is now a vegan version of these nut roasts in the frozen aisle too!

These have a vegan ‘cheese’ and cranberry sauce centre and sound delicious. Might have to get some to try!

Aldi Choc Um’s

gluten free christmas food aldi december 2020
gluten free christmas food aldi december 2020

These Choc Um’s are a regular at Aldi and like a gluten free alternative to M&Ms or Smarties.

They’re great for baking and while they’re not specifically festive, I thought they’d be a great gluten free gift idea.

Have you found anything else?

I know there will be lots more Christmas treats popping up so I’ll make sure I keep this updated as I find them.

What are you most excited to try this Christmas?

Will you be waiting to try any festive treats or are you stocking up already?

Comment below and let me know or share them on my  FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages.

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  1. Maybe your Aldi perhaps, my local Aldi cannot be bothered to even stock Gluten-free mince pies. Previously they have had GF mince pies, Christmas puddings and iced bars but this year a big fat Zero. Similarly other stores (Tescos, Waitrose etc) no GF food. Told to go to bigger stores in big cities. Apparently this is no GF need in towns.