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Another week, another load of new gluten free finds! It’s been a bit of a busy one (again) for new gluten free products this month. Including – dare I say it – some Christmas food too! I have no shame in sharing Christmas food in September, so hopefully you’ll be as excited as me!

Once again I’ve been trawling the supermarkets to bring you my latest round of new gluten free finds. There are so many new gluten free goodies out there and some which are really innovative too! So from Christmas food to stroopwafels and a whole new range from Iceland, here are the new gluten free foods I’m excited about at the moment! 

Gluten free stroopwafels

gluten free stroopwafels

Definitely the most exciting new product discovery so far has been these gluten free stroopwafels from Consenza which are slowly making their way into free from aisles in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. They come in quite a small pack so might be easy to miss but they are SO worth it!

New gluten free range from Iceland

gluten free iceland range

There’s a whole new gluten free range that’s launched in Iceland recently and it looks pretty good! There is loads in the range, including lots of variations of breaded chicken, veggie burgers, lasagne and garlic bread. Worth stocking up if you’re passing.

No Moo Strawberry Cones

gluten free iceland range2

Another Iceland special – I found these with the vegan products this time. They’re also gluten free and look pretty tasty. I might try these No Moo Strawberry Cones if the weather carries on like this, before it gets too cold to hold an ice-cream!

Deliciously Ella Cups

gluten free new products september 2019 5

I love the Deliciously Ella range and these cups are just amazing. They’re gluten free and vegan – I picked them up from Planet Organic when I was in London but I’ve recently seen them appear in my Sainsbury’s too. I think I might be a bit in love with them!

gluten free new products september 2019 5

That’s right, another Christmas product (while I’m still in flip flops!) is this 100% butter cookie and shortbread selection from Sainsbury’s. I like the new branding on their packaging and this multipack looks like it would be a fab gift for someone who is gluten free.

Haribo Balla Stixx

gluten free new products september 2019 4

There was a lot of excitement when Haribo launched its new Balla Stixx and I can see why! Available in CoOp, they are the first liquorice-style sweet I’ve been able to eat since being gluten free. It brought back all sorts of childhood nostalgia and I loved every single bite!

Quorn vegetarian gammon steaks

gluten free new products september 2019 1

I came across these vegetarian gammon steaks in the frozen free from aisle in Morrisons and honestly, my mind is blown! They’re gluten free and I don’t know what I was expecting but I loved them! Not the prettiest thing to look at but they tasted great – worth trying for sure.

Asda free from chicken gravy

gluten free new products september 2019 8

I’m not sure this is a new product, but I’ve never seen this Asda free from chicken gravy before in my store. There are loads of great options when it comes to gluten free gravy now, so the more choice we have, the better! 

Tesco brown sauce

gluten free new products september 2019 7

While we’re on the subject of condiments, I found this brown sauce in Tesco – it’s super cheap (less than £1) and has no gluten in the ingredients. I love nothing better than an accidentally gluten free product so this will be a real money saver!

RX Bars

gluten free new products september 2019

I found these RX Bars in my spare room (possibly gifted back along!?) and really enjoyed them! I love their simple packaging and ingredients and the flavours are really good – this blueberry one was yummy.

Morrison’s gluten free pizza base

gluten free new products september morrisons pizza base

I finally got to Morrison’s this week to try the new stone-baked gluten free pizza bases. We had them for dinner last night and Steve was so impressed, he couldn’t believe they were gluten free! I bought the bases plain as I don’t trust the cross contamination issues to get them made fresh in store – crumbs everywhere!

What else have I missed?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below! And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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  1. Sine great finds there mate as every, where are the waffles in Sainsburys, I guess you mean the one in Barnstaple?