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It’s been a little while since my last round-up of gluten free discoveries, so I thought it was about time I had a look at some of the new free from products out there! And there’s been a few, from gluten free puddings to some pretty awesome-looking Easter eggs! Here are my top new gluten free finds so far this month…

Gluten free & vegan GU cheesecakes

gluten free finds april 2019 uk 3

Well I simply had to start this blog post off with these! I think these gluten free and vegan GU cheesecakes are the free from dessert we’ve all been waiting for – and I can’t wait to try them!

M&S Prosecco Easter egg

gluten free finds april 2019 uk 8

That’s right ladies and gents, this prosecco Easter egg from M&S is real – and it’s gluten free! Grab yours for £5 before I go and buy them all.

New gluten free cakes from Costa

gluten free finds april 2019 uk 1

Finally, a few more options at Costa other than a brownie or bakewells! Sadly, there’s still no savoury wrap or sandwich, but the vegan flapjack and the gluten free raspberry and coconut bar are lovely!

Gluten free cherry and almond frangipane

gluten free finds april 2019 uk 2

So my Morrisons decided to move its free from aisles into one giant one, and this was something new I’d never seen before! Not sure if this has been out for a while but it was in the frozen aisle and sounds delicious!

gluten free finds april 2019 uk 6

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Literally got way too excited when I spotted this at the Natural and Organic Food Show in London. This gluten free ice-cream cookie sandwich by Grom can be found in their London stores. Lucky people!

Gluten free Easter cupcakes

gluten free finds april 2019 uk 12

Just how adorable are these gluten free Easter cupcakes from Tesco? Little lemon and carrot cupcakes with cute Easter designs – perfect if you can’t be bothered to make your own!

Brown rice pasta from Tesco

gluten free finds april 2019 uk 12

Find this one lurking with the ‘normal’ pasta products. I’ve seen a few varieties like this before but this one says it’s new. They’re pretty good if you want a small, cheap pack at under £1 each I think.

Gluten free ham and mustard sandwich

gluten free finds april 2019 uk 10

This is another one of those ‘probably not new but it’s new to me’ discoveries from Caffe Nero. I really enjoyed the simple flavours and the bread was pretty nice too.

Gluten free nachos kit

gluten free finds april 2019 uk 10

This was another product in the ‘normal’ aisles. I know Old El Paso has some gluten free products but it was nice to see the clear labelling on this nacho kit as well.

Gluten free pizza at Pig and Olive

gluten free pizza at pig and olive

I was lucky enough to go to the brand new Pig on the Beach restaurant in Westward Ho! last week, and try the Pig and Olive gluten free pizzas. They’re probably one of the best gluten free pizzas I’ve found, so if you’re lucky enough to visit North Devon, you have to try them too!

What else have I missed?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below! And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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