The 11 emotional stages of a gluten free diet (as illustrated by the cast of Friends)

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Sometimes, when all seems dark with your coeliac disease diagnosis, it’s important to look on the bright side. And as we all love a GIF or two, and it’s prime time for the January blues, I’m bringing some coeliac humour back this week.  Starting a gluten free diet can be a rollercoaster of emotion, so I’m enlisting the help of the cast of Friends to illustrate exactly what it feels like!

From the shock of finding out you need to go gluten free, to the elation of discovering new items in the free from aisle, Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe are bringing you the 11 emotional stages of a gluten free diet.

(And on an important note, before we get started, if you are struggling, remember you’re not alone! There are loads of communities out there, like my Facebook group, ready and willing to help, or you can always drop me a message or email!)


When the doctor tells you that you have to go on a gluten free diet.


You’re trying to figure out what you can eat, and what on earth gluten is.


What did I do wrong to deserve not being able to eat gluten? Why do I have to be deprived of all the bready goodness?


“I miss the old, gluten-eating me.”


Just like Phoebe when she is defeated by PacMan, sometimes being gluten free just makes you feel ANGRY. I just want to eat the doughnut, damn it!


You’re so hungry, your best friend spent ages choosing a restaurant and there’s nothing you can eat apart from a chicken salad. But it’s fine, It. is. fine.


When someone tries to tell you they’re gluten free some of the time, or that it’s all in your head…


Sure, some of it’s crap, but find me a new type of gluten free cake and it’s the best thing ever.


And that excitement turns to pure elation when you find something that tastes like you remember ‘gluteny’ food to taste.


And once you find some gluten free food which tastes amazing, you sure as hell ain’t sharing it!


You’re so thankful for all of the people who spent time reading over ingredients lists and de-glutenising (new word) their kitchen just for you.

Have I missed any out?

When you think about it, I bet there are loads of exciting things for gluten free people that I’ve missed. I’d love to know anything I’ve missed in the comments below and share the excitement!

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