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Having coeliac disease is never easy. From reading ingredients lists and negotiating meals out to having to discuss your bowel habits with strangers, there’s plenty us coeliac disease sufferers have to put with with.

Here are 12 things everyone with coeliac disease has done – but might not admit to! 

How many can you tick off the list?

Thought about what life would be like if you just stuffed your face with bread/cake/donuts/other gluten-filled things

…and then instantly freaked out and slapped yourself out of it.

Told someone eating gluten ‘just gives you a stomach ache’…

Because really telling someone you’ve just met that it makes you have terrible diarrhoea is a bit of a conversation killer at a dinner party.

…or told someone you’ll die if you eat gluten

In my defence they were being VERY annoying and kept asking me what would happen if I just tried a little bit. Problem solved.

Over-excitedly accepted a gift from a friend which wasn’t gluten free

They tried SO hard to find something you could eat, they don’t have to know you threw it away/fed it to the dog/donated it to a food bank (delete as applicable)

Been asked how you cope without cheese

Dairy comes from cows. Gluten comes from grain. Is it really so hard to understand? 

Nearly cried at a dinner party

There is nothing worse than sitting there with extreme food envy because there’s nothing you can eat

Felt seriously embarrassed when eating out

Grilling the waiter about the contents of each meal and their cross contamination procedures can be a bit awkward when the whole restaurant is watching you.

Faked a smile when someone has brought you ANOTHER pack of Mrs Crimbles coconut macaroons

Remember when that was all we could eat? WHY is that all people buy their gluten free friends!?

Frantically eaten before going to a restaurant/party/wedding

Just in case there isn’t much you can eat. And then there is. And you barely eat anything.

Felt too awkward to ask a friend/relative about their cooking processes

And suffered the consequences afterwards, regretting it a lot.

Spent several hours debating whether to eat a food which says it ‘may contain’ gluten

Should I? Shouldn’t I? How great a risk is it? Shall I post in a Facebook group? 

Had to resist lecturing someone who said they don’t eat gluten ‘because it’s healthier’

Give me the damn doughnuts and be done with it! How dare you resist them through choice!

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    1. Hahahaha I laughed sooo much writing this – three people at work bought me them in one week when Lidl started selling them!!!

  1. Haha! Love the part about friends and their cooking processes… and definitely agree about the grilling the waiter!

  2. That’s true and very hilarious.

    Love your blog. The first result that came up on Google search. Glad it did- makes me feel so much better about myself.

  3. We did the eating before going to a friends thing for New Years Eve this year (last year? 2018/19 anyway) only to find that she’d bought everything gluten free for the whole evening, I was mortified. Not only had I already eaten I’m also pregnant so my appetite is tiny now. I came away with as much of a sore tummy as I would have eating “normal” food through trying to be polite and eating like I hadn’t already had a meal. Damn my English manners and my need to please haha

  4. How about ‘wished it on your sister for a month, just so they understand that, no, I don’t fancy another baked potato whilst you sit there with your yummy pie and chips!’

  5. While quizzing the chef in a local restaurant whether the chips were frozen or fresh. He said they was fresh then asked how intolerant I was as he only had one fryer. I told him its not a matter of give me three chips and I’ll be OK four and be I’d be ill. Really annoying that a chef doesn’t understand .