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We’re all suffering the heat right now, but there are definitely some things you can relate to more when you’re gluten free!

From summer BBQ invites to gluten free ice-cream cones, we’re all in this heatwave together as coeliacs.

I know it’s hot so I’ll keep this one brief, but I had to have a little chuckle about some of these things.

How many of these can you relate to!?

Because you know you’re a coeliac in a heatwave when…

You’ve had these in the cupboard since January

gluten free ice cream cones tesco
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People laughed when you excitedly picked up a box of gluten free ice-cream cones when they appeared on the shelves in January.

But who’s laughing now when the sun’s out and you’re scooping yourself a delicious treat!?

Thank you gluten free stockpiling – I know these would come in handy!

And cones at ice-cream shops are just as exciting!

coeliac heatwave gluten free

Yes, I know *everyone* gets excited about eating ice-cream in a heatwave.

But there’s something about the words “gluten free cones available” which is EXTRA exciting for a gluten free person.

Eating ice-cream from a cone is just so much better than from a tub, am I right!?

You secretly dread BBQs

gluten free burger buns recipe

Don’t get me wrong – a gluten free BBQ is possible and it’s a thing of beauty.

But you know those spur-of-the-moment barbecue invites where you just know it’ll be cheap, gluten-filled burgers and beers all round?

Dealing with cross contamination is tough at the best of times without adding super hot temperatures to the mix.

I think I’ll just bring my own burger…

Your ‘just in case’ snacks just melt

gluten free packed lunch

I always bring a snack (or lunch) with me when planning a day trip but it’s one thing that’s a bit trickier on a hot day.

Chocolate bar in your bag? Make that a fondue.

Banana for emergencies? It’s now basically been BBQ’d in your rucksack.

Gluten free sandwich just in case you can’t find lunch options? Yep, that’s gonna be one warm packed lunch. Eurgh.

It’s the ONLY time you want fruit salad for pudding…

gluten free fruit salad
Gorgeous fresh fruit.

There are only two times fruit salad is an acceptable dessert: on holiday or in a heatwave.

Something about the heat just makes me crave fresh fruit, but give me a plate of it in a restaurant and it’s a different matter.

…or sorbet!

raspberry frozen yoghurt recipe no machine

The same goes for sorbet (and ice-cream) too!

It sucks when this is the only gluten free option but honestly, in this heat I want a bath of the stuff.

You weep at the sight of empty freezers

tesco empty free from shelves

An empty free from shelf is always a gut-wrenching sight at the best of times, and it seems to be getting worse and worse lately.

But is there anything more devastating than heading out for a gluten free Cornetto and discovering THIS?

Yes, I know scoop-able ice-cream is still on the cards (thank goodness for those cones!) but I’d love some easy-to-grab treats too.

You can’t find any ice-creams so you buy a paddling pool instead

tesco paddling pool

Oh, wait, just me? Trust me – spending £25 on an 8ft paddling pool instead of £25 in ice-cream was best decision I ever made!

And it’s completely gluten free… winner.

Anything I’ve missed!?

I’d love to know if you can relate to these – or if there is anything else I’ve missed!?

Let me know in the comments below if so!

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  1. You’re ‘spot on’ with those comments, Sarah :-).

    I’ve long since given up on taking anything covered with chocolate as an ’emergency snack item’ for a trip out. Same goes for Bananas, Pears, Nectarines/Peaches etc as they are all so easily ‘bruised/damaged’ – I try to stick to Apples and Satsumas – or some melon sliced up in a lidded container. My family have started to refer to me as the ‘Queen of the Lidded Container’ ;-).

    I used to like to pick up a ‘boxed salad’ as a Gluten Free Lunch Choice, but there now seems to be a ‘bit of a thing’ for putting Croutons and/or cooked Pasta in with the salads OR drizzling them with ‘some kind of dressing’ that I can’t abide. Love the option of having the salad dressing, but it needs to be separate from the salad to make it OPTIONAL instead of COMPULSORY :'( .

  2. Definitely! I was in Weymouth a couple of months ago, went to get an ice cream, asked if it was GF and they said yes and they had GF cones. I got a bit excited, think they thought I was a bit weird!

  3. Going to a BBQ and they say we’ve got the beers in, not for me thank you. Cider or GF lager, I’ll bring my own.