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Ask many people on a gluten free diet, and they’ll tell you it can suck. I, however, do not agree with this!

In fact, being on a gluten free diet tends to mean I get highly excited about things which, well, ‘normal’ people just don’t care about

But there is something rather exciting about the fact that the only people who truly get you are in the same boat.

We’ve all got way too excited about something pretty menial.

So, for all your gluten haters out here, see how many of these you can relate to!

And no, gluten free doughnuts are not on the list, but I do get as excited as the above picture every time I see one!

Meeting another person who is gluten free

Like, can we actually just be best friends now please.

Finding a new gluten free product on the shelves…

Fills up trolley, makes quit exit

…or just seeing a new gluten free product on Instagram

If only you could like that post more than once.

Buying a gluten free sandwich…

Just the luxury of being able to pick up a sandwich and feel a tiny bit ‘normal’.

…and don’t even get me started on pasta pots

Ahhh convenience food of my gluten-eating childhood, get in my belly!

Seeing the letters ‘GF’ outside a cafe…

Who knew anyone could get so excited over two letters!?

…or even better, finding a 100% gluten free bakery

Can. Not. Handle. The. Excitement.

Planning your holidays around food

Because who cares about tourist spots when there is a place that sells gluten free pizza!?

When people buy you gluten free treats

Always dread that ‘there’s cake in the office’ email…. but it’s the best feeling when there’s a PS about extra gluten free goodies just for you!

Just all Christmas food

I know some people are obsessed with Christmas, but watch me dance down the aisle in celebration of finding a gluten free mince pie.

Any mention of gluten on Great British Bake Off

We’re either getting way too excited about Free From Week, or cursing Paul Hollywood for how many times he can mention evil gluten.

Pastry-based treats

Never mind the gluten free bread – give a gluten free person any sort of gluten free pastry (croissant, pain au chocolat, etc) and it’ll be all we talk about for weeks.

Buying a loaf of bread that has no holes in it

Who would have thought that would actually be an achievement worth celebrating!?

Finding a gluten free option which isn’t a brownie

And yes, I am going to mention this at every single opportunity. See previous post for the brownie haters. Sorry not sorry.

Have I missed any out?

When you think about it, I bet there are loads of exciting things for gluten free people that I’ve missed!

I’d love to know anything I’ve missed in the comments below and share the excitment!

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    TOM YUM GOONG spicy shrimp soup by MAMA

  2. OMG this post has made my day:
    – picking up gluten free sandwiches is my favorite: soo true!!! I felt so happy at M&S in london for that 😀
    – oh and the holiday planning: YAS!

    I would add finding gluten free candies in a normal supermarket.