12 of the best gluten free lunches on-the-go when you’ve failed at meal prep

gluten free lunch

I’ve become really, really bad at prepping a gluten free lunch lately. To the point where my wages might as well be paid directly to Marks and Spencer, the amount of lunches I have bought from there. But one good thing about failing to meal prep? All the new gluten free lunch goodies you discover!

It used to be that finding a gluten free lunch on-the-go was hard bloody work. If you didn’t like eating gluten free chocolate brownies as a main meal (Feel my pain? You need to read this) you were pretty much doomed to spend the rest of the day with severe hanger.

But fear not my gluten free friends, because finding a gluten free lunch to eat on-the-go has become a lot easier in recent times. Most supermarkets have a gluten free offering – some even have a gluten free meal deal – and I’ve been on a mission to seek out some of the best!

I’ve also seen a few gluten free lunch goodies on social media from my amazing blogger friends, which I’ve not been lucky enough to try, but have included as well! So if you’re stuck for a gluten free lunch, here are some spots to try.

Marks and Spencer gluten free sandwiches

marks and spencer gluten free sandwiches

All coeliacs love M&S for their amazing range of gluten free sandwiches – just make sure you’re super careful as they have brought out some new sandwiches with very similar labels, which are not gluten free. At the time of writing this I’ve found egg mayo, BLT, chicken and bacon (fave!), red Leicester and tomato, and ham and cheese. It’s probably the biggest range of gluten free sandwiches I have seen in any shop, and more often they are starting to be included in the £3.50 meal deal, where you can also grab a snack and a drink. Oh, and they also do a hoisin duck wrap which is lovely.

Tesco gluten free sushi

For a long time sushi was a no-go for people with coeliac disease, as soy sauce contains gluten. However, all of Tesco’s sushi is gluten free! The salmon and tuna sushi is my favourite, with gluten free soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger. However they do a variety of fish, vegetable, chicken and duck sushi packs, all of which are gluten free. Watch out for the chicken katsu one though as that one does contain gluten.

Co-op gluten free sandwiches

Co-op has a range of gluten free sandwiches (and I believe pasta bowls too?) but I haven’t been lucky enough to try any yet! My lovely friend Laura from My Gluten Free Guide has though! She came across these gluten free cheese and tomato and chicken caesar salad gluten free sandwiches in Co-op and they look delicious.

Morrisons gluten free sandwiches

morrisons gluten free sandwich

In my opinion, Morrisons’ meal deal is the best around. For £3 you can get a gluten free sandwich, snack and drink – including smoothies and ‘posh’ lemonades. The gluten free bread in the Morrisons gluten free sandwiches is really good, and I love their roast chicken sandwich. I’ve also seen an egg mayo one too, though I’ve heard there are some other flavours out there too. If you’re getting a meal deal, the salted caramel crispy bar is amazing.

Asda gluten free sandwiches

I haven’t been lucky enough to find Asda’s gluten free sandwiches yet, but I’ve heard they are very good! A few people, including the lovely Gluten Free Alice, have spotted them and posted about them on Instagram, with the gluten free roast chicken sandwich seeming the most prominent. I’m really excited to try them and I hope my Asda gets them in stock soon!

Gluten free sandwiches at Caffe Nero

gluten free lunch caffe nero

I spotted Caffe Nero seem to have a gluten free sandwich, and at the time of writing the flavour is ham and egg. These rolls look like a handy grab-and-go option and it’s nice to see a flavour combination which is a little bit different!

Marks and Spencer nourish bowls

marks and spencer gluten free lunch

When it comes to gluten free lunches which aren’t sandwiches, M&S wins again. These nourish bowls are both gluten free and absolutely delicious! I don’t tend to eat a lot of vegan foods but the vegan nourish bowl is insane! Highly recommended if you fancy a salad!

Waitrose gluten free sandwich

Another gluten free sandwich I haven’t managed to try yet is the gluten free Waitrose sandwich. This chicken one is hand-modelled by the fantastic Refrain from the Grain! The bread sounds like it holds together well and nothing, in my opinion, beats a good chicken salad sandwich.

Boots gluten free sandwiches

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BRAND NEW Gluten free sandwiches and a salad added to the @bootsuk meal deal range 🎉 2 new flavours have been added to the existing range at Boots along with a chicken and seafood paella salad. I love their cheese ploughman’s as the veggie options and their veggie sushi range is also vegan! All of boots sushi used to come with gluten free soy sauce as standard but this has now changed, the veggie sushi is definitely gluten free! There are pop chips, yoghurts, chocolates and a gf caramel crisp in the side options too. It’s honestly my fave place for gf on the go! Sadly all 3 sandwiches contain dairy which is disappointing but hopefully more will be added in the future as they do make vegan sandwiches. Also a sandwich, side and a drink is only 24p more than a single slice of pret bread… just saying 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Updating this post because apparently Boots have now CHANGED their sushi back to the NON gluten free soy sauce, booooo! However, they do have a very snazzy looking range of gluten free sandwiches on the meal deal, so that’s a bonus. I’m yet to find them but Gluten Free Gatherer has!

Starbucks gluten free panini

If you fancy a hot lunch, I’m a big fan of the gluten free chicken, mozzarella and pesto panini at Starbucks. Sure, it makes lunch a little pricier, but it’s perfect for those days when you just NEED something hot to eat. And melted cheese, obvs. It’s also cooked in the wrapper to avoid any cross contamination, so perfect for people with coeliac disease.

Sainsbury’s gluten free sandwich and wrap

Yet another gluten free lunch option which looks lovely, but I have been unable to try yet! Sainsbury’s have launched some gluten free sandwiches – again, roast chicken seems to be the gluten free sandwich of choice! This gluten free wrap was found by Kate at The Gluten Free Alchemist, and it looks yummy!

Gluten free wraps at Costa Coffee

It’s nice to see some different flavours available for a gluten free lunch, as well as some vegetarian options and some without mayonnaise! This gluten free wrap from Costa is pretty nice, though a little sweet, and a handy light lunch to grab with a latte.

Anywhere else?

Of course, wherever you are, there are normally some gluten free lunch options nearby. I know Pret has some gluten free options too, from wraps to soups, and it’s always worth checking in independent cafes and shops as many offer gluten free now. If there are any gluten free lunch favourites I have missed, I’d love to know about them! Comment below and let me know!



  1. Lynne Gould
    August 22, 2018 / 18:50

    It’s brilliant that gf sandwiches are available in any meal deal and the chocolate brownie comments are so true.. It would be good if ALL eating establishments would train their staff not to look at a customer as if he/she is a leper when they ask if a dish is gf. All the comments are so true and made me lol.

  2. Janet Morris
    July 26, 2019 / 16:12

    Totally agree Lynne. You would think we were aliens the way they look and reply Am finding this blog so very very useful especially when on hols for things just to pick up for lunches

    • Sarah H (GF Blogger)
      July 26, 2019 / 18:32

      Thank you, so glad it’s helpful!

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