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Christmas is definitely a time for feasting, but when it comes to Christmas dinner, options can be a little limited on the vegetarian front. The supermarkets have certainly got better when it comes to gluten free roasting joints – many now have gluten free stuffing in them as standard.

However the ready-made vegetarian options tend to revolve around pastry, putting many of them out of bounds for those with coeliac disease. So what supermarket options are there when it comes to a gluten free, vegetarian Christmas dinner? I’ve been asked this a lot lately, so I’ve done some investigating. Here are the options I found!

Clive’s Nut Roast

gluten free vegetarian christmas food clives nut roast

So far I’ve found Clive’s Nut Roast in Waitrose and Morrisons in the frozen aisle. It’s gluten free and vegan, and a pretty tasty option. I tried mine with a Sunday roast and it was lovely – and that’s coming from a meat eater! They’re fairly small (serves 2) so probably wouldn’t be ideal to serve a whole family with! However, if you’re the only gluten free vegetarian person, or you want just a veggie option, this would be perfect. Goes for £5.25 in Waitrose according to their website.

Aldi gluten free nut roast

aldi gluten free vegetarian nut roasts

I haven’t been lucky enough to find these myself but they do sound brilliant! These nut roasts from Aldi are gluten free – but not dairy free or vegan – as they contain a camembert centre! The nut roasts come in a Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cheddar Nut Roast as well as a Root Vegetable and Camembert Nut Roast. Both are £2.99 for two nut roasts so again would be great if you’re the only vegetarian one at the table. Definitely a cheaper option, but having not tried them I can’t vouch for how they taste!

Quorn gluten free roast

gluten free vegetarian christmas food quorn roast

Another one I haven’t tried yet is this Quorn roast, which I found in Tesco. I think it retails for £3 in Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, so should be pretty easy to get hold of. It’s gluten free and vegetarian but contains milk and egg so isn’t vegan. It looks like more of a meat replacement than something like a nut roast but it could be something different to try. I think there’s also a vegetarian beef and gammon version in Ocado too.

M&S Plant Kitchen festive roast

gluten free vegetarian christmas m&S nut roast

This M&S Plant Kitchen festive roast from M&S looks like a lovely addition to the Christmas dinner table. It’s available on the M&S website and costs £12, serving 4 people. It even comes with vegan gravy and vegan sausages too! The perfect option for a gluten free and vegan Christmas (note it’s a may contain for milk and egg, so not suitable if you have allergies). 


Waitrose vegan festive wreath

vegan festive wreath gluten free vegetarian christmas

An alternative to nut roast is this gluten free and vegan festive wreath from Waitrose. It’s described as an apple and cranberry banger and a mushroom and leek banger, with an apricot and cranberry stuffing. The whole thing is topped with a gluten free parsley crumb and it sounds delicious! You can pick this up in Waitrose stores for £5.99.

Tesco Finest stuffed butternut squash

tesco finest stuffed butternut squash gluten free vegetarian food

If you’re ordering your Christmas food in then you better put this festive stuffed butternut squash on your shopping list from Tesco. It’s available as part of the Festive Food To Order range but hurry – you need to get your Click and Collect order in by December 14. This serves 2-4 people and is a squash stuffed with  beetroot and apple filling and topped with crunchy sunflower seeds. It’s vegan and gluten free. 

Mitch’s Kitchen Sunday Best

gluten free vegan christmas mitchs kitchen

If you’re the only gluten free vegetarian person at the table, this Sunday Best meal from Mitch’s Kitchen could be perfect for you. All of Mitch’s meals are gluten free and vegan, and this includes an oat, onion and sage stuffing loaf., coconut bacon Brussels sprouts, maple roasted carrots and parsnips, oven-crisped rosemary potatoes, cheesy leeks and our favourite red wine gravy. £6.75 from a smaller portion plus the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a small, independent business this Christmas.

Gosh cocktail sausages

gluten free vegetarian christmas food gosh cocktail sausages

If you’re after a pigs in blankets equivalent, you could try these new vegan cocktail sausages from Gosh. They’re gluten free as well as vegan and nut free, so can be enjoyed by everyone. They’d make a great substitution for pigs in blankets or chiplolatas to enjoy with your vegetarian Christmas dinner. RRP £1.99.

Waitrose vegetarian gravy

waitrose vegetarian gravy gluten free christmas

Gravy might seem like a difficult thing to find when you’re gluten free and vegetarian. But this vegetarian gravy from Waitrose is vegetarian and has no gluten containing ingredients. Proof it pays to check the ingredients! A Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without gravy so this is a great find. It’s £2.69, vegan and suitable for freezing, so buy now ready for the big day.

Mrs Crimbles vegetarian stuffing

gluten free vegetarian christmas stuffing

I love this stuffing from Mrs Crimbles and it’s proof that there are plenty of gluten free and vegetarian goodies out there! I found this in the Sainsbury’s free from aisle and it retails for £2 a pack. Enough to make a whole batch of gluten free stuffing for everyone to enjoy!

Free & Easy vegetable gravy mix

gluten free vegetaran christmas gravy

This Free & Easy vegetable gravy mix is an easy store-cupboard option when it comes to a gluten free vegetarian Christmas dinner. It’s gluten and dairy free – I think you can pick it up in Morrison’s free from aisle, but it’s also available on Ocado for £1.32 a tub.

Bisto gluten free gravy

gluten free vegan gravy

This Bisto gravy is my go-to gravy of choice, but I had no idea it was actually vegetarian until someone told me! So you have Georgia at The GFG to thank for this one! This is normally £3 a tub but it on sale in Tesco for just £2 at the time of writing.

Paxo gluten free stuffing

gluten free vegetarian stuffing 1

Paxo’s gluten free sage and onion stuffing is also suitable for vegetarians which is great news! It’s one of my favourites out there. Pick it up from Tesco for £2 (currently on sale for £1.50) and bake up your own vegetarian stuffing balls for Christmas dinner.

Tesco gluten free stuffing mix

gluten free vegetarian stuffing 2

This gluten free stuffing mix from Tesco is new and not only is it gluten free, it’s also vegan. It’s £1.70 for a bag and it means there is plenty of choice for vegetarian Christmas stuffing in the free from aisle. Yay!

Tideford vegan gravy

tideford gluten free vegan gravy

I found this new vegan gravy from Tideford Organics in Sainsbury’s chilled aisle and it’s completely gluten free. Looks like a great ready-made gravy option. £2.50 for a tub.

Sainsbury’s sage and onion stuffing balls

sainsburys gluten free vegetarian stuffing

These sage and onion stuffing balls from Sainsbury’s are gluten free and £2.50 for a pack of 12. I bet any meat-eating guests would never even guess they were vegan too – they’re made from mushrooms!

What about making your own?

If you’re looking to make your own gluten free and vegetarian main dish, you can certainly find some great recipes online. A couple I’ve found from fellow bloggers which look amazing include this Stuffed Cashew Nut Roast from Gluten Free Alchemist and Christmas Stuffed Squash from Healthy Living James.

Of course, if I make anything myself or find any new gluten free vegetarian Christmas goodies, I’ll make sure I update this list! And if there’s anything I’ve missed, please update me in the comments below with your gluten free vegetarian Christmas finds!

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