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It’s time for another round-up of my new gluten free finds! You guys seem to love these posts so I thought I’d share with you some more discoveries frommy supermarket rounds this week. This week there are some new Christmas finds, some spooky Halloween finds, and a lot of random other stuff!

It seems there are quite a lot of new products emerging which are also gluten free as standard – I’m planning a separate round-up of these soon so watch this space! Don’t forget to also check out my gluten free Christmas round-up with all the exciting new free from products I’ve found!

But for now, here are some new gluten free finds in UK supermarkets this week…

Asda trick or treat goody bag


With so many gluten free Christmas items on the shelves, it was great to see this free from goody bag from Asda this week. Perfect for trick or treaters, the chocolate buttons are gluten, wheat, milk and egg free. If you want a round-up of Halloween treats that are also gluten free, I can recommend my friend Laura’s guide here.

Gluten and dairy free pumpkin lollies


Another Halloween find in Asda – how cute are these gluten and dairy free pumpkin chocolate lollies? I found these in the seasonal aisle with all the other Halloween stuff. I love them!

La Gnoccheria gluten free gnocchi


This new gluten free gnocchi from the Asda free from aisle by La Gnoccheria. It looks really authentic and nice and big and fluffy. I’m definitely keen to give it a go but the normal Asda gnocchi is also gluten free and an absolute steal compared to all the free from options.

Asda mozarella sticks

gluten free finds october 2019

How good are these mozzarella sticks in Asda!? They’re with the ‘normal’ chilled party food but they’re with a gluten free crumb and clearly marked as free from. Lovely for a party food platter – stock up for Christmas!

Wicked Kitchen corn and rice pots



These new Wicked Kitchen instant meals are in Tesco and some of them are gluten free! These two both contain no gluten and they sound great! It’s nice to see some different options to the usual rice noodles when you need something quick to grab and go. I am really intrigued by the crack’d corn one!

Sainsbury’s gluten free raspberry coconut flapjacks


These new raspberry and coconut flapjack bites are in the Sainsbury’s free from aisle and they look super cute and yummy! I found them with the Christmas stuff but they don’t look or sound that festive. They’re also vegan too, yay!

Sainsbury’s gluten free chocolate cupcakes

gluten free new find october 2019

Check out these cute little chocolate cupcakes from Sainsbury’s! I found these new in the free from aisle this week, they look so cute! Perfect for if you need a little chocolate fix.

Christmas party food in Tesco

gluten free new finds 2019

gluten free new finds 2019

Good news for anyone who loved these last year – Tesco’s mozzarella sticks with a tomato and herb centre and the jalapeño peppers with soft cheese are both gluten free! These are both with the chilled party food and worth grabbing as they’re delicious!

Violife festive dairy free cheese platter

gluten free new finds 2019

How cute is this Violife festive cheese platter? It’s in the Sainsbury’s chilled free from aisle and it’s nice to see a festive selection of dairy free cheeses. I believe they did a similar one last year too!

BFree sliced white loaf

gluten free new finds 2019

This new gluten free sliced white loaf from BFree was in Sainsbury’s this week and it looks and feels lovely. However it’s £3 and half the size of a normal gluten free loaf… so I didn’t buy it!

Birds Eye Sweet Potato Waffles

gluten free new finds 2019

These sweet potato waffles from Birds Eye have been around a little while but are brand new to my Sainsbury’s store. I found them with the normal potato waffles in the frozen aisle and I cannot wait to try them!

Sainsbury’s free from chocolate Santas

gluten free new finds 2019

Ok, I had to end on a festive note because HOW cute are these little chocolate Santas from Sainsbury’s? I found them with the Christmas food and they’re gluten and dairy free and £1 each. Perfect stocking fillers!

What else have I missed?

Have you spotted any new gluten free finds on the shelves this week which I have missed? I’d love to know about them in the comments below! And let me know if you like these sorts of round-ups – if you find them helpful then I’ll certainly try and do more of them! Here’s some other posts you might find helpful, funny or interesting!

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