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So it’s been a while due to lack of internet connection at my new house! Unfortunately this post is just a quick one, but a good breakthrough on the gluten free grounds I feel!

I always get annoyed when you get vouchers in supermarkets for money off products like bread or pasta. I CAN’T EAT BREAD AND PASTA, I want to scream – what makes you think everyone wants this!?

Ok, so it is a staple for many, but this in my books is not a good enough excuse 😉

Until these little gems made my day!

This seems to be part of a new system to give you vouchers relevant to what you buy.

I realised this when my Tesco vouchers consisted of FreeFrom and wine…..

So far Sainsbury’s and Tescos seem to have hit it spot on – and finally realised that we Coeliacs want to save money too, especially when our products are so expensive!

Anyone else had any good experience in the Supermarket like this? Comment below and share it!

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  1. They do indeed tailor your vouchers to what you buy now!
    I realised this when I got lots for brie and cider 😛

    1. Yay my first comment from South Africa 😉 it is funny the things you get vouchers for – cheese was one of my top ones as well as cream for all the carbonara’s I make for Steve!