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One of the foods I miss the most, being a coeliac, is cheesy Doritos. Odd, I know, but I’ve never found a gluten free cheese Doritos alternative and this made me sad. Until I stumbled across some new gluten free cheese flavour nachos in Tesco!

gluten free cheese flavour nachos from tesco

These bad boys are gluten free, wheat free and dairy free – and they taste proper cheesy! Some gluten free nacho alternatives can be a bit bland but I was pleased to see these were delightfully orange and full of flavour – a close alternative to fill that Doritos-shaped hole in my diet!

gluten free nachos

I’d been craving a good plate of nachos, so decided this was the only thing for it, to stop me demolishing the entire bag in one sitting in front of the television! I decided to top mine with a simple salsa, mozzarella and guacamole combination, but you could really mix it up and try beef or bean chilli, pulled pork or spicy chicken instead.

Gluten free cheese-loaded nachos


Serves two (hungry!) people

1 bag Tesco free from cheese flavour nachos

1 jar Tesco mild salsa dip

2 avocados

Handful coriander

One small red onion

5 plum tomatoes

1 lime

Grated mozzarella to top

  1. Preheat the oven to 180’C
  2. In two bowls, divide the nachos equally (or do it in one big one if you want it as a sharing platter, it’s up to you)
  3. Pour over the salsa, and then top with plenty of mozzarella. Place the bowls in the oven for 5-10 minutes so the cheese melt.
  4. Meanwhile, make the guacamole. Finely chop the onion and add to a food processor with the tomatoes and roughly chopped coriander. Scoop out the avocado flesh and add this too.
  5. Juice the lime and add to the food processor. Blitz until smooth (I prefer a few chunks in my guacamole, but it’s up to you).
  6. Remove the nacho bowls from the oven, loads up with the guacamole and serve!

gluten free guacamole

NB – If you save any of the guacamole, keep the avocado stones in it to stop it from going brown. Oh, and you may want some napkins for the nachos – they get messy!

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  1. I found the tesco nachos tasted only of garlic. I only ate half a dozen but breathed garlic for two days. Flossing and brushing did nothing to diminish the smell!