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I do love a good gluten free roast dinner with all the trimmings – and it’s really not that easy to throw together.

When I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease I always imagined that creating a gluten free roast dinner would be difficult.

But it’s actually really simple to do and most of the time the recipes can all be made gluten free without anyone knowing.

I tend to find this is the simplest way to do it – to just make everything gluten free as standard.

It will also eliminate the risk of cross contamination as you won’t have to use separate trays and pans for everything.

You also don’t have to worry about ‘double dipping’ of serving spoons and having to keep your gluten free roast dishes separately.

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Some notes on cross contamination

If you can make the entire roast dinner gluten free then happy days!

But if not, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you don’t accidentally gluten yourself / your gluten free guest:

  • Always cook gluten free food in separate pans to any dishes containing gluten. They can go in the same oven but I recommend putting the gluten free foods on higher shelves so nothing drops onto them.
  • Clean down work surfaces before preparing gluten free food on them and always use clean knives/chopping boards/etc.
  • Always double check ingredients lists for anything containing gluten as well as any warnings of ‘may contain traces of’ or ‘made in a factory containing’, etc.
  • Use separate pans and spoons for any dishes on the hob and never stir a gluten free dish with a spoon you’ve used for something containing gluten.
  • Try and avoid using any ‘normal’ flour near gluten free food in case it clouds and contaminates the food.
  • Use separate serving dishes and spoons for gluten free dishes and never ‘double dip’.
  • Let the gluten free guest go first so that they can serve themselves a plate before anyone might accidentally cross contaminate the food.

With that being said, hopefully you’ll see from the recipes below that actually it’s very easy to make a completely gluten free roast everyone can enjoy.

My gluten free roast dinner recipes

To make life easy, here are all the recipes you need for the perfect gluten free roast dinner all in one place!

As and when I add more recipes to the blog I will update this post so make sure you bookmark it so you can keep checking back.

Gluten Free Roast Potatoes

gluten free roast potatoes

Of course no roast is complete without roast potatoes and these are very easy to make gluten free.

You don’t need flour for crispy roasties – just follow my simple tips and tricks (using a surprising ingredient!) for the best roast potatoes around.

If you want to buy pre-made roast potatoes there are some frozen options available which are gluten free too.

Always double check the packets though as some may have ‘may contain’ warnings – but nothing beats a crispy homemade roastie if you ask me!

Get my Gluten Free Roast Potatoes recipe.

Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings

gluten free yorkshire puddings

My next absolute must-have for a roast dinner is a batch of fluffy and light gluten free Yorkshire puddings.

You simply can’t beat them – and they’re very easy to make at home following my simple recipe.

All you need to remember is to make sure the oil is piping hot when you add the batter to get that amazing rise on them.

You can buy frozen gluten free Yorkshire puddings at some supermarkets and I recommend The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co who do amazing ones.

That being said, it’s fun to make your own and kids will love helping out and watching them puff up in the oven!

Get my gluten free Yorkshire puddings recipe.

Gluten Free Gravy

gluten free dairy free gravy recipe

I can fully understand if you want to buy shop-bought gravy because sometimes it’s just a quick and easy option.

But making your own gluten free gravy doesn’t take much work at all and it’s completely worth it for maximum flavour.

My gravy recipe uses the meat juices from a roast chicken or turkey that would so often be just chucked down the sink.

And of course if you do want to buy some ready made stuff, check out my list of gluten free gravies and stock cubes too.

Get my gluten free gravy recipe.

Gluten Free Cauliflower Cheese

gluten free cauliflower cheese

High up my list of ‘favourite roast dinner side dishes’ absolutely has to be a good gluten free cauliflower cheese.

Most of the time this would be made with flour but my recipe uses gluten free flour to ensure everyone can enjoy it.

Sometimes I like to throw in some broccoli or leeks as well – and any leftovers are great with gluten free pasta the next day.

Get my gluten free cauliflower cheese recipe.

Gluten Free Stuffing Balls

gluten free bacon wrapped stuffing balls

Gluten free stuffing is another essential side dish for a roast dinner and you have plenty of options here.

Most free from aisles contain packs of stuffing mix – I recommend the Mrs Crimbles and the Aunt Bessie’s ones as my favourites so far.

But nothing beats making your own and these bacon-wrapped stuffing balls will take your roast dinner to a whole new level.

I definitely recommend them for a special occasion when you want to create a roast dinner that will really wow everyone.

Get my gluten free stuffing balls recipe.

Summer Roast Chicken

summer roast chicken recipe (one pan)

Want a one-pan recipe which is a little bit different but will really wow your guests?

My summer roast chicken recipe has everything you need – meat, potatoes and veg – all wrapped up in an insane marinade.

The orange, paprika and oregano sauce is just out-of-this-world and it’s one of my favourite weekend meals.

Highly recommend for a roast dinner on a warmer day or when you’re in need of a twist on a classic meal.

Get my summer roast chicken recipe.

Gluten Free Bread Sauce

gluten free bread sauce

Although more traditionally eaten at Christmas, I would argue a good gluten free bread sauce has a place at any dinner table.

I do bread sauce with white meat such as chicken and turkey.

It’s creamy and mildly spiced with nutmeg and if you love it, you’ll really love my simple recipe for it.

Get my gluten free bread sauce recipe.

Crispy Garlic and Lemon Potatoes


Want something a bit different to a classic roast potato for your meal?

I absolutely love these crispy garlic and lemon potatoes which are perfect for a spring or summer roast.

They’re packed full of flavour with all the delicious crunchiness of a classic roastie.

Get my gluten free garlic and lemon potatoes recipe.

Roast Chantenay Carrots


I do love roasted carrots and these honey roast chantenay carrots are the perfect side dish for your roast dinner.

They’re gluten and dairy free and just the easiest side dish to make. Bursting with colour, flavour and goodness!

Get my roast chantenay carrots recipe.

Parmentier Potatoes

parmentier potatoes recipe

Want potatoes with your roast dinner but don’t fancy roasties? These gluten free Parmentier Potatoes are for you.

A cross between roast potatoes and chips, they’re crispy, herby and absolutely delicious. A real crowd-pleaser.

They’re easy to make (you can even do them in the air fryer) and go with any meat or fish.

Get my Parmentier Potatoes recipe.

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