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Nothing beats a golden, puffy Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding and a proper roast dinner isn’t complete without one, preferably drowning in lashings of thick, gluten free gravy.

I used to feel like I was missing out on all the ‘fun’ parts of a roast dinner but now I’ve mastered this easy Yorkshire puddings recipe, life feels complete again.

Super light and puffy, with a crunchy, golden batter, these are the best Yorkshire puddings! Super light, fluffy and absolutely delicious.

Plus you only need a few key ingredients to make this holy grail of gluten free food.

gluten free yorkshire puddings recipe
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The BEST gluten free Yorkshire puddings

So how do you make Yorkshire puddings which are light, fluffy and gluten free?

This gluten free Yorkshire pudding recipe is really very simple and you only need four ingredients to make these.

In fact, this Yorkshire pudding batter is similar to gluten free pancakes – except you cook them in super hot oil so they puff up proudly.

I have tested many variations over the last few months, but I like to use a combination of gluten free flour and cornflour.

Cornflour is naturally gluten free, and it adds a lovely lightness to these gluten free Yorkshire puds that you can’t get with just plain gluten free flour.

But I really like the combination of both flours, rather than just making cornflour Yorkshire puddings.

You can make this recipe wholly with one or the other if you’re short on ingredients, but I’d recommend using both.

gluten free yorkshire puddings recipe

Gluten free Yorkshire pudding ingredients

The best thing about this recipe for gluten free Yorkshire puddings is that you only need four ingredients to make them.

There’s a full printable recipe card down below, but for the shopping list you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 75g plain gluten free flour
  • 75g cornflour (cornstarch in the US)
  • 120ml milk (use a dairy free alternative such as almond milk if you need this recipe to be dairy free)
  • 3 eggs

You can also add a pinch of salt if you like, plus you’ll need a little oil – like vegetable oil or rapeseed oil – to pour into the muffin tin before cooking the Yorkshire puddings.

For the gluten free flour just use a standard blend from the supermarket, such as FREEE, Asda or M&S.

I used full fat milk for this recipe, or you could use a dairy free alternative such as almond milk, soya milk or gluten free oat milk if you wanted a dairy free Yorkshire pudding.

I don’t have a gluten free vegan Yorkshire pudding recipe yet, though imagine this could work with an egg replacer – let me know in the comments if you try it.

This recipe makes enough for 12 gluten free Yorkshire puddings, but don’t worry if you need less than this.

These gluten free Yorkshire puddings freeze really well, which means the next time you want a roast dinner, you’re ready to rock and roll!

gluten free yorkshire puddings recipe

How to make gluten free Yorkshire puddings

Once you’ve got all your ingredients, making these easy Yorkshire puddings really could not be simpler.

Firstly, you want to add around 1 teaspoon of oil to each hole of your muffin tin, and then pop it in the oven to heat up.

While that’s heating up, mix together the flours, eggs and milk using a whisk until you have a smooth batter.

When the tray is hot, take it out of the oven and quickly half-fill each hole of the muffin tin with batter.

Pop it back into the oven and 18-20 minutes later you’ll have crunchy, puffy, delicious Yorkshire puddings!

I’ve even made a handy recipe video tutorial to talk you through the steps here:

If you want to freeze any excess Yorkshire puddings, just wait for them to cool completely, place them in a freezer bag and freeze.

Then simply warm them through when you want to eat them. 

gluten free yorkshire puddings recipe

Top tips for making Yorkshire puddings

There are two super important elements to making Yorkshire puddings, the first one being: the oil must be super hot before you add the batter.

I usually add the oil to the muffin tin and place it in the oven for around 10 minutes.

You know when it starts to almost go a bit smoky when you open the oven door? That’s about right.

As soon as you add the batter to the oil you want it to sizzle.

And the second tip? Be super quick!

Once you have got the muffin tray out of the oven, you want to (carefully) pour in the oil and whack it back in the oven, pronto.

The longer you take, the more likely the oil will be to cool down – you want to keep everything super hot so your Yorkshire puddings magically puff up.

gluten free yorkshire puddings recipe

More roast dinner inspiration

While you’re here, I thought I’d tell you about some of my other recipes you could whip up for a gluten free roast dinner.

If you’re making my gluten free Yorkshire puddings, you should absolutely whip up my gluten free cauliflower cheese recipe as well.

It’s super cheesy and delicious and the perfect veggie side to your roast dinner.

When choosing your gluten free gravy, don’t forget I have a guide to gluten free gravies and stock cubes too.

Obviously you can make your own gluten free gravy recipe but I tend to buy pre-made granules when I am feeling lazy!

And if you’re looking for a way to use up your roast dinner leftovers, why not try my Boxing Day Hash or my Roast Chicken Soup recipes?

gluten free yorkshire puddings recipe

My gluten free Yorkshire puddings recipe

So here we are, my easy gluten free Yorkshire puddings recipe – once you’ve tried these, you’ll never need anything else!

These are the perfect side dish for a gluten free Sunday roast or Christmas dinner, and everyone will love them, gluten free or not.

If you make this recipe and love it, please do let me know by tagging me on my Instagram or using #theglutenfreeblogger. I love seeing your creations!

And if you loved it, please do leave a review to let others know you loved it too! It would mean the world to me. 

gluten free yorkshire puddings recipe
Yield: 12

Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

This gluten free Yorkshire Puddings recipe is SO easy to make and the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday roast or Christmas dinner. This recipe makes 12 and they freeze really well.


  • 75g plain gluten free flour
  • 75g cornflour
  • 120ml milk
  • 3 large eggs
  • Pinch of salt
  • 12 tsp vegetable oil


  1. Preheat the oven to 220'C / 200'C Fan / Gas Mark 8. Add around 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to each hole of a 12-hole muffin tin and place in the hot oven. Leave for around 10 minutes until hot.
  2. Make the batter while your oil heats. Add the flour, cornflour, milk, eggs and salt to a large jug and whisk until smooth.
  3. Carefully remove the muffin tin from the oven. Working as quickly as possible, pour the batter evenly between the 12 holes. It should roughly half-fill each hole and the oil should sizzle as the batter hits it.
  4. As quickly as possible, place the muffin tray back into the oven and cook for 18-20 minutes until golden brown and puffed up. Remove from the oven and serve straight away.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 86Total Fat: 6gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 5gCholesterol: 47mgSodium: 34mgCarbohydrates: 5gFiber: 0gSugar: 0gProtein: 3g

Need some more gluten free meal inspiration?

If you want to have a go at some of the other gluten free dinner recipes on the blog, why not give some of these a try? They’re perfect for baking away all of your troubles.

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And if you have any recipe suggestions, please let me know in the comments what you’d like to see next!

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Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings Recipe
Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings Recipe

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  1. These are lovely – just did a taste test with yours and another recipe (other was cornflour only) – both hubby and me agreed your recipe was the best, shall definitely be using this one again. Want to try it as a ‘toad in the hole’ as well

    1. Is the cornflour cornstarch? Im in the US and keep reading that cornflour in the UK refers to cornstarch. Excited to try this recipe but nervous about using the wrong ingredient.

  2. Be careful your gluten free plain flour doesn’t contain xantham gum (just called ‘thickener’ in mine). It made the batter go gummy and the Yorkies were a bit too dense.

  3. Thank you so much for the yorkies recipe. I have never made yorkies that rose like this and we’re so tasty. Thank you thank you thank you


  4. Near perfect. Used Doves bread flour as well as the cornflour. Lard rather than oil in the muffin pans and 220°c fan oven. Required 20 minutes (I may have to check the oven thermostat)
    These were probably the best Yorkshires I’ve made since diagnosis. Even my picky granddaughter had seconds.