Prescription Problems…Help!?

When I first got diagnosed with Coeliacs in 2001 I used to get all my food on prescription for years. When I turned 18, I stopped getting it on prescription for a while as more gluten free foods were emerging in the supermarkets and it was a lot cheaper than prescriptions.

Now I’m Uni I get free precriptions again and I wanted to try to get some basics on prescription as the food is so expensive. However, when I went to the doctors, I was told that due to cut backs on the NHS it was “no longer the policy of the practise” to perscribe gluten free foods.

I was really shocked and confused by this – surely as people with an auto-immune disease we are
entitled to have food perscribed that helps us adhere to a gluten free diet?

Has anyone else had problems like this? I have written to Coeliac UK in the hope of getting some answers, as I am confused as to where I stand! Does anyone have any advice??



  1. Katie
    January 23, 2010 / 20:50

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much advice but I know how tough it can be to eat gluten free on a college student budget!!!
    Good luck!

  2. radid aka simba
    January 24, 2010 / 06:18

    as someone with another dietry related disease i know how hard it is to find foods for requied diets. i have spoken to my dietitian and she told me that the nhs are talking about bringing perscription food about (again?) but they will be brand loyal to one company which will make food just for the nhs. as to which diseases they will cater for i have no idea. hope that helps abit Nala. 😉

  3. sarahhowells
    January 24, 2010 / 13:14

    Thanks Simba 😉 hehe. I didn’t realise that! I’m trying to find out as well if this is a natiowide thing or if is only certain surgeries that won’t prescribe? If it is Natiowide, they definitely should bring it back on the NHS, brand loyal or not – as long as there’s something!! Thanks for the info 😀 x

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  5. Mary
    May 4, 2010 / 08:23

    Hi. I am on a very meager pension. Sadly we have to put up with the cut backs to our NHS. So out goes the little luxueries in life ie Cake & Bic’s.
    I feel let down,having paid NH for my working life of approx 50yrs..Mary

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