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This post is sponsored by Juvela.

I’ve always been a big fan of the brand Juvela, so when they asked if I’d work with them to promote their new online subscription boxes, I jumped at the chance.

Juvela was one of the first brands I ever tried back when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease as a child.

At the time, Juvela was only available on prescription and their products showed me there was life after starting a gluten free diet!

I used to always get their bread, pasta, cereals, crispbreads and pizza bases on prescription back in the day and they were a huge staple in my diet.

But things have changed since then.

Now a lot of places in the UK have stopped people with coeliac disease accessing gluten free food on prescription, meaning many haven’t had a chance to try this fantastic brand.

So imagine how happy I was when I found out Juvela has launched an Online Subscription Box service where you can get all the best gluten free goodies delivered to your home!?

An online gluten free subscription box 

The best thing about the Juvela subscription box is it’s filled with all the essentials you could possibly need.

There are three boxes to choose from: 

  • The Baker Box
  • The Pantry Box
  • The Mixed Box

Within each box you can build your own bundle of goodies from all the gluten free treats Juvela has to offer.

All of the boxes come with Juvela’s bread, which is just the best news ever if you ask me.

Juvela does a selection of loaves and bread rolls, which come as ready-to-eat or part-baked options.

All of the bread has a long life so it can be kept in the cupboard for an extended period of time –  and the box they sent me had given me a great stash to live off!

I love the texture of the sliced bread – it’s one of my absolutely favourites – but the part-baked rolls are just my number one product.

Just pop them in the oven for 10 minutes and you’ll have warm, crusty bread just like the old days, you won’t believe they’re gluten free, they’re so good!


Juvela’s Baker Box

The Baker Box is perfect if, like me, you’re using gluten free baking as a crutch this lockdown!

The Juvela White Mix and Juvela Fibre Mix are fantastic for baking with and I used to use them all the time before my prescriptions were cut.

They make fabulous cakes and they also come with recipes on the back, which is great if you’re newly diagnosed.

I’m so happy I can now access these mixes again because they’re just so nice to bake with.


Juvela’s Pantry Box

If you’re after some cupboard essentials then the Pantry Box might be a better option.

As well as gluten free bread, this also contains essentials such as pasta, oats and cereals.

Juvela does an awesome range of gluten free cereal, including:

  • Gluten free cornflakes
  • Gluten free flakes
  • Gluten free crispy rice
  • Gluten free fibre flakes
  • Gluten free flakes with red berries

This is great because each time you get a box, you can keep trying a new variety.

They also sell gluten free oats in their boxes which are great for porridge – or in my case baking flapjacks.

You can also choose from a range of pastas, and they have some fab shape options! These include:

  • Gluten free spaghetti
  • Gluten free tagliatelle
  • Gluten free lasagne
  • Gluten free fusilli
  • Gluten free macaroni
  • Gluten free penne

Finally they do my old faves – crispbreads – which I used to always eat as a kid with soft cheese on top!


Juvela’s Mixed Box

Personally I’d recommend opting for a Mixed Box if you’re new to Juvela or just want a bit of everything.

You can choose from a range of mixes, breads, cereal, pasta and other essentials to fill your box.

It’s a good way to stock the cupboard and then you can use the other boxes to either top up your stash or shop for your favourites.

Here’s what I got in my Large Juvela Mixed Box – as you can see, it was quite and impressive stash! 

How much are the Juvela boxes?

Each box comes in small, medium or large, and the price includes UK delivery too.

All-in-all, they’re pretty good value – the Baker Box starts at £24.99 for a small and the others at £29.99 for a small box.

All of the gluten free bread is long-life and freezer-ready (just follow the instructions on the pack) and it’s the perfect way to avoid a trip to the supermarket, particularly at the moment.

I love the fact it’s a ‘build your own’ concept too, so you only buy the products you actually need and want.

I’d definitely recommend you give it a go – and I’ll certainly be buying another box once I’ve worked my way through this one!

Build your own Juvela subscription boxes and find out more about Juvela’s gluten free range right here.

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