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  1. Karen Johnston

    I LOVE your recipes, this one is definitely encouraging me to try baking again. I’ve not baked since being diagnosed in 2018, too depressing lol. But lack of options and flavour in gluten free products has made me look for other options. Have you found this it is a recipe app for Apple, Mac, Android and Windows it syncs over all platforms and has a browser section I simply paste the web address for your recipe into the app browser and then it downloads the recipe into the app complete with origin of the recipe and you can tweak it by highlighting sections and marking as eg photo or notes etc it’s great to keep your own collection of gluten free recipes to hand. No more folders in the kitchen or recipe card boxes in your own “scrawl” and you can share recipes as well. It’s great. Take a look.

  2. Clare

    Just made these but adapted the recipe slightly didn’t have any butter so made using stork block and replaced the white chocolate chips with chopped strawberries, smells and looks amazing, can’t wait to try now.

    • Sarah Howells

      Sounds amazing!!

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