Taste testing new gluten free pizzas by Dr Oetker Ristorante

dr oetker gluten free pizza

I’m always excited to see new gluten free products on the market, but nothing is as exciting as new gluten free pizzas!! I have a bit of an addiction obsession with gluten free pizza, so when I heard mainstream brand Dr Oetker were releasing a new gluten free range, I was very excited.

dr oetker gluten free pizza

I vaguely remember enjoying Dr Oetker pizzas pre-coeliac diagnosis, and I quite often buy the ‘normal’ ones for Steve as they look really nice (and are the nicest looking ‘small’ pizzas that will actually fit in our oven, sigh).

Dr Oetker has launched two new gluten free pizzas available in Tesco – one Pizza Mozzarella and one Pizza Salame. The mozzarella one has fresh tomatoes and pesto too, which makes it a bit more interesting than a standard margarita pizza.

Test one: Amount of topping

One thing that REALLY annoys me is when you open up a gluten free pizza, all excited, and then you need to get a magnifying glass out to try and find the cheese and minuscule amount of pepperoni. I always end up buying extra toppings which annoys me, because surely pizza should come ready topped, and gluten free is expensive enough as it is!

dr oetker gluten free pizza

Well, luckily for me, both of these pizzas already have plenty of topping. I mean yes, I love my pizzas completely loaded, so they are dripping cheese left, right and centre, but this was an impressive amount of topping and I didn’t need to buy anything else.

dr oetker gluten free pizza

Test two: How do they taste?

So far so good, the pizzas look impressive,  but do they stack up to some of my other favourites? Well, I am pleased to say a resounding YES THEY DO!

These pizzas are seriously good. The base, a thin crust, is deliciously crisp and crunchy, yet still a bit floppy in the middle. There is plenty of cheese which melts and goes gloriously stringy, and the amount of toppings mean every bite is full of flavour.

dr oetker gluten free pizza

I loved the bursts of the fresh tomatoes and the pesto on the Mozzarella pizza, but, as a true pepperoni fan, the Salame was my favourite. To me, a pizza just isn’t pizza without some form of cured meat, so I really enjoyed this one.

I’ve seen a lot of other positive reviews of these pizzas as well, so that is promising. Annoyingly, they’re £1 more expensive than their ‘normal’ Dr Oetker counterparts, but that seems to be the price you pay for being coeliac nowadays, as unfair as it is.

dr oetker gluten free pizza

I would definitely buy these pizzas again – and have done since this taste test, I might add – and I hope they stick around for the long run. It’s good to see so many brands bringing out gluten free ranges, let’s hope they continue!

dr oetker gluten free pizza

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