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Finding gluten free vegetarian food is certainly getting easier nowadays. Okay, so I know basic, natural vegetarian foods – vegetables, beans, pulses, etc – are all gluten free anyway. But what about when you fancy a treat? Surely because you’re gluten free and vegetarian/vegan, you should still be allowed the odd sneaky, slightly processed treat? Right!?

Now I’m not a vegetarian, but I am eating a bit less meat nowadays. It’s not really for any reason in particular – a mixture of ethics, cost, experimentation, and just not fancying meat. I’m not here to preach the values of any diet, but I know a lot of people who are gluten free are also vegetarian and vegan, and I want my blog to help everyone on a gluten free diet – from avid carnivores to plant-based eaters. 

So from gluten free burgers and sausages, to meat replacement and even vegetarian nuggets, here are some of my favourite tried-and-tested gluten free vegetarian foods.

Marks & Spencer’s meat free nuggets

gluten free vegetarian food

Now I never thought I’d know what a vegan nugget tasted like, because they always seem be covered with ‘normal’ breadcrumbs. However, these vegan nuggets from M&S are covered in a gluten free crumb! I had them in a wrap with garlic mayo and to be honest, I couldn’t really tell them apart from a chicken nugget at all!

Gluten free burgers from The Meatless Farm Co

gluten free vegetarian food

Now this is something that only appeared in my Sainsbury’s store very recently! The Meatless Farm Co has gluten free burgers and mince, and they both looked a bit ‘meaty’. They claim to have none of the meat and all the flavour – after frying the burgers with some salt and pepper, they were pretty good. Not as tasty as beef, but a similar texture – and delicious with brie and sweet chilli sauce – see the lead image for this post for a drool-worth shot!


gluten free vegetarian food

Now this is by far the BEST gluten free meat replacement I’ve ever had! I absolutely adore Oumph – I have it at least once a week! I love using the kebab Oumph in my lunchboxes with salad, and the pulled Oumph is amazing in tacos or with sweet potato fries. It’s a tad chewy but I like that about it, as I find a lot of meat replacement products a little soft. This is my top gluten free veggie choice!

Tesco’s vegetable burgers

gluten free vegetarian food

I found out about these from the fab Healthy Living James – and what a bargain! I think they’re 99p a box, and I love them stacked up with poached eggs and avocado for brunch! Because they’re potato-based they’re pretty flexible, so you could have them with all sorts of different toppings.

Lidl frittata

gluten free vegetarian food

Another absolute bargain is this cute mini goats’ cheese and butternut squash frittata from Lidl! I found this for 99p and it’s a great thing to pick up when I forget lunch and have with some salad. I think they’d be perfect for picnics. They do a mozzarella and tomato one too but I didn’t like that one as much – this one was delicious!

Amy’s Kitchen vegetable lasagne

gluten free vegetarian food

I am a little bit obsessed with buying this vegetable lasagne from Amy’s Kitchen for my lunch at the moment! I definitely prefer it to a normal lasagne – it’s got an amazing creamy cheese sauce and it’s just delicious. You can get this frozen in most supermarkets – I think most (if not all?) of the Amy’s Kitchen range is vegetarian but this one is my favourite – neck and neck with the mac and cheese!

Quorn pieces and mince

gluten free vegetarian food

Ok, so some of the more processed Quorn products contain gluten, but the Quorn pieces and mince are both gluten free. And they’ve become a bit of a staple in our house! I usually use the Quorn pieces in curry and tend to replace one ‘meat’ meal a week with them Generally Steve doesn’t even know the difference! I really like them and they’re easy to cook with too.

Sainsbury’s Shroomdogs

gluten free vegetarian food

Sainsbury’s brought out a fairly large line of vegan and vegetarian foods this year. One of my favourites are the caramelised onion shroomdogs! They’re basically vegetarian sausages but are gluten free, and they taste yummy. In fact, I have some vegetarian sausage rolls in the oven made with them at the moment, and they’re smelling great!

What have I missed?

Are there any gluten free vegetarian foods are I have missed that you simply couldn’t live without? I’m always keen to try new products and love hearing your suggestions, so hit me up in the comments if there is anything not included in this post you would recommend. You can also share them on my Facebook group or tag me on Instagram. Oh – and before you go, don’t forget to sign up for my e-newsletter where you’ll know about all my latest posts and competitions first!

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  1. My favorite gf veggie burger is the adzuki burger by Hilary’s. That might just be a U.S. brand though at this point, I’m not sure. I just ate one in fact, on a schar bun. Yum!

    1. Oh a few, though generally I’ll eat most things!! Do you mean specifically vegetarian, or just generally? I dislike anything cauliflower based for starters!!

  2. I am a sensitive coeliac and had a bad reaction to the Love Your Veg sausages. They do not state they are gluten on the packaging, so will be the methyl cellulose or manufacturing methods, please be aware.

  3. The Sainsbury’s shroomdrogs, do they taste meaty? Or like veg? I’m coeliac but veggie and don’t like any of the meat alternatives that taste like meat! Thanks!

    1. They do not taste meaty but they do not taste mushroomy either,
      I found their taste a but “funky” and had to throw away half of the packet which is unusual for me because I hate food waste,