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Up until last year, I never knew I liked gluten free beers. Now, my world is complete. Because now, on International Beer Day (August 2) I can think of nothing better than lighting up the barbecue and sitting in the sunshine with an ice-cold gluten free beer – or should I say, several ice-cold gluten free beers!

But which gluten free beers are the best in the UK?  I went on a mission to find out! Most of these can be found in the free from aisles but it’s worth looking in the beer aisles as well, just in case. Some are also from smaller suppliers which you can order online, or beer subscription boxes. I’ve definitely found some gluten free beers that I’d never seen in the free from aisle before, but who deserve a place in this round-up!

Here’s a lowdown on the best gluten free beers I’ll be drinking this summer – let me know in the comments if you can recommend any I haven’t tried!

Gluten free Peroni

gluten free beer coeliac the gluten free blogger 15

Cold and crisp, I really enjoyed drinking gluten free Peroni last summer – and haven’t stopped since. It’s a nice light beer and easy to drink – plus I love the fact it looks similar to ‘normal’ beers. I’m starting to see this more and more in pubs and restaurants and I think it’s probably one of the most widely available gluten free beers out there.

Jubel gluten free beer *

gluten free beers uk jubel beer

I think this Jubel beer is what made me realise I do in fact love gluten free beer! The Alpine is peach flavoured beer, and the Urban is elderflower flavour. The Jubel Peach Beer is delicious and fruity, while the Jubel Elderflower Beer is really light. And the new Coast grapefruit beer is so refreshing and zingy on a summer’s evening! I really love the flavours and the branding – and their labels are plastic free too, which is great! Find the peach and elderflower in Sainsbury’s.

Original Small Beer*

gluten free beers uk original small beer

I tried this beer at the Allergy and Free From Show this year and was really impressed. The Original Small Beer lager is gluten free and I absolutely loved the taste and look of the beer. It’s a really refreshing drink and you can see how proud the team were of this beer too. It’s also brewed gluten free instead of using an enzyme to remove the gluten – something they think is pretty unique.

Skinny Lager

gluten free beer coeliac the gluten free blogger 15

I think Skinny Brands Lager is a great all-round lager which everyone will love. It’s really light, with the right amount of fizz, and comes in at only 89 calories! While I don’t tend to advocate brands labeling themselves as ‘skinny’ products, I really, really love this gluten free beer!

Gluten free Daura Damn

gluten free beer coeliac the gluten free blogger 5

I’ve seen Daura Damn gluten free beer before, but never tried it before the Allergy and Free From Show. I was really impressed, it was crisp and pretty light! Plus they sell it at Honest Burgers, so that’s an absolute bonus.

Vagabond by Brewdog

gluten free beer brewdog vagabond

This beer is absolutely delicious, and I love the Brewdog brand. It’s quite a light beer and perfect for drinking ice-cold while sat in the sunshine. It goes down really easily and goes with pretty much anything. Plus they sell it at a lot of restaurants, which is a bonus if you want a Vagabond with your meal!

Bellfield Brewery*

gluten free beers uk bellfield brewery

Bellfield Brewery has an awesome selection of gluten free beers, from ale and lager to an IPA and a Pilsner. It’s great because it means there is something to suit every taste. I really enjoyed their lager on a hot summer’s evening – but I can’t wait to try the others too!

Gluten free Cobra*

gluten free beer gluten free cobra

I always associate Cobra with Indian food – so when I first posted a picture on my Instagram of the new gluten free Cobra I’d found in Asda last year, everyone told me to try it with a curry! I wasn’t disappointed, it’s really light and not too fizzy, so it’s the perfect pairing with a take-away!

Fantasma by Magic Rock

gluten free beer fantasma

I tried Fantasma beer by Magic Rock Brewery when I visited Byron Burger and it was delicious. A real fruity beer and perfect with a big, fat gluten free burger. I’ve not tried a lot of IPA beers but this was lovely, and luckily they’ve just started selling it in M&S too.

Gluten free Stella Artois

gluten free beers uk stella artois

This caused a big stir when it launched in 2018! This gluten free Stella Artois is light and crisp and so drinkable! It’s perfect for kicking back and enjoying a couple of beers and it’s pretty cheap too. I found this pack in Tesco’s free from aisle.

St Peter’s Brewery*

gluten free beers uk st peters brewery

St Peter’s G-Free gluten free beer was one of the first gluten free beers I ever saw on the shelves. It tastes lovely – kind of syrupy (sorry but my beer technical lingo is virtually non-existent!) and easy to drink. I’ve seen this in the free from aisles in supermarkets and it seems pretty widely available.

British Beers gluten free subscription box*

gluten free beers british beers subscription

If you want a way to try lots of awesome craft gluten free beers, a subscription box could be the way to go! I was kindly sent this gluten free box from Best of British Beer and it was amazing! You can order gluten free boxes of 6 or 12, or you can also order boxes per brewery if you find one you like! This is definitely one for the beer lovers among us!

What is your favourite gluten free beer?

I’d love to know if there are any amazing gluten free beers out there which I’ve missed off this list! Comment below and let me know your favourites. You can also share them in my friendly Facebook group – it would be great to see you there!

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  1. Hi I’ve just brought gluten free Stella Artois but now I’m worried about drinking it as it says contain barely I can’t have barely as I’m celiac

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  3. Were can I buy a draft BEER that is gluten free,PERONI DORA DAM,SAN MIGEL,STELLA ARE LAGAR THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.