Sarah Bars!

When I first started going out with my boyfriend Steve (some four years ago now!) I remember the first gluten free snack that Steve’s mum ever bought me, and since then it has become a cupboard staple!

Oddly enough, it’s sometimes the products you use all the time that you forget to review if you run a gluten-free blog/review site.

A box of Sarah Bars, mmmmm

So when I received a package from Dietary Specials and TruFree and opened it to reveal the familiar box of treats, I couldn’t help grinning!

Dietary Specials chocolate orange crispy bars or “Sarah Bars”as they are known in Steve’s household, are the ultimate gluten-free snack for me, and are really a staple in my diet that I honestly never thought to review!

So, as I have neglected to share these yummy treats I’ve been enjoying for years, I feel that I should now inform you all about them…

“Sarah bars” has become the generic term used by Steve and his Mum to define that these bars, despite the fact that Steve often steals them from my shelf in the cupboard, are ALL MINE!

So before I confuse you with this pet-name anymore, I best get on with telling you a bit about them!

A yummy chocolate treat on my hypnotically-holey desk!

They’re a little bit like a Chocolate-Orange in cereal-bar form. Crispy rice coated in orange flavoured milk chocolate, these bars are delicious, and you’ll never tire from them!

A chewy yet crispy texture and a generous helping of chocolate makes these the ultimate treat.

Perfect for lunchboxes, coffee breaks or as a mid-afternoon pick up, these really are a yummy treat!

Unlike most gluten-free snack bars, the size of them won’t disappoint you!

The box is filled with six generous size bars, around the size of “normal” cereal or chocolate bars, and I think they’re pretty good value for money t0o.

I pick mine up in Sainsbury’s so check yours if you want to buy some. Alternatively you can get more info and scour the other yummy DS products by clicking here!


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