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Well now, when I spied these gluten free toasts from Kent & Fraser on Twitter the other day, I thought they looked delicious – and was intrigued at what exactly their texture would be like.

I’ve never had a ‘toast’ before, so wasn’t sure if they would be thick or thin, chewy or crunchy, sweet or savoury. Kent & Fraser were one of the first gluten free brands I ever reviewed (See my savoury and sweet reviews for a proper #throwback moment!) so I already knew their products were pretty impressive.

Kent & Fraser's gluten free toasts.
Kent & Fraser’s gluten free toasts.

These toasts come in three flavours:

  • Cherry, pecan and poppy seed
  • Cranberry and almond
  • Olive, walnut and pimento

Described as a ‘premium’ product, they come in gorgeous packaging which make them look perfect for an evening with friends, good cheeses, and a bottle of red!

The toasts are the newest in the Kent & Fraser range, are all handmade and were shortlisted in this year’s Free From Food Awards. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw the packaging, but was excited to break into them!

The first flavour I tucked into was the cherry, pecan and poppy seed toast. The only way I can describe the texture is literally really crunchy toast – they are crunchy from being twice-baked, but the fruit in them adds a whole different chewy texture, great combined with the extra bite from the nuts and seeds.


This flavour was delicious. It is recommended to enjoy with a creamy, soft cheese like brie – and I did just that! I also had brie with the second flavour, cranberry and almond. Personally this was my favourite – the bursts of sweetness from the cranberries was just divine! I also tried some stilton with these two flavours which worked really well.

While those two flavours have a sweet twist, the last flavour, olive, walnut and pimento is a much more savoury affair. The taste was delicious – not too overpowering – but it made me feel all summery with its Mediterranean vibes. This flavour is recommended to try with a hard, Italian style cheese such as pecorino or parmesan. I think it would also be gorgeous with houmous!

While cheese seems the obvious pairing, these can easily be devoured on their own – and I may have scoffed half of each pack before I got round to taking any photos!


These toasts are all gluten free, wheat free and GMO free. I think it’s really great to have some more savoury snacks which are gluten free and something a bit different. These would be perfect for dinner parties – I am definitely going to have to make sure we have these in the house when Christmas comes around!

You can buy these delicious Toasts from the Kent & Fraser website – or find their range on coeliac-friendly online supermarket Ocado here.

*With thanks to Kent & Fraser for sending me these products to review.

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  1. Be careful because now they are different! Almost double the calories and different ingredients…they are also extremely hard and cardboard like. They used to be so good and now they are basically a whole other product which tastes dry and stale. Such a shame!