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It’s been a pretty gluttonous (but luckily not glutenous) weekend…

But aside from the fact my waistline is bulging and I’m feeling absolutely NO motivation to eat healthily or train (I am blaming the weather) I’ve discovered some amazing new goodies!

My first find came as PT Steve and I spent a night away and I decided to swing by Tesco for some hotel room snacks. My eyes were instantly drawn to a tub of Perk!er tiffin bites and, well, there was no option for them but to go into the trolley! Now I love Perk!er’s porridge – it’s something I have been meaning to blog about for absolutely ages and keep forgetting (sorry guys!). But these – oh my gosh – these were just incredible!

photo 3

The best thing about them is that the packaging is awesome and they don’t even look like they are a specifically ‘free from’ product. Or perhaps the best thing is that they taste absolutely phenomenal – biscuit, honeycomb (YUM!) and raisins covered in milk chocolate – the only problem is that they didn’t last as long as I had hoped! Once Steve got wind of them the game was up and the tub was gone in less than five minutes – should have bought more!

The second find was some Udi’s ancient grain aged cheddar crisps. Now, I have tried their jalapeno and cheese variety (see review here) and was impressed – but to fill the cheese Dorito’s shaped hole in my life I thought these would hit the spot. I’m sad to say, although they were yummy, they weren’t quite what I was expecting. They tasted a bit more salty than anything else, and I would definitly recommend the jalapeno ones over these any day!

Hotel snacks for two...
Hotel snacks for two…

My final find came on Saturday morning, when Steve and I stumbled back into rainy Barnstaple to meet our friend Darren for breakfast. We normally opt for Spoons but wanted something a bit different and I decided to rekindle my love for Boston Tea Party (see previous post here) after hearing amazing things about their breakfasts. If their lunches were anything to go by, we were in for a treat.

And my oh my, BTP certainly lived up to expectations! I noticed on the menu they did gluten free toast, so I asked if I could order the full Westcountry Breakfast, but gluten free. “Of course,” said the lady on the till, telling me they could do everything except the sausage – fine by me as I’m not the biggest fan of sausages in a fry up anyway.

Gluten free breakfast heaven at Boston Tea Party, Barnstaple
Gluten free breakfast heaven at Boston Tea Party, Barnstaple

I was so impressed when this came out. The bacon was crispy, the scrambled eggs with tomato and basil was innovative and worked amazingly well, the beans were great and I don’t know what gluten free bread they used for the toast (forgot to ask!) but it was so tasty! This went down a treat and even though at around £7 it was quite a bit pricier than what we’d normally opt for, it was worth it.

I love weekends like this when I discover new gluten free treats – with the gluten free fish and chips I found on Tuesday it’s been a pretty good week! Fingers crossed the rest of the year continues this way…

Perfection in a cup...
Perfection in a cup…

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  1. I love the Boston Tea Party. There is one in my local town. I didn’t know they now do GF bread. Excellent.