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On November 15, 2015 I will be in the best shape of my life.

At least, that is the theory.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of tasty treats, cakes and other naughty, gluten free foods on my blog – that is because I am eight weeks into a prep for my first ever fitness photoshoot. And I feel like I want to give an insight into how life has been in prep mode.

Why a photoshoot?

Ever since Steve started his personal training business, Reform, I have wanted to do a body transformation. I’ve wanted to push myself and see exactly what I could achieve. But, in all honestly, I simply did not have the balls to do it.

Nothing like a gym selfie...
Nothing like a gym selfie…

That changed six weeks ago. I realised I was fed up of being the person always wishing. Fed up of watching other people achieve what I wanted. All I needed to do was commit… so I did it. I just went ahead and said, ‘sign me up’.

I’m more of a worrier than a doer. I talk a lot about the things I want and avoided the things which scare me, but I’ve realised this will get me nowhere. When I completed RockSolid Race in April, I couldn’t believe I had actually done it. I, Sarah, the one who was always picked last in PE at school had actually achieved a fitness milestone.

And with that my confidence grew. I started to get back into my weight training and I knew it was time to finally get the body I kept thinking of, but had never committed to.

Steve compiled my training and nutrition plans. And I followed them. It sounds simple, but normally I am the person who eats like a saint all week, has a binge at the weekend, and wonders why my weight never, ever, changes.

What’s the plan?

Food prep: Not an uncommon sight in my kitchen at the moment!
Food prep: Not an uncommon sight in my kitchen at the moment!

I’m currently training weights five days a week, sprints once a week, and fasted cardio (walking the dog) every morning. It’s been tough, but brilliant. I love weight training; I love how much stronger I feel. It’s very empowering, and a shame that so many women still feel very intimidated by the idea of it.

There have been many early mornings. Many late nights trying to prep food ready for the next day because I got home late from the gym.

Social events are interesting – I know a lot of people when they embark on a journey like this face criticism from their friends; they tell them to ‘just live a little’, ‘you only live once’, ‘life’s too short not to eat cake’, etc.

Luckily for me, these things have only been said in jest, and people are largely curious about what I am doing, and admire my willpower! It just pushes me on, and I love to talk about what I’m doing.

Foodwise, I follow a macro plan which Steve has prepared for me. The basic premise is being in a calorie deficit, eating carbs only pre and post workout, and drinking a lot of water. I’ve also given up coffee, a big thing for me. Ok, the occasional cup may slip through now and then, but I have been 99% good…

A new beginning

Achieving my first full pull up - a huge goal for me!
Achieving my first full pull up – a huge goal for me!

I know this blog has grown and changed with me as I’ve experienced new things. From the penny-pinching student cooking days, to my experimental treats in the kitchen, and now onto cleaner eating.

I hope those of you who have followed my journey from the start will still enjoy my posts as I embark on a healthier lifestyle.

Although eating during a prep is strict, once the shoot is over I’ll still be eating a healthy (slightly less strict) diet with the odd treat here and there – and plenty of clean treats too!

These gluten free beetroot brownies make an awesome post-workout treat, and I’ve also been experimenting with loads of breakfast ideas, including these five gluten free and egg free breakfasts.

So come along for the ride, and follow my fitness journey!

If you’re after any more information on body transformations and online coaching, you can contact Reform Training Nutrition Health here.*

*He may be my boyfriend, but the results will speak for themselves when you see them!!

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  1. Your food prep looks wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the pix from the photo shoot!