Muscle Mousse: the gluten free, guilt free dessert which saved my waistline

Muscle Mousse: the gluten free, guilt free dessert which saved my waistline

As soon as you decide to really make a change to your diet, it’s like you suddenly crave every single piece of food that you can’t have. I rarely ate dessert anyway save for special occasions, but as soon as I can’t have it, I want it.

I’m currently on week six of my nutritional plans and training, and save for the blip which was the gastronomical event of Somersault Festival, I’ve pretty much stuck to the plans as good as gold. And they’re working. I have started to see changes in how my body looks and it’s only spurred me on to keep going.

Layered strawberry and banana, yum!
Layered strawberry and banana, yum!

But one thing has really been the true hero in this. The bedtime snack which has stopped my sugar cravings and satisfied my need to eat something ‘naughty’ – while actually being completely guilt free.

Enter Muscle Mousse. Mix it like a protein shake, leave it in the fridge for 30 mins et voilà, it magically transforms into mousse which is exactly like my childhood favourite – Angel Delight! It’s made with slow release proteins so it’s great to eat before you go to bed – and I always try and incorporate it into my daily calories a couple of times a week for a well-earned treat!

It comes in several flavours, and I think I have managed to make my way through all of the flavours now – peanut choc caramel (my favourite by a mile), milk chocolate (second favourite!) white chocolate, strawberry, banana and butterscotch. If you’re used to protein shakes you will love them – though I imagine if you’ve never had anything like that before they may seem a bit strange at first. The texture is just like a mousse, and for someone who has not eaten any naughty treats for more than a month they are literally heaven!


You can buy Muscle Mousse from Amazon – it’s around £20 per tub and it normally lasts us for about a month. It probably works out about the equivalent – if not cheaper than – any dessert you would buy in a supermarket anyway!

Muscle Mousse is gluten free – but does contain milk and egg.

If you’re trying to control your weight but really struggling with sweet cravings, Muscle Mousse is certainly worth a try. Thanks to PT Steve for the recommendation – he has loads more tips up his sleeve on his Facebook page so get liking!



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